National Institute Of Technology,Kurukshetra


“Men may come and men may go, but lucky are those who can cast their dreams into concrete reality, which will live through times to sing their stories to the generations to come.”

The Department of Civil Engineering, NIT Kurukshetra works towards the shaping of such men who have the power of changing the face of the world with their talent, ingenuity and knowledge.

Infrastructure is the Official Technical Society of the Department of Civil Engineering formed with the objective of nurturing the talents of budding engineers with an ultimate goal of achieving technical excellence. Herein, the seeds of research are being sowed into the minds of the students so as to encourage the innovation. We work towards sharpening the technical skills of all the students and improving their field knowledge, hence bridging the gap between classrooms and field. Every year, the bright minds capable and willing to contribute to this task are invited to be a part of the group and showcase their managerial skills. This is an institution where the team spirit and enthusiasm is contagious and people work together redefining the very meaning of coordination and exhibit unmatched unity despite all the differences by valuing each and every opinion and idea.

In order to achieve what we dream, the Infrastructure Society organizes various events at institute as well as national level. The competition-oriented events are primarily organized during the annual college festivals, namely Altius and Techspardha (formerly Literati) but the learning is evenly spread throughout the year. The Society takes pride in the glorious history of Phoenix, the national level technical-cultural symposium of the Department of Civil Engineering, which has been single-handedly organized by it for years, which has witnessed  stars like Javed Ali, Monali Thakur and Kumar Vishwas, flaming up the stage under its banner.

The various events organized by Team Infrastructure include:-

  • EXPERT LECTURES- The learned scholars are invited to the institute who share their knowledge and wisdom     with the students as well as faculty members providing them an exposure to the developments going around the world. Such events encourage the students’ inclination towards research.

  • WORKSHOPS- Various workshops are organized from time to time which act as a food for the inquisitive minds of our young engineers.

  • TECHNICAL EVENTS- A number of events are organized which include:-


  • Mixcrete- This event lets the students have an actual feel of the field work where they have to make the best Mix Design.

  • Town Planning and Architect: The importance of planning in Civil Engineering is reinforced by these events.

  • Civiera- Here, the students get an opportunity to do research on the developments that are going around in the world and present their viewpoint as well as their innovative input on it.

  • Nirmaan- Designing the safest and the most economical structure is definitely not a cakewalk; but the one who walks it best, gets it.

  • CIVI-Q- The students are tested on their classroom knowledge in this quiz.

  • CULTURAL EVENTS- Infrastructure takes pride in organising the most awaited event of the technical symposium, the cultural night named as “Wildflower”.

Wildflower, our flagship event, is best described as a melody of all the musical instruments, to make up for a divine musical night…..

NIT Kurukshetra is one of the premier technical institutes of the country. Founded in 1963 as Regional Engineering College Kurukshetra, the institute was rechristened as National Institute of Technology on June 26, 2002.