Research Projects and Consultancy

Consultancy Job:

 1. Dr. Dinesh Kumar Chemical Testing of samples  

Ongoing Research Projects:

S. No. Principal Investigator Project title Funding agency Sanctioned Amount (Lakhs) Duration
1 Dr. Chetti Prabhakar Design, Synthesis and Optoelectronic Properties of Thiophene Based Functional Organic Materials SERB 22.80 2015-2018
2 Dr. Amilan Jose D. Supramolecular fluorescent probes for the selective detection of biological signaling molecule (H2S) and real time assay SERB 24.68 2014-2017
3 Dr. Ghule Vikas D. Quantum-chemical design, synthesis and energetic properties study of tetrazole based high energy materials. SERB 26.29 2015-2018
4 Dr. M. Senthilkumar Neutral and Cationic Ruthenium Complexes for Amidation and Related Reactions in Aqueous and Biphasic Medium SERB 28.41 2015-2018
5 Dr. Avijit Kumar Paul  Multifunctional Metal-Organic Framework Construction by–O/ –N Donor Ligands SERB 29.16 2015-2018
6 Dr. Avijit Kumar Paul New Magnetic Materials Applicable for Catalysts and Colour Pigments DST INSPIRE 35.00 2014-2019
7 Dr. Amrita GhoshDST-Young Scientist Development of polyoxometalate based light induced wateroxidation catalysts SERB 25.00 2014-2017
8 Dr. Amilan Jose D.  “Nano-Scale Vesicles Modified Metal Complexes For therapeutic Carbon Monoxide (CO) Delivery” CSIR-EMR 15.00 2016-2019

Ms. Anita Bhatia(Women scientist & Research Scholar),  Dr. M.SenthilkumarMentor

“Synthesis of water soluble Cobalt complexes and their catalutic activities in aqueous and biphasic medium” DST WOS-A 23.20 2016-2019
10 Dr. Avijit Kumar Paul  Detailed Investigation on crystal and Magnetic structures of frustrated double perovskites UGC DAE CSR 10.35 2017-2019

Completed Projects:

S.No. Name of P.I. Sponsoring Agency Project Type
1  Dr. D.P. Singh UGC Major Project 
2 Dr. D.P. Singh UGC Major Project
3 Dr. Minati Baral CSIR Major Project
4 Dr. Minati Baral CSIR Major Project
National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra - 136119,
Haryana (India)