National Institute Of Technology,Kurukshetra


29-11-2019 Supplementary_I Practical Detained List Nov_Dec., 2019 Examinations

29-11-2019 Change of Exam_Centre for B.Tech. 1st Semster (ECE & IT) 

27-11-2019 Re_Appear Practical (External) Date_Sheet for B.Tech during NovDec 2019

27-11-2019 Date_sheet for End_term Examination Dec. 2019 MBA

27-11-2019 Corrigendum Date Sheet Nov._Dec._2019 (Odd & Even)

27-11-2019 Revised Date Sheet Nov._Dec._2019 (Odd & Even)_compressed

26-11-2019 M Tech Exam Date Sheet Civil

26-11-2019 Supplementary Detained List of Practical for Nov_Dec., 2019 Examinations

25-11-2019 Date Sheet for M.Tech End Semester Examination 2019_20 Electrical Engineering Department

25-11-2019__Notice_for_Re_appear_Examinees_for_Nov_Dec._2019__Re_AppearCutlistNovDec_2019(P1&2)(SummarySheet)__Re_AppearCutlistNovDec_2019(Revised)(23_11_19)(Phase_I&II)[BranchWise]__Re_AppearCutlistNovDec_2019(Revised)(23_11_19)(Phase I&II)[Branch_Sem Wise] [Last date for reporting discrepency in Cutlist is upto 5pm, 25.11.2019]

22-11-2019 Nov_Dec date sheet 2019_(Physics)

20-11-2019 Notice for Modified Attendance Rule and Opt for maximum D Grade

19-11-2019 Date Sheet Nov._Dec._2019 (Odd & Even_Semester)

19-11-2019 Notice for attendance benefits for Nov Dec, 2019 Examinations

16-10-2019 Notification of conduct of Even & Odd Semester End Sem Examination in Nov/Dec-2019 and May/Jun-2020

16-10-2019 UMC Notification for End Semester Exams held in May/ June 2019&July /August 2019

15-10-2019 Notification of Mid Semester Exam-II in Odd semester(2019-20)[23-10-19 to 25-10-19]

27-06-2019 Notification for B.Tech 2015, 2016 & 2017 batch students who were disqualified under UMC during No. Dec., 2017 & May June, 2018 examinations

15-06-2019 Re-Appear Exam-Form

14-06-2019 Notification for Submission of Examination_Form for_Special Re-appear Exams in July 2019

17-05-2019 Corrigendum II to Examination Schedule

27-04-2019 Supplementary Detained list of Practical May-June, 2019

17-04-2019 Date Sheet May June 2019

12-04-2019 Nov.-Dec. 2018 Re-appear Result of B.Tech. 1st_Semester (2017 Batch) Information Technology (NIT & IIIT)

12-04-2019 Nov.-Dec. 2018 Re-appear Result of B.Tech. 1st_Semester (2017 Batch) Electronics & Comm. Engineering (NIT & IIIT)

12-04-2019 Nov.-Dec. 2018 Re-appear Result of B.Tech. 1st_Semester (2017 Batch) Electrical Engineering

12-04-2019 Nov.-Dec. 2018 Re-appear Result of B.Tech. 1st _Semester (2017 Batch) Computer Engineering

28-02-2019 Notification for B.Tech 2010 batch (Mercy Chance) as per Senate norms

28-01-2019 Notification & Schedule for Mid Semester Exam-I (Even Semester 2018-19

22-01-2019 Notification for Re-appear Examination May June-2019

22-01-2019 Form for Re-appear Examination May June-2019

01-12-2018 Corrigendum Exam Date Sheet Corrigendum 1

29-11-2018 Date Sheet Corrigendum

28-11-2018 Notification of Detained Students for Theory Courses Nov. Dec, 2018

23-11-2018 Changes in Examination Schedule Nov.-Dec.-2018

20-11-2018 Notification of Practical Detained Students List for Odd Semester 2018-19

17-11-2018 Date Sheet Nov Dec 2018

10-11-2018 Notification of Mercy Chance for 2009 batch (Odd Semester-2018-19)

31-10-2018 Notification regarding Mid Sem-II Odd Semester

30-10-2018 The revised Mid Sem-II exam schedule dated 30.10.18 is withdrawn and the old schedule of Mid Sem-II exam notified on 26.10.18 will prevail

30-10-2018 Revised Notification of MID Semester Exam-II Odd Semester 2018-19

26-10-2018 Notification & Schedule for Mid Sem Exam-II Odd Semester 2018-19

11-10-2018 Eligible Student of 2009 batch for Mercy Exam of Odd Semester Nov. Dec. 2018

11-10-2018 Notification of Re-appear Examination for Nov. Dec., 2018 

Notification of Re-appear Examination for Nov. Dec., 2018

Re-appear & Verification Examination Form for 2015 & Previous Batches for Nov.Dec., 2018

Re-appear Examination Form for 2016 & 2017 Batches for Nov.Dec., 2018

06-09-2018 Revised Notification of Mid Semester Exam-1 (Odd semester 2018-19)

04-09-2018 Notification of Mid Semester Exam-I (Odd Semester 2018-19)

29-08-2018 Re-appear_Detail_of_B.Tech._1st_Semester

29-08-2018 Re-appear_Detail_of_B.Tech._3rd_Semester

29-08-2018 Re-appear_Detail_of_B.Tech._5th_Semester

29-08-2018 Re-appear_detailes_of_B.Tech._7th_Semester

28-08-2018 Notice for Reappear students

07-07-2018 Special Re-appear Examination-2018 Notification & Form for B.TECH, MBA, MCA

06-04-2018 Notification for Ex-students of Re-appear Exams Even semester May/June, 2018 Examination Form

06-04-2018 Notification for Regular students of Re-appear Exams Even semester May/June, 2018Examination Form

23-02-2018 Notification & Application form for Mercy Chance given to students of B.Tech 2009 Batch

14-12-2017 Practical exam of Engineering Graphics.

06-12-2017 Practical schedule for B.Tech 1st semester

30-11-2017 Some changes in the Exams of MCA-107 and Entrepreneurship (OE) B.Tech. 7th sem.

28-11-2017 Practical Date Sheet ND 17

10-11-2017 Date_Sheet_Nov.Dec._2017

10-11-2017 Notification for 3rd Mid Semester Exam (makeup test)

14-10-2017 Reappear_Detaile_of_B.Tech._1st_Semester_for_Nov.Dec-2017_Exams

14-10-2017 Reappear_Detaile_of_B.Tech._3rd_Semester_for_Nov.Dec-2017_Exams

14-10-2017 Reappear_Detaile_of_B.Tech._5th_Semester_for_Nov.Dec-2017_Exams

14-10-2017 Reappear_Detaile_of_B.Tech._7th_Semester_for_Nov.Dec-2017_Exams

14-10-2017 Reappear_Detaile_of_MBA_1st_and_3rd_Semester_for_Nov.Dec-2017_Exams

14-10-2017 Reappear_Detaile_of_MCA_1st__3rd_and_5th_for_Nov.Dec-2017_Exams

25-09-2017 UMC_Decision 

21-09-2017 Notification for Re-appear Examination (Nov. Dec,2017)             Re-appear Examination Form

02-09-2017 Mid Semester Exam-I Schedule 2017-18 (Odd Semester) 

01-09-2017 Cut List of Special Re-appear Practical Exam 2017 

01-09-2017 Cut List of Special Re-appear Theory Exam 2017 

31-08-2017 Supplementary date sheet Sept – 17 

30-08-2017 Date Sheet Sept. 2017 (Special Exam) 

14-08-2017 Clarification Regarding Special Re-appear Examination August-2017.

11-08-2017 Notice and Form for Special Re-appear Examination July 2017.

26-07-2017 Notice for special examination to be held in August 2017

02.05.17 Theory detain list for May June 2017

01.05.17 B.Tech Cut-List 2nd sem Re-appear (Theory) May June 2017

01.05.17 B.Tech Cut-List 2th sem Re-appear (Theory) May June 2017

01.05.17 B.Tech Cut-List 4th sem Re-appear (Theory) May June 2017 

01.05.17 B.Tech Cut-List 6th sem Re-appear (Theory) May June 2017

26.04.17 Cut-List Practical Examination of UG PG for May June, 2017

26.04.17 Tentative Detained List Of UG & PG For Practical Exams May June, 2017 Date-sheet for End Semester Exams-May/June.2017

20.04.17  Practical Date Sheet for May/June -2017

13.04.17 Re-appear Exam Notice & Form for May June 2017

23-03-17: Schedule for B.Tech 2nd Semester Mid Semester-II (Even Semester) 2016-17

25-01-17: Test Schedule for Mid-Semester Exam-I 2016-17

25-01-17: Special Re-appear Exams to be held in Jan./Feb.-2017

30-11-16: (Date-sheet) Some changes in the name of subjects and date of exam
26-11-16: Corrigendum of exam schdeule
16-11-16: Date-sheet for End Semester of B.Tech, M.Tech, MBA, MCA & PhD Exams-Nov. Dec., 2016
15-11-16: Date-sheet for the B.Tech 1st Semester PracticalViva-Voce Nov./Dec. 2016
08-11-16: Practical Date Sheet for Nov./Dec. -2016
24-10-16: Schedule for B.Tech 1st Semester Mid Semester Exam-II Odd Semester 2016-17
19-10-16: Submission of Examination Forms (Re-Appear) Nov. Dec. 2016
13-09-16: Sechdule for Mid Sem Exam-I Odd semester 2016-17
02-09-16: Detail of Re-appear of the students in the exams held in Nov. -Dec.,2015 due to Internal or External in MBA & MCA 1st Sem. & 3rd Semester
01-09-16: Detail of Re-appear of the students in the exams held in Nov. -Dec.,2015 due to Internal or External in B.Tech.3RD Semester
01-09-16: Detail of Re-appear of the students in the exams held in Nov. -Dec.,2015 due to Internal or External in B.Tech. 1st Semester
01-09-16: Detail of Re-appear of the students in the exams held in Nov. -Dec.,2015 due to Internal or External in B.Tech. 5th Semester
01-09-16: Detail of Re-appear of the students in the exam held in Nov. -Dec.,2015 due to Internal or External in B.Tech. 7th Semester
19-08-16: Date-sheet of Special Exam for Analog Electronics, Elements of Earthquake. Aug. 2016
16-08-16: 2nd Cut-list for Eligible students of Special Re-appear exams. 2016-17
10-08-16: Revised date sheet for Special Re-appear Exams 2016-17 (Theory)
09-08-16: Cut-list for Non-Eligible students of Special Re-appear exams. 2016-17
05-08-16: Cut list for special reappear exam. 2016-17
Examination Date Sheet for May/June-2016 examinations

Date sheet for the B.Tech. 2nd Semester Practical Exam May/June,2015

Submission of Examination forms (Re-appear) May/June, 2016

Revised Detention list Theory Subject Nov./Dec.2015 Exams

Detention list Theory Subject Nov./Dec. 2015 Exams

Detention Notice and List for Practical Courses of all the Programmes May/June - 2015 Examinations

Date Sheet for B.Tech./M.Tech./M.B.A/M.C.A/Ph.D. Course work Theory Exams Nov./Dec. 2015

Date sheet for B.Tech. 1st Sem. Practical Exam Nov./Dec. 2015

Notification Mid Semester Exam-II Period From 05.11.2015 to 07.11.2015

Changing Dates for Start Exam in November December 2015

Notification Re-appear Exam November December 2015

Revised  Special Exams Date Sheet for Theory Examinations to be held in August -2015 as on 27.08.2015

Cut list of Eligible Students for Special RE-Appear Exam(August-2015) [ Probable  date of start of the examination is 24-08-2015]

Submission of Special Re-appear Examinations Forms (Aug-2015)

27-05-15: Notice of Cancellation of Paper of Physics PHY121T - Physics II already held on 23.05.2015.

27-05-15: Notice of Ph.D admissions.

13-05-15: Final  Detained List for Theory Courses  (May/June,2015 End Semester Examination) 

09-05-15: Tentative detained list for theory courses  (May/June,2015 End Semester Examination) [Students are advised to report  Academic Section if any discrepancy found in the list. Final detention notice with list  will be uploaded by 5.00 pm on 12.05.2015] 

05-05-15: Final Date Sheet for May/June-2015 Exam.

04-05-15: Detained list Practical Examiniation (Even Semester-2014-15) [ EXCEPT EC,CHEMISTRY,MBA,MCA AND ALL SCHOOLS].

25-04-15 : Proposed Date Sheet Notice - Date Sheet for EXAMS- May/June, 2015.

08-04-15 : Submission of Examination forms (Re-appear) May/June,2015 .

19-01-15 : Date Sheet of Special Re-appear Exams. for B.Tech-6th semester in Jan. 2015 (Only for regular B.Tech 8th semester students who have cleared upto 4th semester. 

13-01-15 : Notice of extension of Re-appear form for B.Tech 6th semester (Last date is 19-01-15)   Revised Date Sheet for exam. will be uploaded in the due course of time.

05-01-15 : Notification of Special Re-appear Exam for B.Tech-6th Sem in January-2015 ( Only for Regular B.Tech 8th Sem Students who have cleared up to 4th Sem)      Date Sheet of the Exam (Withdrawn on 13-01-15) 

17-11-14 :  Final Date Sheet for Nov/Dec-2014 End Sem Exam ( B.Tech/M.Tech/MBA/MCA and Ph.D. Course Work)

08-11-14 : Proposed Date Sheet for Nov/Dec-2014 End Sem Exam ( B.Tech/M.Tech/MBA and MCA)

20-10-14 :- 2nd Sessional Notification and Schedule from 29-10-14 to 31-10-14 ( Earlier it was to be scheduled from 30-10-14 to 01-11-14 as per Academic Calendar)( Click here for Schedule)

07-10-14 :- Exam Notification for Re-appear Exam scheduled to be held in Nov./Dec.-2014 ( Last Date for filling the form without latefees 27-10-14 and with late fees 3days before start of the exam) [ Click here for more details]

11-08-14 : Notification of Special Reappear Exam for final year students(B.Tech-2010,MBA-2012,MCA-2011) in August-2014 ( Last date for filling exam form is 22-08-14)


NIT Kurukshetra is one of the premier technical institutes of the country. Founded in 1963 as Regional Engineering College Kurukshetra, the institute was rechristened as National Institute of Technology on June 26, 2002.