National Institute Of Technology,Kurukshetra





Laboratory Testing

v 3000kN capacity compression testing machine

v 1000kN capacity universal testing machine

v Test frame of 600kN capacity, Load cells

v Testing of Building Materials



v Strain measuring device, data acquisition systems, transducers, accelerometers and Non destructive testing equipments


Field Testing

v Non-destructive testing of civil engineering structures





Field Testing

v Boring and representative / undisturbed sampling

v Standard penetration test

v Static cone penetration test, Plate load test



v Velocity pickups

v Wave velocity meters


Laboratory Testing

v Multi unit consolidation testing device

v Motorised direct shear testing device

v Liquefaction studies

v Test tanks for testing of foundations with different water table levels

v Facilities for testing of rigid, flexible and reinforced earth retaining walls footings

v Core drilling, cutting and polishing of rocks

v High pressure triaxial testing machine with confining pressure upto 70 MPa

v Rock permeability test

v Brazilian tensile strength test

v Brazilian tensile strength test

v Point load strength index of rocks






Field Testing/ Laboratory Testing

v Ambient air monitoring, Indoor air monitoring

v Stack monitoring

v Testing of water for drinking, construction and other uses, Industrial effluent testing

v Water quality monitoring  of water resources

v Monitoring of water and waste water treatment plants



v Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS)

v Ion Analyzer, gas chromatograph

v Noise Meter, stack monitoring kit

v High volume samplers

v UV-Visible spectrometer

v Automated continuous flow analyser




Field Testing

v Field testing / core cutting, plate load test

v Benkelman beam deflection test

v Traffic surveys


Laboratory Testing

v Testing of Materials of Rigid & Flexible pavements

v Computerised driver aptitude testing (C-Dat)

v Audio visual system for traffic analysis




Field Testing

v Discharge measurement in rivers and canals

v Testing of Pipes Capacity, testing of Pumps



v Water level and bed level recorders, sediment sampler

v 15mm, 25mm propeller current meter


Laboratory Testing

v Calibration of various discharge measuring equipments

v Tilting flumes, non tilting flumes, wind tunnel

v Larger open space for construction of outdoor river and hydraulic models with Rectangular and Trapezoidal channels.




Structural Engineering

v High performance, Fiber Reinforced and Self-Compacting Concrete

v Fuzzy logic applications

v Micro structure analysis and application of Nano technology

v Reliability studies of structures

v Analysis & Design aspects of Earthquake resistant RCC Structures

Soil and Foundation Engineering

v Landslide analysis and control

v Ground Improvement

v Pile Foundation

v Geo Environmental Engineering

v Liquefaction of Soils

Environmental Engineering

v Heavy metal removal, anaerobic treatment of waste water

v Nutrient requirement of high rate anaerobic treatment systems, bioremediation of contaminants

v Fate and transport of contaminates in natural systems

v Developments of jet aerators, air pollution modelling

v Biosorpotion of heavy metals by algal species

v Nutrient removal and eutrophication control

Transportation Engineering

v Pavement analysis, design and evaluation

v Reinforced flexible pavement

v Capacity analysis of roads

v Rural road network planning and design

v Road safety, accident analysis and modelling

v Recycled /waste materials in road construction

Water Resource Engineering

v Mathematical modelling of river processes

v Rational design of hydraulic structures stilling basins

v Fundamental aspects of clear water and sediment laden water flows in channels

v Flood forecasting, energy dissipations

v GIS and remote sensing applications

v Groundwater hydrology & recharge

v Scour around bridge piers & abutments

v Ground water quality analysis, hydrology modelling

v Development of aeration devices


NIT Kurukshetra is one of the premier technical institutes of the country. Founded in 1963 as Regional Engineering College Kurukshetra, the institute was rechristened as National Institute of Technology on June 26, 2002.