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Department Profile

The Physics Department is one of the oldest departments of the Institute which has been providing the fundamental knowledge of Physics to the engineering graduates of various streams. The department participates in the undergraduate core courses to all the students of B.Tech. first year and open elective courses to B.Tech. fourth year students. The Department runs two post graduates programs one in Instrumentation and other in Nanotechnology. The faculty members are carrying out research in the cutting edge technologies and guiding students in all major area of Physics leading to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. The department has conducted five National conferences, four short term courses and one workshop.

The M. Tech. program in Instrumentation is a four semester programme started in 1985 with the aim to develop and utilise technical skills for innovative academic and research development in instrumentation. The M. Tech. program in Nanotechnology is a four semester programme started in 2005 with the aim to generate technically skilled manpower for innovations in the field of nanotechnology. The Department has well equipped research laboratories with sophisticated equipments such as x-ray diffractometer, scanning electron microscope (SEM), Photoluminescence spectrometer (PL), X-ray fluorescence spectrometer (XRF), UV/Visible spectrophotometer, video image analyzer, Keithley source meter, Potentiostat, Probe Station, Spin-coating unit, etc.

The department also participates actively in the School of Materials Science and Technology in the Post-graduate and research programs.


Message from HoD

It is my pleasure to convey the message for Department of Physics, National Institute of Technology Kurukshetra. The Department of Physics started in the year 1963 and is one of the major departments of the Institute offering M.Tech. programs in Instrumentation and M.Tech. in Nanotechnology. The fundamentals of Physics are essential to bridge the gap between Science and Technology for the engineering graduates. The impact of Physics in modern society is reflected in almost every aspect of today’s technologically advanced world.

In assuming the responsibility as Head of the Department in December 2016, I want to emphasize our ongoing commitment to excellence in teaching and research and the credit for the same goes to our dedicated and learned faculty members who are pursuing cutting edge research in their areas of expertise. The results and outcomes of these research endeavours have been published in International and National journal of repute. The department finds pride in stating that in the last three years the faculty members published more than 200 research papers in SCI/ Scopus index journals and were sanctioned five research projects/grants from the Government funding agencies like DST, CSIR, UGC, IUAC etc.