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Name : Shweta Meena
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : Ph.D., M.Tech (VLSI System Design), B.Tech (ECE)
Current Address :

Department of Electronics & Communication Engg., National  Institute of Technolog Kurukshetra, Kurukshetra 136119, Haryana, India

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Area Of Intrest :

Spintronics, Microelectronics, DFT based simulation study of Nanodevices, VLSI Design, Embedded System, 2D and 3D materials based devices.

Experience :

06 Years, 06 Months

Other :

Research Team:

1. Dr. Shweta Meena

Group Leader 

Assistant Professor

2. Ms. Sunita Saharan

Current Postion: PhD Scholar ( January, 2020-)

Area of Research: Simulation studies of 2D materials based heterostructures using DFT theory.

3. Mr. Partha Pratim Dinda

Current Position: M.Tech. Scholar (2018-2020)

Area of Reseach: Simulation study of 2D materials for Energy Storage and optical applications using Density Functional Theory.

4. Ms. Akansha Jat

Current Position: M.Tech. Scholar (2018-2020)

Working on Industrial Project in Intel.

5. Ms. Samiksha Maheshwari

Current Position: M.Tech. Scholar (2018-2020)

Working on Industrial Project in ST Microelectronics.

Alumni Students (M.Tech):

1. Shamim Javed (2013-2015)

2. Abhishek Sharma (2013-2015)

3. Rahul Goyal (2013-2015)

4. Dinesh Kumar Saini (2013-2015)

5. Neeraj Pawar (2014-2016)

6. Gugulothu Saida (2014-2016)

7. K Chandra Sekhar (2014-2016)

8. Rupendra Kumar Pathak (2014-2016)

9. Naveen Sonare (2014-2016)

10. Nisha Chaudhary (2015-2017)

11. Neelam Kumari ( (2015-2017))

12. Pooja Rani  (2015-2017)

13. Nikhil Patel  (2015-2017)

14. Anurag (2016-2018)

15. Sonal Gupta (2016-2018)

16. Sapna Devi (2016-2018)

17. Anudeep Konduru (2017-2019)

18. Jaswanth Reddy (2017-2019)



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6. Shweta Meena, and V. Jaswanth Reddy, "The Effect of Functionalization on Spin-Polarized Transport of Gallium Nitride–Based Magnetic Tunnel Junctions", Journal of  Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism, vol.  33, pp. 1053–1063, 2020 (SCI Indexed; .Impact Factor: 1.13)

7. Shweta Meena and Konduru Anudeep, "Spin Transport Study in Chromium Trihalides CrCl3, CrBr3, and CrI3: an Ab Initio Study", Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism, 2019. (SCI Indexed; .Impact Factor: 1.13) (Accepted)

International Conferences:

1.Dinesh Kumar Saini and Shweta Meena, “A low power 16 bit BCD Adder Using different power reduction techniques,” IEEE International Conference on Computer, Communication and Control, pp. 1-4, September 2015. doi: 10.1109/IC4.2015.7375611.

2. Rupendra Kumar Pathak and Shweta Meena, “LSB based image steganography using PN sequence & GCD transform,” IEEE International Conference on Computational and Computing, pp. 1-5, December 2015. doi: 10.1109/ICCIC.2015.7435692.

3. Rupendra Kumar Pathak and Shweta Meena, “Cryptography using inverse substitution & key rotation with seed propagation,” IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Computing Research, pp. 1-3, December 2015. doi: 10.1109/ICCIC.2015.7435730.

4. Gugulothu saida and Shweta Meena, “Implementation of low power BCD adder using gate diffusion input cell,” IEEE International Conference on Communication and Signal Processing, pp. 1352-1355, April 2016. doi: 10.1109/ICCSP.2016.7754373.

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7. Neelam Kumari and Shweta Meena, “Analysis of various parameters of double gate junctionless MOSFET using Ge-Source with High-k Spacer, IEEE International Conference on Computing, Communication and Automation, pp. 1453-1456, May 2017. doi: 10.1109/CCAA.2017.8230027.

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14. Sapna Devi, Shweta Meena and Sanjeeb Mishra, "10-bit 47.57μW Power Efficient Successive Approximation Register ADC with High Speed," 3rd IEEE International Conference on Recent Trends in Electronics, Information & Communication Technology, pp. 2006-2011, Februaru 2020, doi: 10.1109/RTEICT42901.2018.9012648.

Funded Projects:

1. Co-PI in Project funded by NPIU, TEQIP III. Application ID: 1-5741460991.


1. Reviewer of RSC Advances, RSC.

2. Reviewer of Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, RSC.

Courses Attended:

1. One-week short term course on “Nanostructured Carbon Doped Nanocomposites” at IIT Kanpur from December 29th –January 2nd, 2016.

2. Short term course on “Emerging Technologies: Electronic Devices & Materials”, organized by MNIT, Jaipur from October 01-04, 2015.

3. Attended Two Days Faculty Development Program on “ASIC Verification” organized by Maven Silicon, Bengaluru from 3rd-4th September, 2016.

4. CEP Course on "Deep Learning: From Basics to Practice" organized by IIT Bombay from June 18 - 22, 2019.

5. CEP Course on "Introduction to Machine Learning and Deep Learning - with applications to engineering systems" organized by IIT Bombay from June 18, 2019 to June 22, 2019. 

Courses Organized:

1. Organized one-week short term course on “Recent Trends in Nano-Electronics and VLSI” held at Dept. of ECE, NIT Kurukshetra from 18th -22nd December 2018.


1. Girls’ Hostel Warden from 21.07.2014 to till date.

2. Prof. I/C Registration, Department of ECE, NIT Kurukshetra.

3. Faculty I/C Hockey, NIT Kurukshetra.

Extra-Curricular Activities:

1. Organising Committee member of Techspardha 2014, 2015 and 2016.

2. Organising Committee member of Altius 2014.

Google Scholar: