05 Day Workshop (Hybrid mode) on ‘Semantic Intelligence – AI Powered Justice (NyAI), during Nov 6th -10th, 2023

6th 5-Day Workshop (on Hybrid mode) on

Semantic Intelligence- AI Powered Justice (NyAI)

November 6th -10th, 2023

Venue: National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra

The AI powered justice workshop aims to foster discourse on the dynamic relationship between technology, legal structures, and governance. It will examine legal and regulatory obstacles, explore alternative governance strategies using AI technologies, and consider ethical implications. The workshop will involve a multidisciplinary group of experts, including legal professionals, technical experts, policymakers, and academics, with distinguished speakers invited to share their insights.


  • Scrutinizing the Role of Artificial Intelligence in Legal Landscape
  • Legal Document Structuring
  • Judgment Prediction and Explanation
  • Legal Summarization
  • Logic Representation of Legal Norms
  • Document Similarity or Data Augmentation
  • Legal Research Analytics
  • Legal Knowledge Representation
  • Text and Graph Processing Methods for Assisting Legal
  • Practitioners
  • Legal Natural Language Understanding
  • Precision in Practice: Legal Analytics and Expert Information
  • Retrieval Techniques

Please refer to the attached workshop brochure for further details. 

Brochure: Semantic Intelligence- AI Powered Justice (NyAI)