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4. Processes

     - Processes for Students 

      - Processes for Faculty Members

      - Processes for Admissions 

5. Forms & Pro-formas

     - Forms/Proformas for Students 

      - Forms/Proformas for Faculty Members 

6. Rules & Notices         

     - General Rules/Notices 

      - Rules/Notices for Students 

      - Rules/Notices for Faculty Members 

7. Research Publications

8. Laboratory

9. Library Links

10. Study Resources

11. Technology Sites

12. Technical Writing in English

13. Minutes of Meetings

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Processes for Students

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 SN Detail of the Process  Word/Pdf file
 1 Process for the Attendance Benefit on the grounds of Extra-Curricular Activites and Medical  Download PDF



Processes for Faculty Members


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 SN  Details of the Process  Word/Pdf file


Processes for Admissions


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 SN  Details of the Process  Word/Pdf file
 Processes For Ph.D Admission
1  Processes for conducting Ph.D Admission  Download Pdf    Doc



Forms/Proformas for Students


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SN  Detail about the Form/Proforma Word/Pdf File
1  Proforma for Leave application for M.Tech Students  Download Pdf
2  Proforma for Submission of Dissertation for M.Tech Students  Download Pdf
3  Proforma for Load Assignment for M.Tech Students  Download Pdf
4  Sample of Dissertation for M.Tech. & Ph.D. Students  Download Pdf
5  Proforma for Registration of PhD Students  Download Pdf



Forms/Proformas for Faculty Members


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 SN  Detail about the Form/Proforma  Word/Pdf File
 General Forms
 1  Proforma for Joining Report  Download pdf
 2  Proforma for Staff Identity Card  Download pdf
 3  Proforma for Requisition of Books from Library  Download doc
 4  Proforma for Guest House Booking   Download pdf
 5  Proforma for Telephone Bill Reimbursement   Download doc
 6  Proforma for House Allotment   Download doc
 7  Proforma for Requisition of Institute Vehicle  Download pdf
 Awards Related Forms
 1  Excel Sheet for Practical Awards  Download Excel
 2  Proforma for Seminar Awards  Download doc
 3  Proforma for Theory Awards  Download doc
 4  Proforma for sending Re-Evaluation Awards  Download doc
 5  Proforma for Sessional Improvement Awards  Download doc
 Leave related Forms
 1  Proforma for Casual/RH Leave etc  Download doc
 2  Proforma for Earned Leave  Download doc
 3  Proforma for LTC  Download doc
 4  Proforma for Commuted-Half-Pay Maternity Leave  Download doc
 Meeting/Conference related Forms
 1  Proforma for Call of Meeting  Download doc
 2  Proforma for Minutes of Meeting  Download doc
 3  Proforma for Submission of Report by Committee  Download doc
 4  Proforma for Training Conference under TEQIP  Download pdf
 Advance related Forms
 1  Proforma for applying CPDA  Download pdf
 2  Proforma for Withdrawal of CPF (Refundable)  Download pdf
 3  Proforma for Withdrawal of CPF (Non-Refundable)  Download pdf
 4  Proforma for TA/DA advance  Download pdf
 5  Proforma for Expenditure out of CPDA Fund  Download pdf
 6  Proforma for Nomination for CPF  Download pdf
 Medical related Forms
 1  Proforma for Medical Reimbursement Form  Download pdf
 2  Proforma for Issue of Medical Health Diary  Download pdf
 Attendance related Forms
 1  Proforma for Attendance Sheet (For Interview of A.P. on Contract Basis)  Download pdf
 2  Proforma for Practical Exams Attendance Sheet  Download pdf
 3  Proforma for Practical Exams Absentee Sheet  Download pdf
 Time Table and Exam related Performas
1  Performa to Collect Subject Choices  Download Doc
2  Performa for Sessional Duty Chart  Download Doc
3  Guidelines for Sessional Duty Chart  Download Doc
4 Time Table Format(Monday)  Download Doc
5 Time Table Format(Tuesday)  Download Doc
6 Time Table Format(Wednesday)  Download Doc
7 Time Table Format(Thursday)  Download Doc
8 Time Table Format(Friday)  Download Doc
9 Individual Faculty Time Table  Download xls
10 Sessional Schedule  Download xls
11 Faculty Wise Time Table(Part 1)  Download xls
12 Faculty Wise Time Table(Part 2)  Download xls
13 Faculty Wise Time Table(Part 3)  Download xls
14 Faculty Wise Time Table(Part 4)  Download xls



General Rules & Notices 


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 SN  Details about the Rule  Word/Pdf File
 1  Notification regarding timings for collecting the samples in Helath Centre  Download Pdf
2 Information related to IPR(site for filing patents)  Download Pdf
3 Enrollment of PhD candidates under Visvesvaraya PhD Scheme for Electronics and IT  Download Pdf
4 Call for proposal under Big Data Initiatives(BDI) programme  Download Pdf;
5 Amendments in Ph.D Prospectus

 Download Pdf



Rules/Notices for Students


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 SN  Details about the Rule  Word/Pdf File
 1  Notification for Rent/Charges of Rooms/Dining Hall in Guest House  Download Pdf
 2  Notification---Sub-Components and their Weightages for Continuous Evaluation  Download Pdf
 3  Clarification regarding M.Tech. Students  Download Pdf
 4  Revised Attendance Rules  Download Pdf
5 Revision of Emoluments and guidelines for research personnels  Download Pdf
6 Notice Regarding Minimum Attendence Regarding  Download Pdf
7 Notice for Medical Attendence Benefit  Download Pdf
8 Notice regarding M.Tech Stipend  Download Pdf



Rules & Notices for faculty Members


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 SN  Details about the Rule  Word/Pdf File
 1  Stores & Purchase Rules  Download PDF
 2  Conduct Rules  Download PDF
 3 Air Travel under LTC visit to J&K  Download PDF
 4 Notification for Rent/Charges of Rooms/Dining Hall in Guest House   Download Pdf
 5 Notification---Sub-Components and their Weightages for Continuous Evaluation  Download Pdf
 6  Functions of DAC,DRC and BOS  Download Pdf
 7  House Allotment Rules  Download Pdf
 8  Information about e-learning resources  Download Pdf
 9  Clarification regarding M.Tech. Students  Download Pdf
 10  Regarding to Ph.d Examiners  Download Pdf
 11  Regarding to Research Proposals by DST  Download Pdf



Research Publications


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Yearwise Publications
 SN  Year of Publication  
 1 2014  Download  Pdf  Doc
 2 2013  Download  Pdf  Doc
 3 2012  
Facultywise Publications
 SN  Name of Faculty  Download
 1 Dr. A K. Gupta  
 2 Dr. R.K. Sharma  Download   Pdf word
 3 Dr. Sudhanshu Chaudhary  
 4 Mr. Gaurav Saini  Download   Pdf Word




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List of equipment in Lab


S. No.

Equipment/Item Name



SPARTAN-3E Platform FPGA Starter Kit

17 Nos


MCU 16-Bit HCS12 Application Module

Student Learning  Kit. Code APS12XDT512SLK

15 Nos.


MCU Project Board Kit. Code PBMCUSLK

15 Nos.


MCU 32-Bit Cold Fire Student Learning Kit w/Ethernet Kit. Code AP5223SLK 

15 Nos.


Zigbee Application Module Student Learning Kit. Code AP5223SLK

05 Nos.








Lab Chairs

45 Nos

Lab. use


Office Chairs

10 Nos

Office use


Lab Table

45 Nos

Lab. use


Office Table

07 Nos.

Office use


Almirah (Full Size)

04 Nos.

Office/Lab. use


Book Case

02 Nos.

Office use


Desktop Computers (Processor Intel Core i.7vPro

45 Nos.

 students use


Offline UPS 1000 VA with batteries with half an hour battery backup at full load

02 Nos

For computer power back up in the office, class room and power back up for LCD projector


Microsoft Windows-8 64-bit, English (Academic Version)

45 Nos

Windows for desktop computer


Adobe Acrobat Professional (Academic Version)


For desktop computer


Online UPS 6 KVA with batteries included for half an hour battery back up at full load

01 Nos

For computer power back up in the lab


Microsoft office Home & Student edition (Academic version)

45 Nos.

Software for office/students use


Short throw wall mountable LCD interactive projector (NEC)

01 Nos.

For teaching use




Library Links


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 SN  Details of the Link  
 1 NIT Kurukshetra Library (Home Page)  Link
 2 NIT kurukshetra Library (For Online Searching Catalogue,Books,etc.(LSweb Opac))  Link
 3  INDEST (Indian National Digital Library in Engineering Sciences & Technology)  Link



Study Resources


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 SN  Details and Purpose   
 1 National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning(NPTEL) Link 
 2  National MIssion on Education Through ICT (NMEICT) Link
 3  Virtual Labs (An Initiative of Human Resource Development) Link
 4  Virtual ClassRoom (VCR) Link
 5 ( A Website for tutorials on Web Technology)   Link
 6  National Knowledge Network   Link



Technology Sites


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 SN  Details   
 1  XML
 2  W3C
 3  UML
 4  GIS@development



Technology Writing in English


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 Online Dictionaries  

  • Cambridge Dictionaries
  • One Look Dictionary Search





 Online Hindi to English Dictionaries

  • Google Dictionary (Translate)





Phrasal Verb Dictionary



A Comprehensive Site for English Language (English Page dot com)



A Handbook for Technical Writers and Editors from NASA



Purdue University  Laboratory for Technical Writing (OWL- Online Writing Lab)

  • Handouts : Complete Index by Topic
  • Handouts : Printer Friendly




The Chicago manual of Stile Online



   Common Errors in English Usage




Minutes of Meetings


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 SNo  Description  Word/Pdf
BOG Meetings Minutes
 2  Link of Minutes of BOG Meetings held  Click to View
DAC Meetings Minutes
 1  Minutes of Meeting held on ............  Download Pdf
 2  Minutes of Meeting held on ............  Download Pdf
 3  Minutes of Meeting held on ............  Download Pdf
 4  Minutes of Meeting held on ............  Download Pdf
DRC Meetings Minutes
 1  Minutes of Meeting held on ............  Download Pdf
 2  Minutes of Meeting held on ............  Download Pdf
 3  Minutes of Meeting held on ............  Download Pdf
 4  Minutes of Meeting held on ............  Download Pdf





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 SN  Name of IIT/NIT's  Website/LINK
 1.  IIT Delhi, Delhi



Feedback(Submit Comments)


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About School

M. Tech Degree:

The school offers regular M. Tech. programmes in VLSI Design and Embedded System Design with intake of 32 and 20 students respectively. The Tentative year of commencement of course is 2012-13. The School has well-equipped and fully funished AC lab.

Degree of Doctor of Philosophy:

Facilities for research are offered in the department on various topics leading to Doctor of Philosophy in VLSI Design and Embedded Systems.

Research Facilities:

Faculty is specialized in the department for advanced studies and research exit in the following fields:-

  • Nanotechnology
  • Microelectronics

Hardware Facilities:

  • HCL AMD 64 Optron Based Servers :- Processor Intel Xeon 3 GHz, 8GB RAM, DVD Combo Drive running windows Server 2003 - Two Nos.
  • Desktop Computers :- Intel Core i7vPro configuration with 3 GHz, 500 GB HDD, 4GB RAM, DVD Combo Drive, 17" Flat LCD - 45 Nos (with computer tables).
  • The department has One LCD projector which have been installed in the laboratory of the School.

SMDP Project in the Department

Special Manpower Development Program


SMDP-II was started in 2005 after completion of phase-I after infusion of more funds. In the second phase, 5 more participating institutions (PIs) were added in the programme. Advanced VLSI design laboratories equipped with CAD/CAM software tools have been set up in all the participating institutions. As of now 25 PIs (including NIT, Kurukshetra) and 7 Resource Centres are actively participating.

Some computer equipment purchased under this scheme includes

  • Desktop Computers :- Intel Core i7vPro configuration with 3 GHz, 500 GB HDD, 4GB RAM, DVD Combo Drive, 17" Flat LCD - 45 Nos.
  • Spatron 3 FPGA kit 15 Nos.

Library Facilities

The School has its own library (shared with Electronics & Communication Engineering) having more than 200 books in different areas.


Notice Call for Meeting