National Institute Of Technology,Kurukshetra

Student Activities



The backbone of personality development, besides the regular curriculum, is the association of MBA clubs. These clubs encompass a systematic series of events which help the students to surface as individuals based on their respective performances.

PARIVARTAN (Marketing Club)

The marketing club provides a platform for budding managers to hone their marketing skills and involve in creative activities such as advertisement making, conducting market surveys & analyses and organize events like marketing exhibitions. This enables the students to get an essence of the operations of a business market and provides a centre-spot for the convergence of various ideas generating from the minds of aspiring managers.

SANSKRITI (Literary Club)

This club comprises of students who willingly participate in various literary competitions such as Paper presentations




Extempore, Debates and Group Discussions on inter and intra-college levels. The members of this club share theirexperiences with their fellow students and impart any vital information or strategies that they have gathered in any of the above events. This club also catalyses the skills of students who possess a taste for literature such as writing poems and blogs. These students help the department with banner designing, literature for brochure, and formulation of various notifications.The students management magazine that goes by the name of PRABANDHANIKA is also taken care of by the students.It addresses various emerging management concepts as well as become's students mouthpiece.

BULLS AND BEARS (Finance Club)

This club strives to satisfy the appetite of the students for knowledge in the field of capital market, money market, investment planning and portfolio management service. This is carried out by conducting lectures, group discussions and various interactive sessions. The principle activity of this club is to expose the students to equity market's technical and fundamental analysis through a virtual stock market.


The HR club provides exposure for extrovert MBA students to enhance their interactive skills and give the introvert students, a fair and comfortable, opportunity to participate in numerous extra-curricular activities and surface their outgoing self. This club operates by conducting mock interviews so as to spread awareness about the realistic process of a company interview. This aids in building individual professionals and efficient team leaders.




This club performs by the aid of computer-savvy students who help others students in enhancing their knowledge regarding computer operations. The major function of this very club is to keep a record of grading and scores obtained by students, in various activities that are organized by different clubs, for giving a valid feedback. Hosting discussions on an online forum and management of database are some other functions of this club apart from maintaining the IT infrastructure of the MBA department.


Some of the major activities that were carried out by MBA clubs are:

Mock Interview

Collectively organized by all the existent clubs, the mock interviews witnessed an enthusiastic participation from first year students. This process helped the students to get a feel of the grilling interview process, starting from the resume submission stage to the final stage of recruitment. This cognitive operation revealed both, positive and negative, points of every student by a strenuous grading system and hence making them aware of areas to improve. The supervision of the faculty members ensured a fair and copybook style event.

Business quiz

A brainstorming cum review of latest who�s who in business, economic situation was provided by business quiz organized by the second year students for one and all. It urged the new students to identify and search for business information in all spheres.

Independence Day, Republic Day Celebrations

Celebrations of Independence Day and Republic Day no longer stay a mere ceremonial affair with the management students spreading a festive aura propagating the spirit of integrity by means of skits, patriotic poems and ballads that sing glory.



NIT Cricket

Amidst a hectic daily schedule the resourceful management students quenched their thirst for sports through the NITe Kricket (Night Cricket) - 20 over matches in lit up grounds.

It became an event of intelligent management, resource employment besides sporting thrill and cheering spectatorship.

NIT Kurukshetra is one of the premier technical institutes of the country. Founded in 1963 as Regional Engineering College Kurukshetra, the institute was rechristened as National Institute of Technology on June 26, 2002.