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What we are

Fine Arts and Modelling club is one of the official clubs of NIT Kurukshetra. It is the hub of artists who come together to ameliorate and sustain art culture in the college. And while doing the same, it provides ample opportunities to those with artistic inclination to hone and flaunt their skills with art and craft.


What we do

To uphold the motive of preserving the art culture, Fine Arts and Modelling club turns the college premises into a piece of art during fests. Counting a few endeavours that the club takes on-

  • Backdrop- During Confluence, the annual cultural fest of NIT Kurukshetra, the club members undertake a month-long project of painting a huge canvas to be stretched out across the background at Open  Air Theatre.


Backdrop: Confluence17 made by Fine Arts Club



  • Wall Paintings- FA club paints 'The Wall' (Apollo wall) during Confluence, for which the members work for days. In the end it's all worth the efforts because it takes the aura of the fest to a whole new level. With the colors so bright, wall paintings are undoubtedly overwhelming. 


Wall Art: Confluence16


  • Anamorphic art- It is the art of deception that gets one's eyes into believing a 2dimensional painting to be a 3- dimensional lively scene. Apart from the walls, even the ground doesn't miss the symphony of colors. An art of perception, anamorphic art finds its way on the pathway near OAT and in the market.


Anamorphic: Confluence’16 near OAT



Anamorphic: Confluence’17 at market NIT Kurukshetra.

  • Art Gallery- An exhibition of artworks is organized wherein art submissions of students from and even outside college are there. It is a perfect platform for an artist to showcase his work not just to the students but to the faculty members who, quite zealously, visit art gallery on Confluence.


Art Gallery: Confluence’16

  • Origami Exhibition- With utter finesse, when paper is folded, skill and precision work hand in hand and Origami brings out its magic in the form of delicate yet beautiful articles. Such articles are provided a special place, an Origami Exhibition itself.


         Origami Art submissions in Confluence’17


During the fests (viz. Confluence, Talent show, Utkarsh), Fine Arts club organizes various competitions for students to flaunt their artistic skills- Abstract painting, monochromatic painting, Rangoli making, still life, face painting to name a few. With the serene dance of colors all around, the campus is draped by the aurora that never fails to render the viewers spellbound.


Why join us- We intend to enkindle that spark of creativity in an individual which is a relish not just for the sake of art but for enjoying its beauty in life. Alongside the hectic schedule that we as engineers have, everyone needs an escape to look into the world in a different way, a better way, that transcends all rationality that we hold. Here, at Fine Arts, we strive for everyone to find their escape into this aesthetic little world of ours.


How to join us- The members are inducted officially by the Secretary of the club under the supervision of the professor-in-charge and range from all years, irrespective of their branches. Apart from that, the competitions organised by the club are an open door for that matter.


Fine Arts inductions


Contact us-


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NIT Kurukshetra is one of the premier technical institutes of the country. Founded in 1963 as Regional Engineering College Kurukshetra, the institute was rechristened as National Institute of Technology on June 26, 2002.