National Institute Of Technology,Kurukshetra


Coordinator          Prof. A. Swarup

Co-coordinator     Prof. Sathans


The Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme (TEQIP) phase-II, funded by the World Bank, aims to upscale the ongoing initiatives of Government of India to enhance efficiency and dynamism in technical education with a motive to improve quality of technical education. The sequel project TEQIP-II, is of four years (2010-2014) duration but likely to be extended. The Institute is participating in TEQIP-II, under subcomponent 1.2, which aims at Scaling-up Postgraduate Education and Demand-Driven Research & Development and Innovation. Under this, the total budget outlay for the Institute is estimated to be approx. Rs. 12.5 crores, spread over the project duration, out of which a sum of Rs. 10 crores has already been received by the Institute and is being utilized effectively in carrying various activities under the following major heads:

1. Procurement of goods (equipment furniture, books, LRs, software and minor item) and civil works for improvement in teaching, training and learning facilities 

The procurement activities under this head have been carried out primarily for new equipments for PG and R&D programmes in engineering disciplines, Updation of Learning Resources for strengthening the Library and increasing access to knowledge resources.

The total amount spent on procurement  since inception up to July, 2015 is Rs. 370.79 Lacs.

2.  Providing Teaching and Research Assistantships for significantly increasing enrolment in existing and new Masters and Doctoral programmes in Engineering disciplines:

With an aim to attract students to Masters and Doctoral programmes by providing Assistantships, funds are being utilized for giving assistantships to Masters and Doctoral students across different disciplines of Engineering and Technology. For this purpose, starting from the academic year 2011-2012, additional seats in existing engineering programmes, 54 in M. Tech. and 10 in PhD, per academic session have been created with assistantship as per MHRD norms. Total amount spent under this activity since inception up to July, 2015 is Rs. 298.36 Lacs.

3.  Enhancement of R &D and institutions consultancy activities

Under this activity, UG and PG students are encouraged to work on industry related problems. Such research projects are funded through TEQIP-II and also registration fees is provided to the students to present papers in the Conferences to promote research among UG students. Total amount spent under this activity since inception up to July, 2015 is Rs. 11.30 Lacs.

4.  Faculty and staff development for improved competence

Under this activity, faculty and staff member are sponsored for attending conferences within India & abroad to present research papers and also financial support provided to attend Workshop/STC/Seminar etc.  Regular Ph.D scholars are also supported to attend International conferences within India and abroad. Support is also provided to the faculty for organizing in house short term courses/workshop etc. Total amount spent under this activity since inception up to July, 2015  is Rs. 98.21 Lacs.

5.  Enhanced interaction with Industry

Under this activity, efforts are made to promote industry institute interaction by way of inviting Industry experts for lectures and sponsoring faculty members/students to the industry/industrial workshops etc.  Total amount spent under this activity since inception up to July, 2015 is Rs. 6.18 Lacs.   

6.  Institutional Management Capacity enhancement

Under this activity, senior faculty/administrative officials of the Institute are sponsored to attend management capacity enhancement program at IIM Indore. Total amount spent under this activity since inception up to July, 2015 is Rs. 0.63 Lacs.

7.  Implementation of Institutional academic reforms

Under this activity, funds can be spent on Accreditations fee for NBA, curricula revision/restructuring workshops etc. Total amount spent under this activity till now is nil, however, Rs. 52 lacs have been earmarked for accreditation fee for the courses applied for accreditation.  

8.  Academic support for weak students

Under this activity, efforts are being made to improve the academic performance of academically weak students through remedial teaching in professional subjects and soft skills development for increasing transition rate, pass rate and employability. This activity is being coordinated by the office of Dean (Students’ Welfare). Identification of academically weak students and scheduling of suitable remedial activities are in progress. Total amount spent under this activity since inception up to July, 2015 is Rs. 1.84 Lacs

9.  Incremental operating cost

This head is to take care of operational costs of the TEQIP Cell, purchase of petty items and other minor items, TA/DA to attend meetings etc. Total amount spent under this activity since inception up to July, 2015 is Rs. 14.42 Lacs. 

The total cumulative amount spent on all the above activities since inception up to July, 2015, is Rs. 801.73 lacs out of Rs. 1000 lacs received. 

Through these activities, the Institute is getting benefited in terms of Scaling-up of PG education as measured by Increased enrolment of PG and Doctoral students (and number of M.Tech/Ph.D Graduates), increase in the Industry-Institute collaboration and scaling-up of R&D in areas linked to societal/industrial demand, Percentage of revenue from externally funded R&D projects and consultancies in total annual revenue from all sources, Scaling-up quality research, development and innovation as indicated by increase in the number of publications in refereed journals, citations and patents obtained/filed, increased collaboration with other institutions. In addition to this, it is expected to achieve improved performance on the following aspects: increased employability of students as measured by improvement in the placement rate and the average salary of placement package and overall institutional performance as measured through increase in the overall student and faculty satisfaction.

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             Coordinator TEQIP-II