Since the concepts and fundamentals of Physics form the basis of Science, Engineering and Technology, their apt comprehension and adequate applications lead to innovation, research, development and consultancy. In order to achieve the aforementioned objectives, Physics Department aims at providing necessary knowledge of Physics to young and budding engineers. The main activities of the Department are undergraduate teaching, Post Graduate teaching, Research and Consultancy.


To be acknowledged in the fields of Physics, Instrumentation and Nanotechnology for Teaching, Research and Consultancy as innovative, dynamic and distinctive contributors to the global community.


Present Courses: With an objective of preparing the excellent engineers to participate and get better placement in academic, research, development, consultancy work in the leading organizations/Institutions of the country and abroad the following UG Courses are offered :

(a) Undergraduate Courses

Two compulsory courses are taught to B.Tech. students e.g. Classical Physics and Modern Physics in first semester; and Solid State Physics, Laser and Fibre Optics in second semester.

(b) Elective Subjects

The students of B. Tech. 7th & 8th Semesters can opt for any of the following elective subjects:


(c) Postgraduate Courses

The department runs two 4- semester M. Tech. Degree courses: one in Instrumentation and the other in Nano-technology. The aim of these courses is to prepare science and engineering graduates for a design development career in the field of Instrumentation and Nanotechnology. The course on Instrumentation lays emphasis on the approach to instrumentation techniques which find applications in industry, or in the R & D laboratories, teaching and research institutions. Nanotechnology is a cutting edge technology and there is world wide spurt in R & D activities in this area. Since there is need of man-power and research personnel in this thrust area in the present scenario, these courses have been designed to meet such targets as above and to prepare the students to keep abreast with new & emerging technologies.


Postgraduate Courses M.Tech. (4- semesters)

Discipline No. of seats Specializations  
  Open SC ST Sponsored OBC  
M. Tech. Instrumentation 10 03 02 05 05 Instrumentation
M.Tech. Nanotechnology 10 03 02 05 05 Nanotechnology


1. Road Map/School

The department has already submitted a Road Map to start M.Sc. (Physics), B. Tech. (Nanotechnology) and B. Tech. (Engineering Physics) programmes. The important assignment for developing the school/centre of Material Science & Nanotechnology leading to M.Tech. & Ph. D. programmes, has been given by the institute to the department in conjunction with other departments. The prime objective of the school/centre is to impart quality technical education which will develop innovative professionals who can undertake research and development to generate cutting-edge technologies relevant to socio-economic needs.

2. Upgradation of Curriculum

Syllabi of various Undergraduate & Postgraduate courses have been periodically upgraded and will be revised and modified further as per requirement

3. Renovation/Development/Upgradation of labs

The UG, PG, Research and Computer Labs are being upgraded periodically and will be upgraded further as per requirement.

4. Faculty/Nonteaching Staff Development

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