National Institute Of Technology,Kurukshetra



Name : Dr. Priyanka Ahlawat
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : PhD (NIT Kurukshetra)
Current Address :

CT-103, NIT campus, NIT kurushetra (Haryana).

Phone 1 (office) : 01744-233496 (Office)
Phone 2 (office) : 9034996998 (mobile No.)
Email :

Area Of Intrest :

Information Security, Computer Networks, Internet of Things, Wireless Sensor Networks, Information Security, Cyber Security, IoT Security, Adhoc Network Security, WSN Security, Key Management and Distribution

Other Areas of Interest: Cyber defense and vulnerability, Cloud Security,  Mobile Computing, Digital Forsenics


All interested Ph.D. aspirants want to do research in the above said areas may contact me at



Experience :

Teaching: 13yrs (approx.)

Other :

Research Publications:

International Journal articles: 8 

International Conference papers: 13 



1.Ahlawat, P., & Dave, M. (2017). A hybrid approach for path vulnerability matrix on random key predistribution for wireless sensor networks. Wireless Personal Communications, 94(4), 3327-3353.
2.Ahlawat, P., & Dave, M. (2018). A cost?effective attack matrix based key management scheme with dominance key set for wireless sensor network security. International Journal of Communication Systems, e3713.
3.Ahlawat, P., & Dave, M. (2018). Deployment Based Attack Resistant Key Distribution with Non Overlapping Key Pools in WSN. Wireless Personal Communications, 99(4), 1541-1568.
4.Ahlawat, P., & Dave, M. (2018). An attack resistant key predistribution scheme for wireless sensor networks. Journal of King Saud University-Computer and Information Sciences.
5.Ahlawat, P., & Dave, M. (2018). An attack model based highly secure key management scheme for wireless sensor networks. Procedia Computer Science, 125, 201-207
6.Nagpal, P. B., & Mann, P. A. (2011). Comparative study of density based clustering algorithms. International Journal of Computer Applications, 27(11), 421-435.
7.Nagpal, P. B., & Mann, P. A. (2011). Survey of Density Based Clustering Algorithms. International journal of Computer Science and its Applications, 1(1), 313-317.
8. Kumar Gupta, A., & Ahlawat Mann, P. (2011). Railway Train Ticket Generation through ATM Machine: A Business Application for Indian Railways. International Journal of Computer Applications, 22(7), 46-50



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11.Ahlawat, P. (2013). Towards increasing the reseliency of key management scheme supporting node mobility in hetrogenous sensor networks.
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Conference / workshops / Symposia  attended : 15

No. of short term course/ workshop organized/worked as resource person: 03 (Short Term Course on Security Issues for Sensor, IoT and Opportunistic Networks (SISION) under ISEA Project Phase II during September 10-15, 2018 is being organized by Department of Computer Engineering, NIT Kurukshetra)

Professional Membership:

  • IEEE
  • ACM
  • Life Member ISTE
  • Life Member Computer Society of India Projects ( Completed 22 Nos.) 05 (ongoing)

M. Tech. Students (On-going: 3 Nos.)

M. Tech. Students (Completed: 12 Nos.)

Administrative and Academic Responsibilities:

1.M. Tech Coordinator (Computer)

2.DAC member

3.BOS member

4.Warden ( Cauveri Bhawan)

5.Prof -in -charge (Time table and Examination)

6.Mentor faculty

7.Turtin Software Handler

8.Member M.Tech admission committee

9.Member anti ragging Squad

10.Member of different committees of annual convocation, Confluence and annual athletic meet

11.Departmental accreditation and visiting committee

12.Member UG and PG curriculum revision committee

13.Member (B.Tech SAR Coommittee