National Institute Of Technology,Kurukshetra


  1. One Week Workshop On “Molecules & Materials Technology: Interface with R&D and Industries” (MMT-17; March 21-26,2017)
  2. Expert Lecture on “Single Crystal X-Ray in the Research work involving Os-cluster and some useful tips on basic Crystallography“ by Dr. Rakesh Ganguly, Nannyang Technological University, Singapore on 20.03.2015.
  3. One day workshop on “Molecular Engineering and Advanced Chemical Analysis” on 21-02-2014.
  4. Two days National Conference on “Mastering in Molecules and Materials (M3-2014)” during 16th&17th October -201
  5. Expert Lecture on High Energy Materials by Prof. Haridwar Singh, Former Director, DRDO (HEMRL), Pune, on 14-02-2013.
  6. Expert Lecture on Nanomaterials by Prof. Tara Shankar Pal, IIT-Kharagpur, on 02.11.2012.

NIT Kurukshetra is one of the premier technical institutes of the country. Founded in 1963 as Regional Engineering College Kurukshetra, the institute was rechristened as National Institute of Technology on June 26, 2002.