National Institute Of Technology,Kurukshetra

 Head of Teaching Department

Name of Department Head of Deparment Name of Department Head of Deparment
Computer Engineering Dr. Mayank Dave Civil Engineering Dr. K.K. Singh
Computer Applications Dr. Ashutosh Kumar Singh Chemistry Dr. Minati Baral
Electrical Engineering Dr. Ashwani Kumar Electronics and Communication Engineering Dr.Vrinda Gupta
Mathematics Dr. Paras Ram Physics Dr. Ashavani Kumar
Mechanical Engineering Dr. PC Tiwari Humanities & Social Sciences Dr. Kiran Mor
Business Administration Dr. Rajender Kumar    


Coordinator of School 

Name of School Coordinator of School Name of School Coordinator of School
School of Bio-Medical Engg. Dr. L.M. Saini School of VLSI Design & Embedded System Dr. J.K. Chhabra
School of Material Science & Technology Dr. Ashavani Kumar School of Renewable Energy and Efficiency (SREE) Dr. Hari Singh



Chairman,Library Committee Dr.  Ashwani Jain
Public Information Officer (PIO) Dr. Krishan Gopal
Chairman, Canteen Commitee Dr. Dinesh Kumar
Chairman UMC Committee Dr. J.K. Chhabra
Chariman Complaint Committee (Women Sexual Harassment at Work) Ms. Sunita Chauhan
Chairman Grievance Redressal Cell Dr. Rajender Kumar 
Chairman House Allotment Committee Dr. S.K. Madan
Chairman Grievances Redressal Cell (Faculty & Non-Faculty) Dr. Rajender Deswal
Deputy Chairman Grievances Redressal Cell (Faculty & Non-Faculty) Dr. Rajoo Pandey
NCC Officer Dr. V.K. Bajpai
Programme Officer NSS (I) Prof. R.M. Sharma
Centre Coordinator(CCEEC) Dr. Vinod Mittal in-Charge (CCN) Dr. Ashwani Kumar (Community Development Cell) Prof. Vikas Choudhary Dr. Arvind Sharma (SW & Ragging Control) Sh. V.P. Singh, Examination Dr. P.K Saini, Annual Report Dr. Surender Deswal, Estate & Construction Dr. S.M. Gupta, Faculty Welfare Dr. Mahesh Pal, Health Centre Dr. Rajoo Pandey
Faculty-In-Charge, Hindi Languages & Moral Education Dr. Yashashchandra Dwivedi, Industry Cell Dr. Ajay Jain, Institute Time-Table Dr. Rajeev Verma, Stores Dr. Vinod Kumar, Ragging Control & General Discipline Dr. N.P. Singh,Technical Societies Dr. V.K. Bajpai, Training & Placement Prof. Pankaj Chandna
Prof. in-Charge( Sports ) Dr. Ashavani Kumar, Students Club Dr.(Ms.) Paratibha Aggarwal
Prof. in-Charge( Conduct ) Dr. S.K.Patidar
Prof. in-Charge( Continuing Education ) Dr. Gian Bhushan
Prof. in-Charge (PG Clubs) Dr. Neeraj Kaushik
Prof. in-Charge (SCSA) Dr. Neeraj Kaushik
Officer in-Charge (CCN) Dr. Jagan Nath
Prof. in-Charge (Accounts) Dr. Mohammad Firoz  
Prof. in-Charge (Central Workshop) Dr. Hari Singh
Prof. in-Charge (Estate & Construction) Dr. S.M. Gupta
Officer in-Charge (Guest House) Sh. G.R. Samantaray
Prof. in-Charge (Public Relations) Dr. R.P Chauhan
Prof. in-Charge (Research & Consultancy) Dr. Mahesh Pal
Prof. in-Charge (Technical Societies) Dr. V.K. Bajpai
Faculty-in-Charge(Electrical Maintainenance & Telephone) Dr. Aeidapu Mahesh
Prof. in-Charge (Guest House) Dr. Parveen Aggarwal


Faculty In-Charge

Faculy In-Charge (Annual Report) Dr. Naveen Kumar
Faculy In-Charge (Horticulture & Landscaping) Dr. Anil Dhaiya              
Faculy In-Charge (Sanitation & Cleanliness) Dr. H.D. Chalak
Faculy In-Charge (Entrepreneurship) Dr. Avadhesh Yadav
Faculy In-Charge (Industry) Dr. Virender Ranga
Faculy In-Charge (Training & Placement) Dr. Gulshan Sachdeva       
Faculy In-Charge (Hindi Language & Moral Education) Dr. Y. Dwivedi
Faculy In-Charge (Institute Magazine & Newsletter) Dr. Shahida
Faculy In-Charge (Institute Time Table) Dr. Pradeep Kumar


Other Officers

Liasion Officer: SC/ST/PWD Dr. Rajneesh
Liasion Officer: OBC Dr. Modi Pandu Ranga Prasad
Nodal Officer(Institute ERP) Dr. Rajesh Aggarwal
Nodal Officer (Biometric Attendance System) Dr. Ashwani Sharma
Device Admin (Biometric Attendance System) Dr. Jagan Nath
Officer (Disposal of Online Pending Public Grievances) Dr. Ashwani Sharma
Nodal Officer (Swachhta Ambassador Committee) Prof. H.D. Chalak
Nodal Officer (Student's Online Grievance Redressal Portal) Dr. N.K. Singh
Nodal Officer (Unnat Bharat Abhiyan) Dr. J.S. Lathar
Nodal Officer (NMEICT) Dr. J.S. Lathar
Nodal Officer (AISHE) Dr. J.S. Lathar
Co-ordinator (Foreign Students' Cell) Dr. J.K. Kapoor
Dr. N.K. Singh
Coordinator (NIRF) Dr. Sandeep Singhal
Co-cpordinator (NIRF) Dr. Neeraj Kaushik
Co-cpordinator (TEQIP- III) Dr. Vinod Kumar
Faculty Convener (Institute's Innovation Council) Dr. V.K. Bajpai


Wardens for Girls Hostel

Chief Warden  Dr. Jyoti Ohri
Dy Chief Warden (Girls Hostel) Ms. Poonam Jindal
Resident Lady Warden Ms. Saroj Bala
Warden ,Alaknanda Bhawan Dr. Bharati Sinha
Warden ,Cauvery Bhawan Ms. Priyanka Ahlawat
Dr. Shahida
Warden ,Kalpana Chawla Bhawan Dr. Shabnam
Dr. Ritu Garg


Wardens For Boys Hostel

Chief Warden Dr. Dixit Garg
Dy. Chief Warden (I) Boys Hostel Dr. N.P. Singh
Dy. Chief Warden (II) Boys Hostel Dr. N.K. Singh
Warden Hostel No.1 Dr. Prakash Singh
Dr. Pankaj Verma
Warden Hostel No.2 Dr. Ankit Kumar Jain
Dr. Amit Prakash
Warden Hostel No.3 Dr. M. Senthik Kumar
Dr. A.K. Prabhakar
Warden Hostel No.4 Dr. Bhanu Pratap
Dr. Gaurav Saini
Warden Hostel No.5 Dr. Rahul Sharma
Dr. Trailokya Nath Sasamal
Warden Hostel No.6 Dr. Chetti Prabhakar
Dr. Rajneesh
Warden Hostel No.7 Dr. Kirti Bhushan
Dr. Shivam
Warden Hostel No.8 Dr. M.P.R. Prasad
Dr. Santosh Kumar
Warden Hostel No.9 Dr. Pradeep Kumar
Dr. Mantosh Biswas
Warden Mega Hostel (Hostel No. 10) Dr. Y. Dwivedi
Dr. Gaurav Verma
Dr. Chaggan Charan
Warden Hostel No. 11 Dr. Atma Ram Gupta
Dr. Mukesh Kumar
Warden Hostel No. 12  


Members of the Library Committee 

Dr. Ajay K. Prabhakar
Dr. Jitender Kumar
Dr. Saurabh Channa
Dr. Arvind Kumar
Dr. Priyanka Alhawat
Dr. Kriti Bhushan
Dr. Anurag Gaur
Dr. Amilan Jose D.
Dr. Naveen Kumar
Dr. Mohammad Firoz
Dr. Kapil


Member Of  the Sports Committee

Dr. Ajay Jain
Prof. Yash Pal
Dr. Shelly Vadhera


Members of the Admission Committee

Dr. Ratna Dahiya
Prof. Umesh Ghanekar
Dr. Rajoo Pandey
Prof. A. K. Dahiya
Prof. Mahesh Gupta
Prof. K. K. Sharma
Prof. Saraswati Setia
Dr. J. K. Chhabra

Members for the Grievance Redressal Cell

Dr. Vikas Chaudhary
Dr. Mohd. Firoz
Dr. Ratna Dahiya

Members for the Canteen Committee

Prof. S.K. Patidar
Prof. Yash Pal 
Sh. Dinesh Dhingra


Member for the Clubs Committee

Prof. Yogesh Agarwal
Prof. Vrinda Gupta
Prof. Karan Sharma
Dr. Monika Mittal
Prof. Vikas Mittal
Dr. Puneet Kumar


Faculty In-Charge Students' Club

Faculty In-Charge (Students' Club) Dr. Saurabh Chauhan 
Faculty In-Charge (MAD Club) Dr. Karan Sharma
Faculty In-Charge (AVA Club) Ms. Shweta Meena
Faculty In-Charge (Fine Arts & Modelling Club)             Dr. Poonam Jindal
Faculty In-Charge (HT Club) Dr. Yogesh Aggarwal
Faculty In-Charge (Lit & Deb Club) Dr.  Y. Dwivedi
Faculty In-Charge (PG Club) Dr. Sashi Bhushan 
Faculty In-Charge (Photography Club) Dr. Babita Saini
Faculty In-Charge (SAC Club) Dr. Pradeep Kumar
Faculty In-Charge (SCSA Club) Dr. J.K. Kapoor
Faculty In-Charge (SPICMACY Club) Dr. Aeidapu Mahesh


Registrar Incharge  Sh. G.R. Samantaray
Joint Registrar (G.A & Legal) Sh. G.R. Samantaray
Joint Registrar (Exam) Sh. S.K. Sharma
Deputy Registrar (Academic) Sh. Pankaj Kumar Bayati
Assistant Registrar(Audit) Sh. Ramesh Sharan
Assistant Engineer(Civil) Sh. S. N. Kaushik
Security Officer Sh. Ajit Yadav

Estate Affairs Committee

Member Dr. Arun Goel
Member Dr. Pratibha Aggarwal
Member Dr. Sathans

NIT Kurukshetra is one of the premier technical institutes of the country. Founded in 1963 as Regional Engineering College Kurukshetra, the institute was rechristened as National Institute of Technology on June 26, 2002.