The Library initially set up in 1965 has grown in size, collection and services. Presently NIT Kurukshetra has a very spacious Library with good collection of documents which includes text and reference books, video cassettes, CD- ROMs and large number of Print & Online Journals and e-books. With its growing resources, space & services, the Library caters to the need of faculty, research scholars and students.



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Library Collection

(as on 31.12.2013)

  Library Books


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  Total Documents


Total Floor Area & Reading Space

The Library is a growing organism. To meet all the requirements sufficient space has been added for stacking, reading and other services. The Library has a reading capacity for 450 readers and sufficient space for stacking new documents, digital library and Audio Visual Centre. The total area of the library at present is 36711sq-ft. 

Book Bank Facilities

The Institute has a strong Book Bank collection, which caters to the needs of all the students for all the semesters including MBA & MCA. SC/ST students are given priority for issue of books. They are given 8 books for a semester without any charges. General category students are given 5 books for a semester without any fee and they can get five additional books against payment of Rs.30/- per book for a full semester.

The facility of Book Bank is also extended to M. Tech. students. They can get the books issued for full semester against payment of Rs.30/- per book.

Library Hours

Reading Facilities 24 x 7
Stack & circulation
All Working Days 08.30 AM to 08.00 PM
Saturdays, Sunday & Holidays 10.00 AM to 05.00 PM

Library Automation System, Web-OPAC & Circulation

Library is providing automated services in all sections of the Library using LIBSYS Software. Database of the Library is updated regularly and Readers can search the documents using Web-OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue).

All the books are bar-coded and members are also given Bar-Coded membership card for smooth circulation of documents in the Library.

Video Cassettes & CD-ROM Facilities

 The Library has procured 663 educational video cassettes prepared by IITs and other agencies for self-learning. We have procured 61 CDs covering various areas of knowledge. A separate Audio-Visual Centre is set up to promote the use of such non-book material.       

The Library has a CD/DVD/NAS  Server with 4TB (4000 GB) capacity and 40 computers. The server is capable to catch 1500-2000 CDs/DVDs at a time. All the CDs received with books and magazines are loaded on the server. The information loaded on the server can be viewed/used by students and faculty members and other readers through Library Intranet.

Current Journals

The Library subscribes to 130 Print and App. 4500+ Online Journals in the field of Science and Technology. A number of complimentary copies are also received by it. This list of Journals is displayed in Periodical Section of the Library and also available on the Library Intranet.

INDEST – e-resources

The NITK Library is a core member of Indian National Digital Library in Engineering Science and Technology (INDEST) Consortium set up by MHRD. Approximately 4500+ e-resources are subscribed/provided through the Consortium. To access online resources in the Institute premises, the library is providing services through internally maintained web server. All these resources/e-journals can be accessed through library Intranet site The site provides the direct links to the following e-resources:

Sr. No Electronic Resources URL No. of Titles

Subscribed Through INDEST Consortium

1. ACM http://portal.acm.org/dl.cfm/ 32
2. ASCE www.pubs.asce.org/journals/jrns.html 30
3. ASME www.asme.org/pubs/journals/ 22
4. ASTM Jrls+ Standards http://journalsip.astm.org/ 6 + Standards
5. JCCC www.jccc-indest.informindia.co.in/ -
6. IEL www.ieeexplore.ieee.org/ 219
7. Nature www.nature.com 1
8. Proquest www.il.proquest.com./pqdauto/ 1500+
9. Science Direct www.sciencedirect.com/ 481
10. Springer www.link.springer.de/ 1300+
11. Project MUSE http://muse.jhu.edu/ -
12. Annual Reviews http://www.annualreviews.org/  
13. Indian Standards Intranet Version -
Directly Subscribed by the Institute
14. Springer Back Files (Engg & Comp Sc) www.link.springer.de/ From Vol. 1 Issue 1
15. Science Diect Back Files (Engg & Comp Sc) www.sciencedirect.com/ From Vol. 1 Issue 1
16. LNCS www.link.springer.de/ -
17. Springer eBooks www.ebooks.springerlink.com/ 5900+
18. Taylor & Francis http://journalsonline.tandf.co.uk/ 245
19. Emerald http://www.emeraldinsight.com/ 168
20. Wiley (2008) http://journalsip.astm.org/


21. SIAM (2008-09) Intranet Version 14
22. Cambridge http://journals.cambridge.org/ 42
23. Oxford University Press http://oxfordjournals.org/


24. NPTEL Web & Video Courses Intranet Version -

User can directly visit the sites for search of Journals, Proceedings of Conferences, Standards, articles etc. covered under respective e-resources.

(i) Search Journal by keyword facility is provided to find any Journal by keyword.

(ii) An Alphabetic list of Journals/Conferences etc. is provided with links to Full Text.

JCCC: J-Gate Custom Content for Consortia

JCCC-INDEST is J-Gate Custom Content for the INDEST consortium set up by the MHRD. It provides the facility to users of NITs to access the journals subscribed by all the IITs and IISc. If a journal is not subscribed by NIT Library and is available with any IIT or IISc, a user can send the online request for an article. The copy of requested article is supplied by the concerned IITs/IISc to the NIT Library.

NPTEL Web & Video Courses:

The Library has procured NPTEL Web & Video Courses designed & developed by IIT, Chennai in various discipline of Engineering & Sciences for the use of Faculty Members, Research Scholars & Students. Users can access these video courses through Library intranet site

Indian & International Standards

(i) All Indian Standards are available through INDEST on CD (Intranet). Users can view, browse and take the print from their offices through LAN.

(ii) The Library Intranet site has Full-Featured Search Engine for IS Codes. A user can search for a particular IS Code either by its code number or by a specified keyword. Search with in a Search feature is also provided.

(iii) The Library also has a print version of 9979 Indian Standards and good number of British and Australian Standards including IRC Codes. 

Reprographic Facilities

A contractor is appointed to provide the Reprographic Services to the readers. Reproduction from books, periodicals & other material is provided @ 50 paisa per copy.

Reference Service

The Reference Sources provide current information on a wide range of subjects. Documents which are only for in-house reference includes dictionaries, encyclopedias, hand-books, year books, Atlas etc. These are arranged in separate shelves. Qualified and trained library personnel are on duty to help the users to locate any desired information.


The Library has its own bindery, which binds books, college reports and undertakes binding work for the departments and others. The Library is equipped with

i) Cutting Machine

ii) Stitching Machine

iii) Spiral Binding Machine

iv) Lamination Machine

Library Membership & Loan privileges 

Students, Teachers, Research Scholars and staff of the Institute are admitted as members of the library on the recommendation of the Head of the department/section concerned. Library membership forms can be obtained and submitted at the circulation counter in the library. The number of books that may be borrowed by each category of members and the period of loan is as under:

  Category of Members   No. of Books Loan   Period of



  One Month

  Research Scholars


  One Month



  One Month



  14 days

  Other Staff (Non-Teaching)


  One Month

Conditions on Loans

i) The Librarian reserves the right to recall any book issued to the members even prior to the due date of return.

ii) Reference books, theses and other special reading materials shall not ordinarily be loaned to members.

iii) Bound volumes of periodicals will be lent to teachers only.

iv) Unbound periodicals may only be borrowed by teachers only. However, the latest issue shall not be lent out.

v) Members should return Library books before the due date, failing which an over due charge of Rs. 1.00 per day per book shall be levied up to 15 days and thereafter, Rs. 2.00 per day per book.

Loss of Books

Members shall have to replace the books lost by them or will have to pay double the price of the book. If a book so lost belongs to a set and is not available separately the members shall have to replace the whole set or pay double the price of the set.

Care of Books

I) The Library books are for the benefit of not only the present but also for the future members of the Library. They should, therefore, be handled with every care and consideration.

II) Damaging and defacing of books is highly objectionable and may lead to cancellation of membership privileges and replacement of damaged book by a new one.

Contact Person  








Dr. Krishan Gopal










Acquisition Section




Technical Section




Circulation Section




Periodical Section




Computer Section/e-resources




Book Bank




Binding Section




Stack Guide 


  003.54             Information Technology

  004.16             Microcomputer/Microprocessor

  004                  Computer Science/DataProcessing

  004.35             Parallel & Distribute Processing

  004.22             Computer Architecture

  005.1               Software Engineering.

  005.133           Programming Language

  005.43             Operating Systems

  005.74             Database Management

  006.33             Expert Systems

  006.3               Artificial Intelligence

  006.3               Computer Graphic



  620                  Engineering

  620.00452       Reliability Engineering

  620.1               Applied Mechanics

  620.11             Engineering Materials

  620.112           Strength of Materials

  620.1123         Elasticity and Plasticity

  620.1124         Stress and Strains

  620.1129         Materials, Elect/Mech

  620.16             Metal Properties & Tests

  620.3               Mechanical Vibration

  621.042           Energy Engineering

  621.1/.2           Fluid Mechanics

  621.1               Stream Power Engineering

  621.2               Hydraulics Power Engineering

  621.26             Hydraulics Machinery

  621.402           Heat Engineering

  621.4021         Thermodynamics

  621.4022         Heat Transfer

  621.43             Internal Combustion Engines

  621.47             Solar Energy Engineering

  621.48             Nuclear Engineering

  621.56             Refrigeration & Aircondition

  621.75             Machine Shop Practice

  621.81             Mechanism & Machine Theory

  621.815           Machine Design

  621.82             Engineering Design

  621.83             Gears

  621.86             Material Handling Equipment

  621.89             Lubrication/Tribology

  621.9               Machine Tools

  629.1               Aerospace Engineering

  629.2               Automobile Engineering

  650                  Business Management

  658                  Management

  658.3               Personal Management

  658.5               Industrial Engg/ Production Mgt.

  658.8              Marketing Management

  669                  Metallurgy

  670                  Manufacturing Technology

  671                  Workshop Technology

  681                  Precision Mechanisms

  681.2               Industrial Instrumentation

  744.442           Engineering & Mech. Drawing

  774                  Holograph


  621.3               Electrical Engineering

  621.31             Electric Power Generat

  621.313           Electric Machine

  621.316           Electromagnetic Engineering

  621.317           Electrical Control

  621.319           Electric Power Transmission

  621.3191         Electric Power Systems

  621.3192         Network Analysis/Synthesis

  621.32             Illumination Engineering/Lightning

  621.3692         Fiber Optics

  621.37             Electrical Measurement

  621.374           Instrumentation


  621.381           Electronics Engineering.

  621.3813         Microwave Electronics

  621.3815         Circuits Electronics

  621.38151       Electronic Tubes

  621.38152       Semiconductors

  621.381528     Transistor Circuits

  621.38153       Circuits, Electronics Design

  621.3817         Micro Electonics

  621.38173       Integrated Circuits

  621.382           Communication Engineering.

  621.384           Radio/Engineering

  621.388           Television

  629.8               Automatic Control Engineering

  629.892           Robots Computer Science

  629.83             Feedback Control Systems

  629.895           Computer Control.



  523                  Astronomy

  526.9               Surveying

  550                  Geology

  551.22             Earthquakes

  551.4               Geomorphology

  551.49             Ground Water

  624                  Civil Engineering

  624.15             Foundation Engineering

  624.151           Soil Mech.

  624.154           Pile Foundation

  624.17                    Structural Theory/Analysis

  624.18                     Steel Structures

  624.183           Reinforced Concrete

  624.2               Bridges

  625                           Transportation Engg./Railways

  625.7               Roads & Highways

  627                  Hydraulic Engineering

  627.52             Irrigation Engineering

  627.8               Hydraulic Structures

  628                  Public Health Engineering

  628.1               Water Supply Engineering

  628.2               Sewerage

  628.3               Sewage Treatment

  628.5               Pollution & Industrial Sanitation

  631.4               Soil Conservation

  690                  Building Construction

  691                  Building Material

  693.5               Concrete Construction

  721                  Architectural Construction



  510                  Mathematics

  511.8               Algorithms

  512                  Algebra

  515.3               Differential Calculus

  516                  Geometry

  517                  Numerical Analysis

  519                  Statics

  519.2               Probabilities

  519.4               Numerical Analysis

  519.9               Optimization

  519.92             Operation Research


  530                  Physics

  530.78             Physics – Experiments

  530.123           Quantum Mechanics

  530.15             Mathematical Physics

  530.41             Solid State Physics

  531                  Mechanics

  531.38             Elasticity

  532.05             Fluid Dynamics


  534                  Sound/Accoustics

  535                  Optics

  536                  Heat

  537                  Electricity & Megnetism

  537.622           Semiconductors

  538                  Magnetism

  539                  Modern Physics

  539.14             Atoms

  539.7               Nuclear Physics


  540                  Chemistry

 541.3              Physical Chemistry

  543                  Aanalytical Chemistry

  544                  Qualitative Analysis

  545                  Quantitative Analysis

  546                  Inorganic Chemistry

  547                  Organic Chemistry

  548                  Crystallography

  547.84             Polymers

  660                  Chemical Technology

  668.4               Plastics


  001                  General Knowledge

  301                  Sociology

  320                  Political Science

  330                  Economics

  331                  Labour Economics

  332                  Financial Economics

  338                  Industrial Economics

  338.4762         Engineering Economics

  338.7               Entrepreneurship

  338.9               Planning

  340                  Law

  350                  Public Administration

  360                  Social Welfare

  370                  Education

  378                  Higher Education

  400                  Languages

  420                  English Language

  500                  Physical Science

  502.8               Science & Technology

  800                  Literature

  910                  Geography

  920                  Biography

  954                  History of India