25.04.17 Tentative Detained List Of UG & PG For Practical Exams May June, 2017

19.04.17  Date-sheet for End Semester Exams-May/June.2017

19.04.17  Practical Date Sheet for May/June -2017

6-11-16: Date-sheet for End Semester of B.Tech, M.Tech, MBA, MCA & PhD Exams-Nov. Dec., 2016

15-11-16: Date-sheet for the B.Tech 1st Semester PracticalViva-Voce Nov./Dec. 2016

08-11-16: Practical Date Sheet for Nov./Dec. -2016

Date Sheet for B.Tech./M.Tech./M.B.A/M.C.A/Ph.D. Course work Theory Exams Nov./Dec. 2015

Date sheet for B.Tech. 1st Sem. Practical Exam Nov./Dec. 2015

Notification Mid Semester Exam-II Period From 05.11.2015 to 07.11.2015

Changing Dates for Start Exam in November December 2015

Notification Re-appear Exam November December 2015

Revised  Special Exams Date Sheet for Theory Examinations to be held in August -2015 as on 27.08.2015

Cut list of Eligible Students for Special RE-Appear Exam(August-2015) [ Probable  date of start of the examination is 24-08-2015]

Submission of Special Re-appear Examinations Forms (Aug-2015)

27-05-15: Notice of Cancellation of Paper of Physics PHY121T - Physics II already held on 23.05.2015.

27-05-15: Notice of Ph.D admissions.

13-05-15: Final  Detained List for Theory Courses  (May/June,2015 End Semester Examination) 

09-05-15: Tentative detained list for theory courses  (May/June,2015 End Semester Examination) [Students are advised to report  Academic Section if any discrepancy found in the list. Final detention notice with list  will be uploaded by 5.00 pm on 12.05.2015] 

05-05-15: Final Date Sheet for May/June-2015 Exam.

04-05-15: Detained list Practical Examiniation (Even Semester-2014-15) [ EXCEPT EC,CHEMISTRY,MBA,MCA AND ALL SCHOOLS].

25-04-15 : Proposed Date Sheet Notice - Date Sheet for EXAMS- May/June, 2015.

08-04-15 : Submission of Examination forms (Re-appear) May/June,2015 .

19-01-15 : Date Sheet of Special Re-appear Exams. for B.Tech-6th semester in Jan. 2015 (Only for regular B.Tech 8th semester students who have cleared upto 4th semester. 

13-01-15 : Notice of extension of Re-appear form for B.Tech 6th semester (Last date is 19-01-15)   Revised Date Sheet for exam. will be uploaded in the due course of time.

05-01-15 : Notification of Special Re-appear Exam for B.Tech-6th Sem in January-2015 ( Only for Regular B.Tech 8th Sem Students who have cleared up to 4th Sem)      Date Sheet of the Exam (Withdrawn on 13-01-15) 

17-11-14 :  Final Date Sheet for Nov/Dec-2014 End Sem Exam ( B.Tech/M.Tech/MBA/MCA and Ph.D. Course Work)

08-11-14 : Proposed Date Sheet for Nov/Dec-2014 End Sem Exam ( B.Tech/M.Tech/MBA and MCA)

20-10-14 :- 2nd Sessional Notification and Schedule from 29-10-14 to 31-10-14 ( Earlier it was to be scheduled from 30-10-14 to 01-11-14 as per Academic Calendar)( Click here for Schedule)

07-10-14 :- Exam Notification for Re-appear Exam scheduled to be held in Nov./Dec.-2014 ( Last Date for filling the form without latefees 27-10-14 and with late fees 3days before start of the exam) [ Click here for more details]

11-08-14 : Notification of Special Reappear Exam for final year students(B.Tech-2010,MBA-2012,MCA-2011) in August-2014 ( Last date for filling exam form is 22-08-14)