National Institute Of Technology,Kurukshetra



Name : Paras Ram
Designation : Professor
Qualification : Ph.D. : 1994 RECK (Faculty of Engg. &Tech.), Kurukshetra University
Current Address :

BB-4, N.I.T. Campus, Kurukshetra Haryana (INDIA)

Phone 1 (office) : 01744-233509 (O), 238613(R)
Phone 2 (office) : 9416539758
Email :,

Area Of Intrest :

  • Fluid Dynamics (MHD &FHD): Nano-Fluids Modelling, Heat and Mass Transfer, Transport in Porous Media, Boundary Layer Theory, Rheology, Lubrication etc.

Experience :

  • Head, Department of Mathematics (Two Terms) - 5th May 2010 to 4th May 2012;

                                                                           1st July 2012 to 30th June 2015

  • Teaching Experience --   Teaching:  22 Years
                                            R & D:  26.5 Years 
  • (4.5 years in Haryana State Council for Science &Technology, Chandigarh from May, 1991 to Oct, 1995)
  • Book publication: Engineering Mathematics Through Applications CBS Publications, New Delhi
  • ISBN: 978-81-239-2472-4 (Second Edition 2015)

Other :

Post Doc. Mentor:      Dr. Shashi Sharma

                                     File No.: PDF/2016/003366, Dated 01-04-2017

                                     Funded by SERB, DST Govt. of INDIA

Ph.D Supervision:

Completed: 06

  1. Ms. Nidhi Sharma
    Reg. No. 2K05 NITK- Ph.D.-1073MA, 10-10-2005
    Award Notification: Ph.D. 2009/01, 11-05-2009
  2. Mr. Kushal Sharma
    Reg. No. 2K08 NITK- Ph.D.-1196MA, 05-09-2008
    Award Notification: Ph.D 2012/06, 27-08-2012
  3. Mr. Rajiv Kumar
    Reg. No. 2K05-NITK-Ph.D. 1071 MA
    Award Notification: Ph.D 2013/03, 18-04-2013
  4. Mr. Anupam Bhandari
    Reg. No. 2K09-NITK-Ph.D./1242MA
    Award Notification: Ph.D 2014/03, 28-04-2014
  5. Mr. Hawa Singh
    Reg. No.2K09/NITK/ Ph.D./1245MA,
    Award Notification: Ph.D 2016/03, 19-02-2016
  6. Mr. Vikas Kumar
    Reg. No. 2K10/NITK/ Ph.D./1353Ma,6. Mr. Vikas Kumar
    Award Notification: Ph.D. 2015/10, 04-11-2015

Ongoing: 03

Sponsored R &D Projects:



  1. Matrices and their Applications
  2. Geometrical Applications of Differentiation
  3. Geometrical Applications of Integration
  4. Partial Derivatives and their Applications
  5. Multiple Integrals and their Applications
  6. Complex Numbers and Functions
  7. Ordenary Differential Equations of 1st Order
  8. Applications of 1st Order Differential Equations
  9. Linear Differential Eqations of Second and Higher Order
  10. Physical Applications of Linear Differential Equations
  11. Partial Differential Equations
  12. Laplace Transforms and their Applications
  13. Finite Differences and Interpolation, Numerical Differentiation and Integration
  14. Difference Equations and  their Applications
  15. Solutions of Algebric and Transcendental Equations
  16. Integral Transforms (Fourier Transforms and their Applications)
  17. Vector Calculus with applications
  18. Series Solution and Special Functions
  19. Fourier Series and Practical Harmonic Analysis


  • Last phase handling: Magnetic Fluid Research Project
    (Sponsored by DST, Haryana)

Awards: Merit Scholarship in Colleges (Govt. of Haryana)

Life Member:

1.  Indian Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (ISTAM)

2.   Indian Society for Mathemematical Modelling and Computer Simulation (ISMMACS)

Administrative Duties:

Head, Department of Mathematics (Two Terms)

Warden, Admission Committee , CEET; Teacher In-charge for Modeling Club; Member Institute’s Library Committee; Member Library User Group; Member Sports Committee; Associated with Institute’s Annual Administrative Report’s Compilation; Nodal officer UGC Cell, NITK;, Prof. In Charge: EDC / IIPC / IIIC


Foreign Visits (6) : (2007 – 2016)

1. Montereal &Toronto, Canada (August 2016)

2. Geneva &Zurich, Switzerland (December 2014)

3. Sydney &Melbourne, AUSTRALIA (December 2013)

4. London, UK (2011)

5. Cairo, EGYPT (2008)

6. Tenerife, Canarry Islands, SPAIN (2007)


Research Publications:

Total: 54

International Journals: 36

International Conference: 12

National Conference: 06

Paper in SCI/ SCOPUS Journals: 25 Papers

Free Convective Boundary Layer Flow of Radiating and Reacting MHD Fluid Past a Cosinusoidally Fluctuating Heated Plate, International Journal of Applied and Computational Mathematics, DOI:10.1007/40819-017-0355-z, (2017).  


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