National Institute Of Technology,Kurukshetra


Society for Automotive Engineers co-ordinates the development of techinical standards globally.SAEINDIA is an affiliate society of SAE International registered in India as an Indian nonprofit engineering and scientific society dedicated to the advancement of mobility industry in India.Furthermore there are collegiate clubs that are registered with SAEINDIA that participate in various workshops and national level competitions with baja an fsae being one of them. At the  National Institute Technology, Kurukshetra the club has been functioning under the dilligent guidence of Prof. Surjit Angra, Mechanical Engineering department and Prof. Jaideep Gupta, Mechanical Engineering department.

SAEINDIA NIT-Kurukshetra Collegiate club has been working towards practical training and generatating interest of the budding engineers in the college in the field of automobile engineering since 2009. The journey started with the series of overhaul workshops, Autokriti. The workshop has featured overhaul of Maruti 800 engines as well as the complete Maruti 800 car in its very recent years. The 4th edition in 2012, under the chairmanship of Mr. Harjot Singh, Final year, Mechanical Engineering and Vice Chairmanship of Mr. Gundeep Shah, Final Year, Mechanical Engineering lured a participation of more than 240 students from various colleges in North India. The Club has also organised many college level workshops including a scooter overhaul workshop, Transmania – Transmission overhaul workshop, Enginium – An engine overhaul workshop. The Club has also been an active participant in the BAJA SAEINDIA, a national level competition organised by SAEINDIA based on designing and fabricating a prototype a rugged off-road four wheel vehicle intended for the sale to weekend hobbyist.

This year at the BAJA SAEINDIA 2013, Our team ‘NITROX’ secured 10th rank overall out of the 262 teams that participated at the virtaul stage of the event. Furthermore, the team stood 8th in the three and a half hour long race with literally inexplicable torments. 91 teams started the race but less than 50% of them were able to finish it. The club has been working very hard regarding its mission and prolonging this era in the history of National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra.

NIT Kurukshetra is one of the premier technical institutes of the country. Founded in 1963 as Regional Engineering College Kurukshetra, the institute was rechristened as National Institute of Technology on June 26, 2002.