Jitander Kumar Kapoor (Head of Department)

Designation:    Associate Professor
Qualification:    M.Sc. (Gold Medalist), M. Phil (Gold Medalist) and Ph.D (1996)
Email:    jkkapoor11@gmail.com
Phone No:    01744233541
Area of Interest:   

Research Interests

Organic Synthesis and Pharmacetical /Medicinal interest, Development of Potentiometric Sensors Based on Organic Ionophores, Synthesis and Application of Polyelectrolytes in Water Treatment and Recent Publications

 Minati Baral

Designation:    Professor
Qualification:    Ph.D.,1991,Regional Engineering College, Rourkela
Email:    minatib@gmail.com
Phone No:    01744-233544
Area of Interest:   

Research Interest:
Biomimetic chemistry, study of formation of metal complexes, synthesis and study of metal complexes, supramolecular compounds and molecular modeling

 Chetti Prabhakar

Designation:    Assistant Professor
Qualification:    M. Sc., Ph.D (CSIR-IICT, Hyderabad)
Email:    chetti@nitkkr.ac.in
Phone No:    01744-23331
Area of Interest:   

Electronic structure and properties of organic materials, Computational Design and synthesis of optoelectronic materials, Near Infrared absorbing dyes, Molecular Docking and Drug Design

Ph. D. positions are available for highly motivated UGC-CSIR NET JRF-qualified candidates

 Ram Kumar Tittal (on Lien)

Designation:    Assistant Professor
Qualification:    M.Sc, Ph.D (IIT Delhi)
Email:    rktittaliitd@nitkkr.ac.in
Phone No:    01744233542
Area of Interest:   

Synthesis and mechanism study of transition metal promoted radical reactions of trichloromethyl group containing compounds.
Green approach for the synthesis of biologically important organic molecules by “Click-Chemistry”.
Development of new methodologies for the synthesis of biologically significant organic molecules. Interdisciplinary approach for the synthesis of high energy molecules.

Note: Ph. D. positions are available for a highly motivated UGC-CSIR NET, JRF or GATE qualified candidates.

 Amilan Jose. D

Designation:    Assistant Professor
Qualification:    M. Sc, Ph. D (CSMCRI-CSIR Lab)
Email:    amilanjosenit@nitkkr.ac.in
Phone No:     01744-233 559, 7876007461
Area of Interest:   

Inorganic Chemistry, Bio-nanotechnology for drug delivery, Bio-sensor and Molecular recognition, Supramolecular Analytical Chemistry, Chemical Sensors ad Functional nanomaterials

Further details visit group webpage  https://sites.google.com/view/supraanalytical/amilan-jose

Position: Looking for highly motivated Ph.D. students (GATE and CSIR-JRF) to work in the field of Inorganic Chemistry and Functional nanomaterials.

 Vikas Dasharath Ghule

Designation:    Assistant Professor
Qualification:    M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry) from University of Pune, Pune, Maharashtra; Ph.D. (Chemistry) from University of Hyderabad, Central University, Hyderabad
Email:    gvd@nitkkr.ac.in
Phone No:    +91-1744-233-512 and +91-98960 06804
Area of Interest:   
  • High Energy Materials: Computational design and Synthesis
  • Conducting polymers: Synthesis, modeling, and applications.
  • Synthesis of nitrogen-rich materials
  • Organic chemistry

 Senthilkumar Muthaiah

Designation:    Assistant Professor
Qualification:    M.Sc., PhD from IIT Delhi
Email:    msenthil@nitkkr.ac.in
Phone No:    01744-233-314
Area of Interest:   

Organometallic Chemistry, Catalysis, Main Group Chemistry and Chemical Hydrogen Storage Materials


One JRF position is available for a highly motivated candidate under SERB sponsored project (Feb 2023).

 Avijit Kumar Paul

Designation:    Assistant Professor
Qualification:    M.Sc., Ph.D. from Indian Institute of Science (IISc.), Bangalore
Email:    apaul@nitkkr.ac.in
Phone No:    01744233510
Area of Interest:   

Solid state synthesis of new Metal-organic Frameworks and Multinary oxides; Investigations of their physical, electronic and catalytic properties. Click here for details https://avijitnitchem.wixsite.com/solid-state-chem/publications

New project position is available on SERB project (Feb 2023)

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