National Institute Of Technology,Kurukshetra


It's the major, managerial club of the college which plays the most important role in the organization and overall management of the both the cultural fests namely, Talent Show and Confluence.

SAC plays a prominent role in bringing life to the heart of the institute i.e. AE Lawns, by organising fun events including all the games at the stalls, the stage and the DJ during the Fests.

 DJ Night at AE Lawns, Talent Show'17.

Then, SAC has a lot with it to offer a platform for various genre like:

- Mathematica

- Treasure hunt 

- Beg Borrow Steal

- Gully cricket

- Street Soccer

- Masterchef


And most importantly, our flagship events:

- Student of the year            - Roadies     - Sherlock Adventures


Some online events for the techies:

- 9 baj gaye kya   - Meme Contest   - Online Treasure Hunt   - Online Roadies

Along with these, SAC also undertakes responsibilities for –

  • Maintaining the decorum and preventing any disputes during the fests.
  • The Art Work that pops up during the fests at various locations in the institute, along with other clubs.
  • Publicizing and increasing the reach of our fests in other institutes, along with the others.

 Publicizing events at NIT Market, Confluence'17.

SAC works its way out of hell for bringing the title sponsors and conducting the major attraction of Confluence, THE STAR NITE, which has been graced by stars like

  • Nikhil D'souza
  • The Local Train
  • Jassi Gill and Babbal Rai
  • Maadhyam
  • Mustafa Zaid
  • Euphoria, among many others

By being part of the club, you garner varying qualities and discover your existing strengths and develop new ones. With ample opportunities and the right platform made available to explore and nourish each of your inherent characteristics, you will definitely regret not being a part of the most prestigious team.

 Team Students' Activity Club at Students Activity Centre, Confluence'17.

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Secretaries, Students’ Activity Club:

Anshul Verma         (9728431667)

Kashish Suri             (9671556901)

Lakshay Arora         (7206697009)

Nehal Aggarwal      (7206210584)


NIT Kurukshetra is one of the premier technical institutes of the country. Founded in 1963 as Regional Engineering College Kurukshetra, the institute was rechristened as National Institute of Technology on June 26, 2002.