National Institute Of Technology,Kurukshetra


12-12-2019 Notice for Unregistered Students of 3rd 5th & 7th semester B.Tech Programmes (Odd Semester) of academic session 2019_20.

10-12-2019 Date Sheet Corrigendum for the End semester Exam MEPE 17 (Tribology)

05-12-2019 Supplementary II Theory Detained List of 5th semester (B.Tech. ME) for Nov_Dec, 2019 Examinations

04-12-2019 Office Order for Include_Remove the name in theory Detained list Nov._Dec., 2019

03-12-2019 Supplementary_I Detained List for Nov.Dec., 2019

03-12-2019 Fee structure for Even Semester 2019_20 

03-12-2019 Cut List of D Grade Option Phase_I (Nov_Dec_2019) 02_12_2019

03-12-2019 Supplementary Theory Detained list of M.Tech Civil Engg.

02-12-2019 Theory Detained List for Nov_Dec, 2019 Examinations

02-12-2019 B.Tech PIE Scheme & Syllabi till the academic year 2016_17

02-12-2019 Combined Re Appear Cut List (Phase-I,II,III) 02_12_19(Nov_Dec_2019)

02-12-2019 Re_Appear Cutlist NovDec_2019 (Phase_III) 

29-11-2019 Fee structure for Even Semester 2019_20

29-11-2019 Supplementary_I Practical Detained List Nov_Dec., 2019 Examinations

27-11-2019 Re_Appear Practical (External) Date_Sheet for B.Tech during NovDec 2019

27-11-2019 Date_sheet for End_term Examination Dec. 2019 MBA

27-11-2019 Corrigendum Date Sheet Nov._Dec._2019 (Odd & Even)

27-11-2019 Revised Date Sheet Nov._Dec._2019 (Odd & Even)_compressed

26-11-2019 Supplementary Detained List of Practical for Nov_Dec., 2019 Examinations

26-11-2019 Practical Detaintion List Nov_Dec.,2019 Examinations

25-11-2019 Notification for_Registration Even Semester 2019_20

25-11-2019 Registration Form for Even Semester 2019_20

25-11-2019__Notice_for_Re_appear_Examinees_for_Nov_Dec._2019__Re_AppearCutlistNovDec_2019(P1&2)(SummarySheet)__Re_AppearCutlistNovDec_2019(Revised)(23_11_19)(Phase_I&II)[BranchWise]__Re_AppearCutlistNovDec_2019(Revised)(23_11_19)(Phase I&II)[Branch_Sem Wise] [Last date for reporting discrepency in Cutlist is upto 5pm, 25.11.2019]

22-11-2019 Nov_Dec date sheet 2019_(Physics)

20-11-2019 Notice for Modified Attendance Rule and Opt for maximum D Grade
19-11-2019 Date Sheet Nov._Dec._2019 (Odd & Even_Semester)
19-11-2019 Notice for attendance benefits for Nov Dec, 2019 Examinations
08-11-2019 OPJEMS 2019 Phase 3 final interview schedule of shortlisted candidates
07-11-2019 Annual Athletic Meet CITIUS 2019 Class Schedule on 08.11.2019
25-10-2019 Notice Reg. Closing of Student’s Help Desk during Mid Sem. Break w.e.f. 28th to 03th 2019
18-10-2019 Notification of Guidelines for question paper from Nov/Dec 2019 Examinations
16-10-2019 Notification for Start of Re-Evaluation from Odd Semester, Nov/Dec-2019 Examinations     Re-evaluation Form
16-10-2019 Notification of Refund Policy on Cancellation of Admission in UG/PG Programmes (wef 2020-21)
16-10-2019 Notification of conduct of Even & Odd Semester End Sem Examination in Nov/Dec-2019 and May/Jun-2020
15-10-2019 Notification of Mid Semester Exam-II in Odd semester(2019-20)[23-10-19 to 25-10-19]
12-10-2019 Revised Academic Calendar for Even Semester 2019-20
12-10-2019 Revised Academic Calendar for Odd Semester 2019-20
12-10-2019 Notice Regarding Rescheduling of Mid Semester Exam-II (Revised Dates 23.10.19 to 25.10.19)
12-10-2019 Notice for Online test for OPJEMS Scholarship for Academic Session 2019-20
10-10-2019 Notification of Odd Semester Examination in Nov/Dec-2019     Examination Form    
10-10-2019 Notice regarding suspension of classes on 11-10-2019 and short period of 35 mins on 10-10-2019 on account of Cultural Fest (Confluence-2019 Remastered)
24-09-2019 Notification of Short Period on 26.09.2019 and Teaching_Suspension on 27.09.2019 on account of Techspardha 2019
20-09-2019 BR Ambedkar (2019-20) National Merit Award Scheme for meritorious SC students of Sr. Secondary Sch Exam
20-09-2019 OPJEMS revised List of Shortlisted candidates for Year 2019-20
18-09-2019 ONGC Scholarship for SC & ST Students for Year 2019 20
11-09-2019 Suspension of classes
06-09-2019 Registration schedule of Mental Health Wellbeing by Round Glass Wellbeing company
05-09-2019 Revised Schedule Mid_Semester-I 2019-20 Odd_Semester
14-08-2019 Notification of Open Elective for 7th semester 2019-20
08-08-2019 FinalRollSheet-BTech-2019 Batch(All Programmes) with Admission and Withdrawal as on 06.08.19_
07-08-2019 Notification for_B.Tech 2017 batch students_who were_provisionally included in the roll sheet of 5th semester.
07-08-2019 Notification_for Conduct of Remedial_Classes for academically_weak students under TEQIP-III
07-08-2019 FinalRollSheet-BTech-2019 Batch(All Programmes)_with Admission and_Withdrawal as on 06.08.19
05-08-2019 BTech_2019Batch_1stSemester Final Roll Sheet( For Admission Withdrawal as on 05.08.2019)
31-07-2019 Notice for M.Tech Internal Sliding
26-07-2019 Corrigendum_for_Special Re-appear_Exams in July_August 2019
26-07-2019 Final Allotment Open Elective Courses-to B.Tech 2016 Batch of NITK-IIITS-24.07.19 (Academic Session 2019-20)
23-07-2019 Notification of Registration for Odd Semester Academic Session 2019-20   Registration Form
19-07-2019 Schedule for Registration_Academic Session 2019-20

19-07-2019 Income Certificate for Registration_Academic session 2019-20 

18-07-2019 Notice for Student's Help Desk
10-07-2019 Reappear_details of B.Tech. 6th_Semester_2015 batch
27-06-2019 Notification for B.Tech 2015, 2016 & 2017 batch students who were disqualified under UMC during No. Dec., 2017 & May June, 2018 examinations
25-06-2019 Reappear_Details of B.Tech. 2nd Semester 2015 Batch
21-06-2019 Provisional Allotment of Open Elective Course-2016 Batch (any descrepancy report by email on ( before 10.07.2019.
15-06-2019 Re-Appear Exam-Form
14-06-2019 One Time Special Chance Given to B.Tech. Students of 2015, 2016 & 2017 Batch to Appear Only One Pending R-appear during July 2019
11-06-2019 Notice for Maharashtra Domicile SC Students Scholarship 2019-20
29-05-2019 Notification for the students of B.Tech. 2017 batch regarding carry forward the pass component of theory or practical part of the integrated_course
25-05-2019 Revised Clarification Regarding Evaluation of Integrated Courses of B.Tech Programmes from B.Tech 2017 onwards

21-05-2019 Important Note for DASA students

20-05-2019 The Odd semester classes of academic year 2019-20 will commence from 25th July 2019.  The registration schedule will be uploaded on the Institute website in the month of July

20-05-2019 Notice for Final Year UG & PG students who wants their PDC CC & DMC by Speed-Post

09-05-2019 Foundation for Academic Excellence and Access(FAEA) Scholarships for Year 2019-20

07-05-2019 Notice for collecting the degree_certificate after correction

07-05-019 Notice for Counseling in Health_Centre

02-05-2019 PMS Haryana SC-BC 2018-19 Extension of Dates for Online_submission of application

02-05-2019 Notification of Detention List for Theory Exams May-June_2019

27-04-2019 Supplementary Detained list of Practical May-June, 2019

25-04-2019 Cut list for the course work exam for PhD Scholars (May-June 2019)

25-04-2019 NSP ST Scholarship (Fresh 2018-19) Sanction order - Fno 11021-02-2019-Sch dated 20.03.2019

24-04-2019 Notification of Detention List for Practical Exam during May-June, 2019 (1)

20-04-2019 Notice & Undertakings format settle for maximum D Grade due to detention in End Semester Exams

18-04-2019 Revised letter for Short fall in_attendance in even semester 2018-19

16-04-2019 Notice for collecting Hall Ticket for re-appear exam May June_2019

16-04-2019 NSP Sanction letter of_SC Scholarship 2014 Batch Students

16-04-2019 NSP Sanction letter of SC Scholarship 2013 Batch_Students (4th Year grant)

12-04-2019 Applications for Appointing Secretaries of Students Clubs

12-04-2019 Notice for B.Tech students who haven't completed registeration for_Current Even Semester of academic session 2018-19

12-04-2019 Notice for B.Tech students who haven't completed_registeration for Odd & Even Semester of academic session 2018-19

11-04-2019 Provisional Re-appear Cut List of Electrical_Engineering for May June, 2019 examinations

11-04-2019 Provisional Re-appear Cut List of Information_Technology for May June, 2019 examinations

11-04-2019 Regarding Short fall in attendance_in Even Semester 2018-19

11-04-2019 Provisional Re-appear Cut List of Production & Industrial Engineering for_May June, 2019 examinations

11-04-2019 Notice to submit attendance_benefits

10-04-2019 Provisional Re-appear Cut List of Electronics & Comm. Engineering for May June, 2019_examinations

10-04-2019 Provisional Re-appear Cut List of Computer_Engineering for May June, 2019 examinations

10-04-2019 Notice to collect_Bar-Coded Student ID-Cards for UG, PG & Ph.D. students

10-04-2019 Provisional cut list of Civil Engineering for May June 2019_examinations

09-04-2019 Notification of Allotment of Open Elective Course to B.Tech 2016 batch for 7th Semester during Odd Semester of Academic Session_2019-20


05-04-2019 Notice for merit Scholarship for Academic Session 201

04-04-2019 M.Tech admissions through CCMT-2019 (for more information Click here)

02-04-2019 Sanction letter of SC Scholarship 2015-19 Batch Students

27-03-2019 Notification of Eligibility Status for Mercy Chance B.Tech 2010 batch

26-03-2019 Notification & Schedule for_Mid Semester Exam-II for Even Semester 2018-19

23-03-2019 Reimbursement of GATE registration fee under TEQIP-III

20-03-2019 Notification of Merit_Scholarship_for academic session 2018-19


12-03-2019 Notice for collecting_bar-coded ID-Cards of 2018_admitted students

11-03-2019 Public_Notice_Korean_Govt_Sch_2019_2000

08-03-2019 New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarship 2019

06-03-2019 Chinese Government Scholarship 2019-20

02-03-2019 DAAD Webinar Series - Study in Germany

28-02-2019 Tentative Merit Scholarship lists for B.Tech 2017 2016 & 2015 batch_for the academic year 2018-19

23-02-2019 Notification for B.Tech 2010 batch (Mercy Chance) as per Senate norms

15-02-2019 Notice for Bar-coded Id-Card for B.Tech M.Tech MBA and MCA_students admitted in 2018-19

15-02-2019 NITK MBA 2018 batch Bar-Coded Id-Card Data

15-02-2019 NITK MCA 2018 batch Bar-Coded Id-Card Data

15-02-2019 IIITSonepat B.Tech 2018 batch Bar-Coded Id-Card Data

15-02-2019 NITK B.Tech 2018 batch Bar-Coded Id-Card_Data

15-02-2019 NITK M.Tech 2018 batch Bar-Coded Id-Card Data

14-02-2018 Notice for_Student Help Desk_Timing

01-02-2019 Notice for Regular Students who have lost their Plastic Bar-Coded ID-Card

28-01-2019 Notification & Schedule for Mid Semester Exam-I (Even Semester 2018-19

22-01-2019 Notification for Re-appear Examination May June-2019

22-01-2019 Form for Re-appear Examination May June-2019

16-01-2019 Notice & Form for Sessional Improvement Even Semester 2018-19

15-01-2019 Notification Regarding Extension in Registration Schedule for Even Semester 2018-19

15-01-2019 Notice for B.Tech 2017 batch Regarding promotion in 5th semester

03-01-2019 Notice for Exam related Query of students

20-12-2018 Notification of Registration for Even Semester 2018-19      Form for Registration of Even Semester 2018-19

06-12-2018 Revised Academic Calendar of Even Semester 2018-19

01-12-2018 Corrigendum Exam Date Sheet Corrigendum 1

29-11-2018 Date Sheet Corrigendum

28-11-2018 Notification of Detained Students for Theory Courses Nov. Dec, 2018

20-11-2018 Notification of Practical Detained Students List for Odd Semester 2018-19

17-11-2018 Date Sheet Nov Dec 2018

15-11-2018 Notice for Regular Students regarding help desk

14-11-2018 Revised Toppers and Award Winner List 16th Convocation-November 2018

14-11-2018 List of degree recipients of 16th Convocation whom against dues Pending

10-11-2018 Notice for classes suspended and semester end

03-11-2018 OPJEMS 2018 result

02-11-2018 Notice for Student Help Desk

02-11-2018 Toppers and Award Winner List 16th Convocation-November 2018-Final

17-10-2018 Notification for UG PG Un-registered Student in Odd Semester 2018-19

20-09-2018 UMC Notification of May-June-2018 Exams

17-09-2018 OPJEMS Online Test Result

13-09-2018 NSP Scholarship NOTICE for ST students

06-09-2018 Revised Notification of Mid Semester Exam-1 (Odd semester 2018-19)

04-09-2018 Notification of Mid Semester Exam-I (Odd Semester 2018-19)

28-08-2018 Notice for Reappear students

14-08-2018 Tentative Allotment of Roll No/Sections and Sub Sections to 1st Semester B.Tech Students of NIT Kurukshetra & IIIT Sonepat (Admitted/to be Admitted in 2018)

10-08-2018 Notice for the students who were involved in unfair means cases (UMC) while taking examination in May 2018

08-08-2018 Revised Notice for Preparation Provisional ID Cards of UG and PG of 2018 batch.

03-08-2018 Notice & Schedule for Preparation Provisional ID Cards of UG and PG 1st semester student of 2018 batch

31-07-2018 CSAB Special Round information

31-07-2018 Notice for Internal Sliding of M.Tech. Specialization for the students admitted through CCMT-2018

28-07-2018 Final Allotment Open Elective-2018-19 (For B.Tech 7th Semester all programmes)

20-07-2018 Registration Notification for Odd Semester 2018-19     Registration Form for Odd Semester 2018-19

13-07-2018 2K14_Batch_Reappear_Details_of_B.Tech._7th_Semester

13-07-2018 2K14_Batch_Reappear_Details_of_B.Tech._8th_Semester

13-07-2018 2K15_Batch_Reappear_Details_of_MCA_5th_Semester

09-07-2018 Date_Sheet_for_Special_Exams_July_-_2018

07-07-2018 Special Re-appear Examination-2018 Notification & Form for B.TECH, MBA, MCA

05-07-2018 NSP ST Student Scholarship 2018-19

30-06-2018 Open Elective Provisionally Allotment for 7th sem. (Odd semester 2018-19)

14-05-2018 Nomination are invited from B.Tech 2015 & 2016 batch for visiting of Indian youth Delegation to various countries during 2018 by the Ministry

11-05-2018 Application form and No dues form to get PDC, 8th Sem Marks Sheet & Character Certificate through Speed Post

08-05-2018 Notice regarding Student's Help Desk of the Institute

05-05-2018 Notification for Day Scholar and residing outside of campus (UG & PG) admitted during 2017-18 to collect handbook from Students Help Desk

02-05-2018 Option for Detained students having attendance between 50% to 65% for end semester examination with grade D

30-04-2018 UMC Decisions Exams Nov._Dec.- 2017

23-04-2018 Notification & Form for Open Elective 2018-19

19-04-2018 Date_Sheet_May_June_-_2018

12-04-2018 Notification & List of Corrected and Duplicate Degree Certificates

23-03-2018 Notification of Mercy Chance for B.Tech 2009 Batch

19-03-2018 Notification and list of UG & PG students who have not submitted their registration form for current semester

15-03-2018 Continuation Scholarship

14-03-2018 Schedule for B.Tech 2nd semester Mid semester Exam-II Even Sem. 2017-18

13.03.2018 Bihar OBC scholarship notice

06-03-2018 SC 2015 Batch Scholarship NOTICE

23-02-2018 Notification & Application form for Mercy Chance given to students of B.Tech 2009 Batch

23-02-2018 Notification for the students who are having short attendance

15.02.2018 Adjournment of classes on 16.02.2018 & 19.02.2018 for 15th Convocation and Confluence-2018

09-02-2018 Toppers and Award Winner List of UG & PG for Convocation-2018

08-02-2018 EIL Scholarship

06-02-2018 BSNL Scholarship of Ms. Smriti Gupta

05-02-2018 Notification for Bar-coded student-id ID Card

30-01-2018 Schedule for B.Tech 2nd Sem. Mid-Semester Exam-I Even Semester 2017-18

25-01-2018 NHFDC Scholarship Receipt Form

24-01-2018 Provisional Admission cancel notice of M.Tech 1st year students

23-01-2018 Branch Change of B.Tech 2nd Sem (2017-18) NIT Kurukshetra

18-01-2018 Adjournment of classes on 18.01.2018 & 19.01.2018 for Techspardha-2018

18-01.2018 Final Branch Change Notice for B.Tech 1st year IIIT Sonepat

17-01-2018 Notification of revised result for the students and advised to return their DMCs through Academic Section immediately

17-01-2018 Narotam Sekhsaria Scholarships for Higher Studies 2018-19

10.01.2018 Branch Change Notice for B.Tech 1st year IIIT Sonepat

10.01.2018 Merit List of B.Tech 1st Year for Branch Change 2017

29-12-2017 Tentative dates for the Convocation-2018

26-12-2017 Notification & Format for ID Card of Ph.D. Students

20-12-2017 IIIT Fee Structure

19-12-2017 Fee Structure of UG PG & Ph.D. for Even Semester 2017-18

16-12-2017 Ph.D Registration form

14-12-2017 Notification for Registration Even Semester 2017-18

14-12-2017 Registration Form for Even Semester 2017-18

07-12-2017 Formula of Institute fee to be charged from the students repeating semester

07-12-2017 Notification for Re-registration of Ph.D. Programme

06-12-2017 Practical schedule for B.Tech 1st semester

06-12-2017 Notification for students who were declared detained in odd semester of academic session Nov. Dec., 2017-18 Examinations

05-12-2017 Notification of Branch Change for B.Tech 2017 Batch         Form for Branch Change

05-12-2017 Conditions for M.Tech students to do their dissertation work

05-12-2017 Evaluation scheme for revised academic curriculum of programme for academic batch 2017-18

05-12-2017 Framing the rules for punishment to students

05-12-2017 Grade Award Criteria of M.Tech 4th semester scheme

05-12-2017 Introduction of new elective subject in M.Tech (I&P) & revised the syllabus of ME-544T

05-12-2017 Modifications in the existing criteria to considered the Ph.D. ordnance

05-12-2017 Modified Norms for Re-continuatinuation of GATE scholarship to M.Tech students

05-12-2017 No Extension can be given to submit M.Tech thesis beyond 5 years

05-12-2017 Regarding fee of absent student from the institute

05-12-2017 Regarding the composition of DAC, BOS & DRC

05-12-2017 Rules for re-registration for Ph.D. cases beyond normal period of 7 years

05-12-2017 Softcopy of dissertation and thesis may be accepted in the Library

30-11-2017 Notification for Winter Vacations and Commencement of classes

23-11-2017 Detainsion List of UG PG for Nov. Dec.,2017

16-11-2017 Notification for Attendance Benefit

16-11-2017 Short fall in attendance in Odd Semester 2017-18 15.11.2017

13-11-2017 Notification of ID-Card Correction for Students admitted in Academic Session 2017-18

13-11-2017 B.TECH NIT KKR 2017

13-11-2017 B.Tech IIIT Sonipat 2017

13-11-2017 DASA, ICCR, MEA, B.TECH NIT KKR 2017

13-11-2017 M.TECH NIT KKR 2017

13-11-2017 MBA NIT KKR  2017

13-11-2017 MCA NIT KKR 2017

10-11-2017 Discontinue the practice of Re-evaluation from academic session-2017-18

10-11-2017 Introducing Block System for Semester Registration from the B.Tech batches admitted in 2017-18 onwards

10-11-2017 Minimum Requirement of Attendance Rule w.e.f Odd Semester 2017-18

10-11-2017 Revised Criteria for selection of the Best All-rounder Student w.e.f. academic session-2017-18

10-11-2017 Notification for 3rd Mid Semester Exam (makeup test)

10-11-2017 Revised Criteria for selection of the Best All-rounder Student w.e.f. academic session-2017-18

16-10-2017 Inauguration of Student Helpdesk

09-10-2017 Notification of Adjournment of classes of B.Tech and M.Tech programs on 10th to 11th Oct., 2017

27-09-2017 Notification regarding M.Tech Gate Scholarship

27-09-2017 Notice Regarding Claim of refund of Caution Money (Security Refund)

27-09-2017 Notification regarding PWD & Divyang Category Students

20-09-2017 Revision in Institute Charges

20-09-2017 MCA tuition fee 'Self-financing'

20-09-2017 Honorarium of Ph.D. examiners

20-09-2017 Enhancement of Alumni fee

19-09-2017 Sashi Ranjan Kumar NHFDC Scholarship

19-09-2017 LR Mundra Memorial Scholarship (Saini Community)

18-09-2017 OPJEMS Result Notice

15-09-2017 Urgent Notice for Pending Mark sheets of, MBA and MCA 

13-09-2017 Students List for Rajasthan Scholarship Notice (SSO)

13-09-2017 Scholarship Cheque From Sitaram Jindal Foundation

13-09-2017 Ajay Kumar Engineers India Limited SCST Scholarship Notice

12-09-2017 List of Students of B.Tech (ECE) 7th sem. are falling short attendacne in ECT-407

02-09-2017 Open Elective ET-431 students of 7th sem shifted to ET-469 on request of the HoD, Electrical Engg.

02-09-2017 Mid Semester Exam-I Schedule 2017-18 (Odd Semester)

31-08-2017 Notification for Postponed Mid Semester Exam -I & II Odd Semester 2017-18

31-08-2017 Supplementary date sheet Sept – 17

30-08-2017 Date Sheet Sept. 2017 (Special Exam)

26-08-2017 Office Order of Final Branch Change of B.Tech 2016 batch

24-08-2017 Reappear Detail of B.Tech, MBA & MCA for Nov-Dec 2017 Exam

21-08-2017 Notification for Submission of Registration form after 16.08.2017 in Academic Section

14-08-2017 Clarification Regarding Special Re-appear Examination August-2017.

12-08-2017 Revised Provisional Roll Sheet Open Elective 7th Odd Semester, 2017-18 (w.e.f. 11.08.2017)

11-08-2017 Notice and Form for Special Re-appear Examination July 2017.

11-08-2017 Revised Allotment Open Elective-2017 (Final Sheet) w.e.f. 11.08.2017

08-08-2017 Special Round 04 August 2017 Roll-Sheet IIIT B.Tech 1st Year

08-08-2017  Special Round 04 August 2017 Roll-Sheet NIT B.Tech 1st Year

07-08-2017 Office order for IIIT Sonepat B.Tech 1st year students who upgraded their branch and took admission in special round on  August 02, 2017

07-08-2017 Office order for NIT KKR B.Tech 1st year students who upgraded their branch and took admission in special round on  August 02, 2017

07-08-2017 Special Round 03 August 2017 Roll-Sheet IIIT B

07-08-2017 Special Round 03 August 2017 Roll-Sheet NIT B

03-08-2017 Office order for IIIT Sonepat B.Tech 1st year students who upgraded their branch and took admission in special round on 31 July to 01 August, 2017

03-08-2017 Office order for NIT KKR B.Tech 1st year students who upgraded their branch and took admission in special round on 31 July to 01 August, 2017

02-08-2017 M.Tech Sponsored Category 2017-18 admissions.

28-07-2017 Branch Change Notification and Seat-Matrix (NIT Kurukshetra)             Branch Change Form

28-07-2017  Branch Change Notification and Seat-Matrix (IIIT Sonepat)             Branch Change Form

28-07-2017 Notice & Schedule for Preparation Provisional ID Cards of UG & PG 2017 batch

28-07-2017 Fee Waivers notice for B.Tech First Year 2017-18

27-07-2017 Roll-Sheet Notice

26-07-2017 Notice for special examination to be held in August 2017

22-07-2017 Allotment of Open Elective 7th sem. 2017-18 (Odd Sem.) w.e.f 26.07.2017

10-06-2017 Provisional Allotment of Open Elective for Odd Semester 2017-18

09-06-2017 Registration Notification and form of all UG, PG & Ph.D student for Odd Sem. 2017-18

15-05-17 Corrected and duplicate degree certificate notice

28-04-17 Dissertation Notification

27-03-17: Notice and form for allotment of open Elective Cources

20-03-17: Interaction and Motivate program for the B.Tech and M.Tech students to pursue research career.

15-02-17: Adjourment of classes n 16.02.2017 & 17.02.2017 for Confluence-2017

09-02-17: Teaching will remain suspended on 10.02.2017 due to CITIUS-17

23-01-17:Special Passport Camp at NIT Kurukshetra on 24th January, 2017, under Passport Seva-Student connect program

23-01-17: Special re-appear exams for those students who have one or two re-appear only in 6th semester (B.Tech 2013 batch)

23-01-17: Condolence Meeting at Jubilee Hall at 11:40 am on 23.01.2017(Monday)

18-01-17: Notification for Techspardha 2017

18-01-17: Details of Re-appear List of B.Tech./MBA/MCA

16-01-17 Republic Day celebration

13-12-2016: Fee Structure of B.Tech / M.Tech / MCA / MBA / DASA / Ph.D for Even Semester 2016-17

05-12-16: Registration for Even Semester 2017

30-11-16: Detained list of all UG, PG & PhD students for Theory Nov.Dec., 2016

22-11-16: Detain Notice for Nov-Dec 2016 Examinations for all UG programs

10-11-16: Notice for Third Sessional

10-11-16: Collection of Bar-coded Student-id cards

08-11-16: List of students have at present less than 75% attendance in the course ECT-207, Dept. of Electronics & Comm. Engg.

24-10-16: Student ID card softcopy for check (Admitted in 2016) last date for correction 04.11.2016 by 05.00 PM, M.C.A

24-10-16: Student ID card softcopy for check (Admitted in 2016) last date for correction 04.11.2016 by 05.00 PM, M.B.A

24-10-16: Student ID card softcopy for check (Admitted in 2016) last date for correction 04.11.2016 by 05.00 PM, M.Tech

24-10-16: Student ID card softcopy for check (Admitted in 2016) last date for correction 04.11.2016 by 05.00 PM, B.Tech(DASA)

24-10-16: Student ID card softcopy for check (Admitted in 2016) last date for correction 04.11.2016 by 05.00 PM, B.Tech(IIIT Sonepat)

24-10-16: Student ID card softcopy for check (Admitted in 2016) last date for correction 04.11.2016 by 05.00 PM, B.Tech(KKR)

15-09-16: Branch Change of B.Tech 3rd Semester Students (Batch 2015) of NIT,Kurukshetra and IIIT,Sonepat

09-09-16: Revised date of submission of branch change application form whose result is revised

06-09-16: List of students not submitted the Registration Forms for the odd semester 2016-17

01-09-16: Sessional Improvement Form

23-08-16: Branch Change Notification , Seats and Application form IIIT, Sonepat

23-08-16: Branch Change Notification , Seats and Application form NITKKR

10-08-16: Revised date sheet for Special Re-appear Exams 2016-17 (Theory)

09-08-16: Notice of Date-Sheet of Special Exams to be held in Aug. 2016


22-07-16: All B. Tech/ M. Tech Students (Freshers)  are requested to upload the  personal details here

31-05-16: Notice of PMS haryana rejected by bank for the year 2014-15 

30-05-16: Revised Result B.Tech. Civil Engg. 7th Sem. (Regular Nov-Dec.,2015)

21-05-16: Latest fees structure for the session 2016-17

18-05-16: Notice for submission of M.Tech Dissertation for 2014-15 Batch 

Fee structure odd semester 2016-17

Information regarding VIDYA LAKSHMI PORTAL

Final Theory Detention list May June, 2016 Examinations

Theory Detention List May June 2016 Examinations

Practical Detention list May/June, 2016

Registration 2016-17 odd Semester 

Open Elective Notification, Eligibility, Seats and Application form odd semester 2016-17

Notification Mid Semester-II Test Period From 04.04.2016 to 06.04.2016

Notice for Adjournment of classes on 11.03.2016 in lieu of 44th Annual Athletic Meet

Suspension of classes on 26th Feb 2016

Notice for Mr. Kushal Deswal of Civil Engg. Dept.

Notice of financial assistance of ST students of permanant residents residents of Odisha state

Notification Mid Semester - I Test Period From 18.02.2016 to 20.02.2016

Notice for Adjourment classes on 11-02-16 & 12-02-16 for confluence

Notice for Preparation of Smart ID Card for Regular Students ( B.Tech./M.Tech./M.B.A/M.C.A/Ph.D.) 

Not Registered Students 2nd List for Even Semester 2015-16

Not Registered Students List for Even Semester 2015-16

Address by Honorable  president of India on 19.01.2016 at 12:30 PM 

Indian Oil Scholarship cheque received

Fee Structure Even Semester 2015-16

Notice of Aadhar Card seeding with Bank Account

Notice for Registration(2015-16 Even Semester)

Notice for Exam(2015-16 Even Semester)

Notice Conduct 3rd Mid Semeter Exam for the following category of students

Notice Short fall Attendance in Odd Semester 2015-16

Clarification with regard to Revision in the Continuous Evaluation Components from 2015-16

Revision in the Continuous Evaluation Components w.e.f. academic session 2015-16

Notice Branch change B.Tech 3rd Sem. -2015 NITKKR

Notice Branch change B.Tech 3rd Sem. -2015 IIIT, Sonepat

Branch Change in B. Tech.3rd semester Notification-NITKKR

Branch Change in B. Tech. 3rd semester Form-NITKKR

Branch Change in B. Tech. 3rd semester -Vacant Seats-NITKKR-Annexure-A

Branch Change in B. Tech. 3rd Semster Notification-IIIT Sonepat

Branch Change in B. Tech. 3rd semester Form-IIIT Sonepat

Branch Change in B. Tech. 3rd semester -Vacant Seats-IIIT Sonepat-Annexure-A

Inviting applications of Scholarship of ST students of Fresh batch for 2015-16 year

03-06-2015: Notice for students whose result is revised due to revision in result of ECE-311 for Nov./Dec.2014 Examinations (B.Tech. Electronics & Comm. Engg. 5thSemester and higher)

27-05-15: Notice of Cancellation of Paper of Physics PHY121T - Physics II already held on 23.05.2015.

27-05-15: Notice of Ph.D admissions.

15-05-2015: Notice of Submission of Thesis after End of Classes.


14-05-2015: Notice of Legal action against the Students who forged their DMCs for Job.     (List of Students).

14-05-2015: M.Tech Students are allowed to submit their dissertation upto 30th June, 2015.

13-05-15: Final  Detained List for Theory Courses  (May/June,2015 End Semester Examination)

05-05-15: Final Date Sheet for May/June-2015 Exam

04-05-15: Detained list Practical Examiniation (Even Semester-2014-15) [ EXCEPT EC,CHEMISTRY,MBA,MCA AND ALL SCHOOLS]

30-04-15 : Academic Calender-2015-16( Odd Sem)-July-2015 Published

30-04-15: Registration Scheduled (2015-16 Odd Semester) 

28-04-15 : Office Order Registration for EVEN SEMESTER 2014-15 (List of Allowed Students)--- (List of Students who have not REGISTERED) 

25-04-15 : Proposed Date Sheet Notice - Date Sheet for EXAMS- May/June, 2015.

24-04-15: Notice of Working on 25.04.2015 for all faculty, students and staff on the Institute due to Departmental Visiting Committee Visit to teaching departments and other infrastructural  facilities of the Institute.

24-04-15- Academic Section Brochure Released

23-04-15 : Illustration of Attendance Norms and Detention.

23-04-15 : Notice of Shortfall in Attendance in Even Semester 2014-15.

3-04-15 : Holiday on account of Birthday of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar on 14-04-2015.

13-04-15 : Notice for Attendence benefit on Extra Curricular Activities.

08-04-15: Students selection for Residence Programme at Rashtrapati Bhavan from 11.04.15 to 17.04.15 

08-04-15 : Submission of Examination forms (Re-appear) May/June,2015 

07-04-15 : Office Order Registration for EVEN SEMESTER 2014-15 (List of Allowed Students)--- (List of Students who have not REGISTERED) 

06-04-15 : Office Order Registration for EVEN SEMESTER 2014-15 (List of Allowed Students)--- (List of Students who have not REGISTERED) 

01-04-15 : Office Order Registration for EVEN SEMESTER 2014-15(List of Allowed Students)--- (List of Students who have not REGISTERED  

31-03-15 : Schedule of Room Allocation for B.Tech 2nd Semester Mid Semester-II Even Semester 2014-15. 

31-03-15 : Notification of Schedule for B.Tech 2nd Semester Mid Semester-II Even Semester 2014-15.

24-03-15 : Suspension of Teaching on 26-03-15 due to 12th Convocation of the Institute


21-03-15 : Office Order Registration for EVEN SEMESTER 2014-15(List of Allowed Students)--- (List of Students who have not REGISTERED) 

14-03-15 : Office Order Registration for EVEN SEMESTER 2014-15(List of Allowed Students)--- (List of Students who have not REGISTERED).  

12-03-15 : Tution Fee Waiver to SC/ST students for M.Tech.  Tuition Fee Refund Form [ Applicable for M.Tech SC/ST Students only for refund of Tuition Fee only for Even Semester-2014-15]

12-03-15 : Revised Scholarship for M.Tech GATE Qualified students (from 8000/- Rs. to 12400/- Rs. per month) w.e.f 01.12.2014.

11-03-15: Open Elective Notification for Odd Semester 2015-16(Important Notice for 6th Sem. Students) / Application Form/ Eligibility Criterion.

11-03-15 : Teaching will remain suspended on 12th & 13th March on account of Techspardha - 2015.

10-03-15 : SAPIENCE 2015 -  A National Level Technical Symposium on 16th March, 2015.

10-03-15 : List of eligible students for the Medal/Award/Prize.

09-03-15 : Lecture-Cum-Interaction by Mr. Shailesh Rao, DIRECTOR@Google USA.

09-03-15 : Office Order Registration for EVEN SEMESTER 2014-15(List of Allowed Students)--- (List of Students who have not REGISTERED).

21-02-15 : Notice for Registration for EVEN SEMESTER 2014-15. LIST OF STUDENTS WHO DIDN'T REGISTER.   [ Final Roll Sheet ]

19-02-15 : Notice for Shorter Duration (40 Min. each) for Classes.

18-02-15 : Convocation Notification (Please check this regularly till 26-03-15)

13-02-15 : Notification of Class Test -1 (Mid Semester - 1) for Even Semester 2014-15

11-02-15 : Notice for Suspension of Teaching on 12th & 13th Feb. due to Cultural Function - Confluence 2015.

06-02-15 : Notice for Attendance benefit on Medical ground ( In cont. of Notice dated 03-02-15).

04-02-15 : Notice for M.Tech Gate qualified for Revision of Stipend.

03-02-15 : Short Attendance notice for Faculty. 

03-02-15 : Attendance benefit notice on Medical ground.

03-02-15 : Final Reminder for Registration in Even Semester 2014-15. List of Students 

30-01-15 : Nomination for 3rd National Convention of PWD in New Delhi on 26-27 March. Click for FORM DOWNLOAD 

27-01-15 : Imp Notice for Submission of Registration form( Those who have not submitted till date with penalty of Rs. 1000/-) by 30.01.15  List of Students 

24-01-15 : MHRD OM for Internationa Conferences ( Imp for Foreign Students and Dept/Schools inviting schalars from foreign)

24-01-15 : MHRD/UGC Letter for Govt of India Scholarship (Direct Benefit Scheme) through PFMS Website   Public Finance Management System Website (Click Here)

22-01-15 : Notification for Ph.D. Scholars getting Scholarship from GOI ( Revision of Emoluments and Service Conditions)

22-01-15 : Notification for Ph.D. Scholars ( Amendment of R-7.2) Applicable from Even Semester-2014-15

19-01-15 : Date Sheet of Special Re-appear Exams. for B.Tech-6th semester in Jan. 2015 (Only for regular B.Tech 8th semester students who have cleared upto 4th semester.

17-01-15 : Suspension of Classes of 4th & 5th period (from 11.35 AM to 1.20 PM) on 19.01.2015 for attending the address by the Honorable President through Video Conferencing.

13-01-15 : Notice of extension of Re-appear form for B.Tech 6th semester (Last date is 19-01-15)   Revised Date Sheet for exam. will be uploaded in the due course of time.

09-01-15 : Imp. Notice Registration for even semester 2014-15 (Reminder)

05-01-15 : Notification of Special Re-appear Exam for B.Tech-6th Sem in January-2015 ( Only for Regular B.Tech 8th Sem Students who have cleared up to 4th Sem)     Date Sheet of the Exam (Withdrawn on 13-01-15)  

05-01-15 : 12th Convocation of the Institute will be held on 26th March-2015(Thrusday)

26-12-14 : Notice Regarding Roll Sheet for Even Semester(2014-15) for Faculty, HOD, Co-ordinators,Students and Staff  (Link for Roll Sheet)

23-12-14 :List of Eligible Candidate for Entrance Exam conducted by the Respective Dept/Schools(Ph.D. Admission, Even Semester)

19-12-14 : Registration Notification for Even Semester-2014-15(All Programmes)

11-12-14 : Fee Structure for Even Semester (January-2015) for all the programmes

28-11-14 : Imp Notice for Regular Students( Nov/Dec.-2014) 

List of Regular Students whose Registration forms are not with Academic Section

28-11-14 : Detention List for Theory ( Nov/Dec.-2014) Except- EC Deptt 

26-11-14 : Detention List for Practical ( Nov/Dec.-2014) Except- EC Deptt 

26-11-14 : Launch of Trainee-Teacher Scheme for B.Tech Final and Prefinal Year Students (Last Date is Over)

24-11-14 :  Academic Calendar for Even Semester staring from January-2015

12-11-14 : Collection of Smart ID Card from Academic Section by Ist Semester students of B.Tech/M.Tech/MBA MCA ( From 19-11-14 to 22-11-14)

10-11-14 : Admission Notification for Ph.D. Admission in Even Semester-2014-15.. Advt No-27/2014   Ph.D. Prospectus-2014-15  and Application Form  [ Last date for apply is 10-12-14] [ LAST DATE IS OVER]

10-11-14: Suspension of Classes during 11:35AM to 1:45 PM on 11-11-14 on account of National Education Day..Click for more info.

22-10-14 : Declaration of Holiday on 24-10-14(Friday) due to Deepawali and working day on 08-11-14(Saturday) Click for more info.

09-10-14 : Change in Policy of Branch Change for ICCR/DASA and MEA from 2015-16

05-09-14 : Creation of Student Welfare Fund/Student Welfare Committee and  modification in Student Caution Money Refund Norms

04-09-14 : Course Work Code for Ph.D.(Chemistry) and Course Code Change in B.Tech Chemistry Courses(Sem-1 and Sem-2)

25-07-14 : Fee Enhancement Notification by Institute and MHRD

20-06-14 : M.Tech Registration Norm applicable for 2012 batch onwards ( After completion of 4th Semester)

12-06-14 : Review Committee Notification for Ph.D. candidates ( JRF to SRF)


NIT Kurukshetra is one of the premier technical institutes of the country. Founded in 1963 as Regional Engineering College Kurukshetra, the institute was rechristened as National Institute of Technology on June 26, 2002.