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Advanced Manufacturing Technology Lab


Advanced Mechanical Vibrations  Lab


Advanced Production Technology Lab


Applied Mechanics Lab


Applied Numerical Methods Lab


Computational Fluid Dynamics Lab


Computer Aided Design Lab


Computer and Automation Lab


Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulic Machines Lab


Heat Transfer Lab


Industrial Engineering Lab


Measurement and Control Lab


Mechanical Vibrations Lab


Mechanics of Machines Lab


Mechatronics Lab


Metrology Lab


Refrigeration  & Air Conditioning Lab


Strength of Materials Lab


Thermal Engineering Lab


Tribology Lab


Details of the Equipment and/or Facilities available in Laboratories:

Name: Advanced Manufacturing Technology Lab

Prof-In-Charges: Jatinder Kumar (

                            Joy Prakash Misra (


Details of the equipment:


Rotary Ultrasonic

Machining Set Up

Rotary USM Set Up was procured under TEQIP-II. It is based on non-traditional machining concept, and utilizes both the rotary action of the spindle as well as high frequency ultrasonic vibration to machine very delicate, brittle and non-metallic substances with application of very less cutting force. Four PhD scholars are doing their experimental research work currently on this equipment, while one PhD thesis has been completed already.

CNC Wire Cut EDM

This equipment was procured under TEQIP-I. CNC wire cut EDM is used for machining of electrically conductive metals with the help of a thin wire electrode. It utilizes the high frequency sparking action for machining purpose. About ten PhD scholars have already completed their research work on this equipment. Many M. Tech. Thesis have also been undertaken on this equipment. A large number of research papers have also been published, including SCI and Scopus indexed Journals. B. Tech. students are also given exposure on this equipment in their lab (APT Lab Pr.)





Name: Computer Aided Design Lab


Prof-In-Charges: V S Nagendra Reddy B (

                            Satnam Singh (


Details of the equipment:

Dell Optiplex 5050 MT Desktop Computers

30 No.s

Dell T7810 Workstations

02 Nos.


Details of the Software:


20 users suit

Kiss soft:

20 users suit

Altair Hyperworks:

20 users suit

LS Dyna:

5 users suit


10 Users suit


Name of Lab:  Computer Automation Lab

Prof-In-Charges: - Satnam Singh (

         V S Nagendra Reddy B (

Details of the equipment: -

Dell Optiplex Desktop Computers

29 No.s


Details of the Software:


30 users suit


Name: Heat Transfer Lab

Prof-In-Charge: - Gulshan Sachdeva (

S. No.

Name of the Equipment



Metallic Rod Test Rig

To determine the thermal conductivity of a brass rod.


Insulating Powder Test Rig

To determine the thermal conductivity of asbestos powder.


Liquid Thermal Conductivity Test Rig

To determine the thermal conductivity of a glycerin.


Composite Wall Test Rig

To determine the temperature gradient and thermal resistance of a composite wall.


Pin Fin in Free Convection

To determine the temperature distribution along the length of a pin fin in natural convection.


Forced Convection Inside a Tube

To determine the heat transfer coefficient for forced convection inside a tube.


Concentric Tube Heat Exchanger

To find LMTD and Effectiveness of heat exchanger in parallel and counter flow modes.


Stefan Boltzman Constant

To determine the Stefan Boltzman Constant.


Critical Heat Flux

To study the boiling heat transfer phenomenon and determine critical heat flux for pool boing of water.


Emissivity Apparatus

To determine the emissivity of a metallic disc test plate.


Demonstration of Heat Pipe

To demonstrate the super conductivity of heat pipe


Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger set up

To determine the effectiveness and LMTD of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger


Unsteady State test rig

To calculate heat transfer coefficient in unsteady mode using lumped capacitance method.


Finned Tube Heat Exchanger

To find LMTD and overall heat transfer coefficient of finned tube heat exchanger


Natural Convection Apparatus

To determine the surface heat transfer coefficient for a heated vertical tube under natural convection.


Drop wise/ film wise Condensation Apparatus

To study film wise & drop wise condensation of steam on a vertical surface.


Plate Type Heat Exchanger

To find LMTD and overall heat transfer coefficient of plate type heat exchanger.


Heat Transfer Through Lagged Pipe

To determine the rate of heat transfer through composite cylinders.


Heat Transfer in Agitated Vessel

To determine coil side overall heat transfer coefficient for different agitation speeds in given agitated vessel.


Name: Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab

Prof-In-Charge: - Gulshan Sachdeva (






S. No Name of Equipment Objective
1. Vapor Compression Refrigeration Model To study the basic of vapor compression refrigeration cycle.
2. Air and Water Heat Pump Test Rig To find the theoretical and experimental COP of the vapor compression system when using as refrigerator and as heat pump.
3. Vapor Absorption Refrigerator Test Rig To study 3-fluid refrigeration system and to find theoretical and experimental COP.
4. Air Blower Test Rig To determine the overall efficiency of the blower.
5. Window AC Test Rig To study the various components of room air conditioner.
6. Sling Psychrometer To find the relative humidity of room air and outside air using sling psychrometer and psychrometric chart.
7. Computerized Air Conditioning Test Rig To study the air conditioning cycle in summer and winter mode.
8. Control Devices Panel To display the various expansion valves, capillary tube, temperature and pressure control devices.
9. Compressor Models To study the construction and working of reciprocating, rotary and hermetically sealed compressor.
10. Ice Plant Test Rig To study and find the COP of an ice plant.
11. Automotive Test Rig To determine the refrigeration tonnage and COP of the automotive air conditioner.



Name: Metrology Lab


Prof-In-Charge: Dr. Lalit Thakur (

Details of the equipment:

Pneumatic Comparators (2 Nos)


It compares the unknown dimensions of a part with some standard or master setting which represents the basic size and dimensional variations from the master setting. Air is supplied at constant pressure through the orifice and the air escapes in the form of jets through a restricted space which exerts a back pressure. The variation in the back pressure is then used to compare the size of a component.



Roundness Tester

High accuracy Roundness / Cylindricity measuring instrument with achieving easy operation.


Monochromatic Light Source Unit with Optical Flats

It is used to measure the flatness of a component by interference. A flat surface is indicated by a pattern of straight, parallel fringes with equal spacing, while other patterns indicate uneven surfaces.


Universal Gear Roll Tester

Useful for checking total composite error, tooth to tooth error of Helical and Spur Gears.


Double Disc Polishing Machine

It is used for polishing of metallic samples. Polished samples are further analyzed under microscope for metallurgical studies.



Digital Toolmakers Microscope

It is used for all precision 2D and 3D measurements.


Surface Roughness Tester with surface plate

It is used to measure the surface roughness of a manufactured component.



Semi-Micro Weighing Balance

It is used to measure the weight of the small specimens with an accuracy of 0.01 mg



Optical Profile Projector

The profile projector is a very useful optical instrument that is used in industries for the purpose of analysis of the shapes of the components used in different products. The profile makes it easy to measure the dimensions of the specimen with great accuracy.


Slip Gauges, Vernier Caliper, Screw Gauge, Gear Tooth Vernier Caliper


These are used for precise measurement of linear dimensions.


Name: Production Technology Lab

Prof-In-Charges: Joy Prakash Misra (

                             Vikas Kumar (


Details of the equipment:


Number of units

Lathe machine


Cylindrical grinder


Radial drilling machine


Horizontal milling machine


Gear hobbing machine


Vertical milling machine


Universal milling machine


Power hacksaw


Pillar type drilling machine


Electro discharge machine



Lathe Machine

Cylindrical Grinder



Radial Drilling Machine

Horizontal Milling Machine



Gear Hobbing Machine

Vertical Milling Machine



Universal Milling Machine

Electro Discharge Machine



Power Hacksaw

Pillar Type Drilling Machine


Name: Strength of Materials (SOM) Lab



Dr. Vinod Mittal (

Dr. Punit Kumar (

Dr. Lalit Thakur (


Details of the equipment:


Universal Testing Machine


It is used to test the tensile strength and compressive strength of materials. It can perform many standard tensile, bending and compression tests on materials.


Torsion Testing Machine

It is used to determine the behavior a material or test sample exhibits when twisted or under torsional forces as a result of applied moments that cause shear stress about the axis. It measures the torsional strength, stiffness and stress strain properties of materials and products.


Spring Testing Machine

This machine enables the load deflection tests of tension and compression springs very quickly and accurately.


Strut Testing Machine

It is used to carry out a series of tests to determine the crippling load for struts of varying slenderness ratios and end fixing conditions.







Vickers Cum Brinell Hardness Testing Machine

It is used to measure the Vickers / Brinell hardness of soft to very hard materials.


Rockwell Hardness Tester

It is used to measure the superficial Rockwell hardness of materials. It determines the hardness by measuring the depth of penetration of an indenter under a large load compared to the penetration made by a preload


Name: Thermal Engineering Lab


Profs.-In-Charges: Dr. Rajneesh (

                               Er. Chandrashekara M (


Details of the equipment:


To make a trial on single cylinder 4 –stroke Diesel Engine to calculate B.H.P., S.F.C. and to draw its characteristics curves.



To make a trial on 4- stroke high – speed diesel engine and to draw its Heat Balance Sheet.





To calculate the isothermal efficiency and volumetric efficiency of a 2-stage reciprocating air compressor.



To make a trial on the Boiler to calculate equivalent evaporation and efficiency of the Boiler.



To make a trial on Diesel Engine at constant speed to calculate B.H.P., S.F.C., thermal efficiency and to draw its characteristic Curves.



To study vertical Steam Engine test RIG with Hydraulic Dynamometer.



To study the working of Steam Turbine.



To study the models of various types of boilers.


Name of Lab: Tribology Lab



Dr. Vinod Mittal (

Dr. Punit Kumar (

Dr. Lalit Thakur (


Details of the equipment:


Multi Tribometer

(Rtech Instruments)

It is used to measure friction and sliding wear for wide range of load and speed using rotary as well as reciprocating drives under lubricated and dry conditions.


Lubricant Film Thickness 10-500 nm
Measure Humidity, Temperature 5-95RH, upto 1500C
Drive Type Rotary
Load Range 0.2-500N
Resolution 10 mN
Friction Force Range 0.2-500 N
Drive RPM 0.1-5500 RPM
Stroke 0.1 to 150-200 mm
Wear Speed 0.001- 10 mm/s
Disc diameter Upto 100mm




Journal Bearing Apparatus

Journal Bearing Apparatus measures pressure distribution in hydrodynamic journal bearing. Various lubricants can be tested under different load and speed conditions.



Shaft Diameter 39.9 mm
Shaft Material EN-31 Bearing Steel
Radial clearance 0.11 mm
L/d ratio 1
r/c ratio 181
Radial Load 780 N (max.)
Speed Range 150-2000 RPM
Test Bearing Size 40.120 mm
Test Bearing material Brass 60-40 %
Radial load 150 N – 750 N
Oil tank capacity 3 lit
Oil reservoir capacity 500 ml
Dead weight on bearing 35 N
Loading ratio 1:5
Torque distance for frictional force 100 mm
Journal speed 200 rpm -2000 rpm







Shear Stability Tester

 It measures the loss in viscosity of lubricant due to molecular degradation as a result of shear stress cycles


Fluid Reservoir

Inner φ45mm Glass vessel, 250ml capacity

Opened on top surface

Cooling vessel Length:180 mm, spherical inner dia:25, outer dia:50mm, with inlet & outlet for water fixed on top and bottom end
3 way stop cock Cone type with a non-exchangeable solid plug with a bore size 8 mm
Pressure gauge Glycerol filled pressure gauge, Max 600 bar
Nozzle pressure 171 bar
Vrun 170 ml
Vres 25 ml
n-No of strokes/min 937
Motor speed 925 rpm
Oil discharge 170 mL/min
Pressure displayed on pressure gauge during test 171 bar







Dry Sand Abrasion Test Rig

Dry Sand Abrasion Test Rig is used to determine the scratching abrasion resistance of metallic materials by means of dry sand/rubber wheel test under a specified set of conditions


Surface Roughness Tester

(Surfcom Flex-50A, Zeiss)

It is used to check average value of roughness (RA) of any surface having certain sample length.




NIT Kurukshetra is one of the premier technical institutes of the country. Founded in 1963 as Regional Engineering College Kurukshetra, the institute was rechristened as National Institute of Technology on June 26, 2002.