National Institute Of Technology,Kurukshetra


M. Tech Degree

The duration of an M. Tech. course is four semesters for regular students and two semesters for Postgraduate diploma holders in the relevant disciplines.

Courses of study are offered in the following disciplines and specializations:

Department/Schools Specialization

(a) Civil Engineering

(i) Soil Mechanics and Foundation  Engg.

(ii) Structural Engg.

(iii) Water Resources Engg.

(iv) Transportation Engg.

(v) Environmental Engg

(b) Electrical Engineering

(i) Control System

(ii) Power System

(iii) Power Electronics & Drives

(c) Electronics & Communication Engineering

(i) Electronics & Comm. Engg.  Engineering

(ii) VLSI Design*

(iii) Embeded System

*This program will be offered by School of VLSI Design & Embedded Systems   w.e.f. academic year   2012-13

(d) Mechanical Engineering

(i) Industrial and Production Engineering

(ii) Thermal Engineering

(iii)Machine Design

(e) Physics

(i) Instrumentation

(ii) Nano-Technology

(f) Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering

(g) School of VLSI Design & Embedded Systems

(i) Embedded System Design

(h) School of Energy and Efficiency

(i) Renewable Energy Systems

Teaching in each academic year is divided into two semesters. The duration of the course is four semesters for regular students and six semesters for part-time students (for NIT, Kurukshetra employees only). All the admitted candidates would be governed by the Academic Regulations for Post-Graduate Programmes, as laid down by the National Institute of Technology (Institution of National Importance), Kurukshetra.

The M. Tech. seats are first filled by GATE qualified candidates, then by industry sponsored candidated and if seats remain vacant, by other candidates. The non-GATE candidates are not eligible for scholarship.

M. Tech. courses are offered in the following disciplines and specializations.

Department/Specialization No. of Seats Admission Made
Civil Engineering    
Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering 8+2R+5* 01
Structural Engineering 8+2R+5* -
Transportation Engineering 8+2R+5* -
Water Resources Engineering 8+2R+5* 03
Environmental Engineering 10+3R+5* -
Electrical Engineering    
Control System 8+2R+5* 09
Power System 8+2R+5* 12
Power Electronics & Drives 8+2R+5* 08
Electronics and Communication Engineering    
Electronics & Communication Engineering 10+3R+5* 19
Mechanical Engineering    
Mechanical Engineering 8+2R+5* 10
CAD/CAM 8+2R+5* 09
Robotics & Automation 10+3R+5* 15
Instrumentation 10+3R+5* 13
Nano-Technology 10+3R+5* 10
Master of Business Administration 46+14R 60

    R Reserved Category  

  * Sponsored Category


NIT Kurukshetra is one of the premier technical institutes of the country. Founded in 1963 as Regional Engineering College Kurukshetra, the institute was rechristened as National Institute of Technology on June 26, 2002.