National Institute Of Technology,Kurukshetra

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO1: To impart education in Mechanical Engineering for all-round development of students in order to serve the global society.

PEO2: To enable the students to apply fundamentals and principles of Mechanical Engineering to solve any new problem in field of engineering.

PEO3: To promote awareness among the students about the importance of multidisciplinary engineering approach.

PEO4: To develop techno-commercial skills among students such as research aptitude and entrepreneurial ability to cater the societal problems.

PEO5: To prepare students for continuous learning even after graduating from the Institute.

NIT Kurukshetra is one of the premier technical institutes of the country. Founded in 1963 as Regional Engineering College Kurukshetra, the institute was rechristened as National Institute of Technology on June 26, 2002.