AEB, Constitutions, & Functions Corum

The operations of NIT Kurukshetra Alumni Endowment Fund will be governed by ‘NIT KURUKSHETRA ALUMNI ENDOWMENT BOARD (NITKKR-AEB)’. The NIT KURUKSHETRA ALUMNI ENDOWMENT BOARD (NITKKR-AEB) or its nominees will be the key signatory to the fund flows from the NIT Kurukshetra Alumni Endowment Fund account. The composition of the NIT KURUKSHETRA ALUMNI ENDOWMENT BOARD shall be as follows:

Any batch or individual who has donated a sum of Rs. 25 lakhs and above thereof shall be eligible to nominate one member. Corporates can nominate one representative. The DONOR representatives shall retire with a term of TWO years with induction of DONORS from latest years into the committee.

The NITKKR-AEB can also create an extended special body with a larger alumni representation department-wise to ensure even greater involvement from the established alumni of NIT Kurukshetra for the benefit of the institution.

The NITKKR-AEB will set in place the detailed key donor clauses. Some of the important points of the key donor clauses are as given below:


Miscellaneous regarding AEF and AEB

The Institute and its administration from time to time, based on its needs, goals, missions without prejudice to the objectives and management of the NIT Kurukshetra Alumni Endowment Fund can at their discretion affect any changes, alterations or modifications as to the organizational form, pattern and setup etc. The Director of the Institute is authorized to decide the operating modes for fund utilization and other issues.