National Institute Of Technology,Kurukshetra


The Institute has nine boys Hostels and three girls hostels.


The Institute girls hostel namely Alaknanda Bhawan, Bhagirathi Bhawan and Cauvery Bhawan have the total capacity of 610 seats for B. Tech and Post graduate students. All the hostels are well maintained and equipped with the facilities.


Alaknanda Bhawan

            Initially, in the year 1986, old block of Alaknanda Bhawan was established with total capacity of 30 seats having 10 rooms in all. New block was added to it in July 1990, having capacity of 90 seats, giving total capacity of Alaknanda Bhawan as 120 seats. The hostel accommodates girls students of B. Tech 1st year.

            There is one lady resident warden & one matron who are residing within the hostel premises. Mess facility is available which is being run on cooperative basis, looked after by one mess supervisor and other mess workers. There is Badminton court and I-net centre. The hostel has its own office room equipped with computer and printer.

            Immediate medical attention is given to the students falling sick. Students have the access to the hostel canteen and are provided with the facilities like water cooler, water purifier system, deep freezer, common room equipped with furniture and colour TV and other.


Cauvery Bhawan

Cauvery Bhawan, the newly constructed girl hostel at present is having 292 rooms (single seated). Common room facilities include newspapers, magazines, indoor games and a color television set. Hostel is equipped with intercom and BSNL landline facility and phone, free of cost for incoming calls only. Hostel mess is run on co-operative basis with the assistance of the students in the form of a mess committee under the overall supervision of MMCA, clerks and wardens. Membership is compulsory for all students residing in the hostel. Students of the hostel are provided with the facilities of deep freezer, water coolers and LPG connection managed by staff of the hostel. All the rooms in the hostel have been provided with furniture, ceiling fan and WI-FI connection. Cauvery bhawan is having its own canteen providing day to day use commodities and snacks, accessible to all the girl students staying in the hostel.


Bhagirathi Bhawan

Bhagirathi Bhawan, the second Girls Hostel in NIT, Kurukshetra, was established in the year 2006. The bhawan comprises of four wings having total of 198 rooms (single seated) and it accommodates the post graduate (M. Tech, MBA, MCA) students of NIT, Kurukshetra. It has big lawns covering the front and back portion of the hostel. In addition to that it has different wings with a beautiful garden that is well maintained by the gardeners. Furthermore bhawan has a well furnished COMPUTER ROOM (I-Net Centre) and T.V. ROOM within the premises. Moreover, the LAN connection has also been set up for the convenience of the girls. Apart form the above said facilities a CANTEEN is also there in the bhawan itself providing healthy hygienic food at reasonable rate. Lots of construction has been done to provide the best ventilation in the mess kitchen. A clean furnished dining space has been provided to the residents of the hostel.



NIT Kurukshetra has nine boys hostels. Three boys hostels are triple bedded and the rest are single bedded. All the rooms in Post-graduate hostel are single bedded. All the hostels are named alphabetically from A to I. all the names are having relevance to the characters of Mahabharta.Continuing this trend the new Mega boys Hostel(Hostel no.10 ) is also named alphabetically in the same series as 'Jagdishwar Bhawan' starting from 'J'.


Hostel no.       Name
1 Abhimanyu Bhawan
2 Bhishma Bhawan
3 Chakradhar Bhawan
4 Dronacharya Bhawan
5 Eklavya Bhawan
6 Fanibhushan Bhawan
7 Girivar Bhawan
8 Harihar Bhawan
9 Indivar Bhawan
10 Mega Boys Hostel

Names and Phone Nos. of Hostel Authorities

NIT Kurukshetra is one of the premier technical institutes of the country. Founded in 1963 as Regional Engineering College Kurukshetra, the institute was rechristened as National Institute of Technology on June 26, 2002.