Sr. No. Name of the Laboratory
1 Advanced Manufacturing Technology Lab
2 Advanced Mechanical Vibrations  Lab
3 Advanced Production Technology Lab
4 Applied Mechanics Lab
5 Applied Numerical Methods Lab
6 Computational Fluid Dynamics Lab
7 Computer Aided Design Lab
8 Computer and Automation Lab
9 Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulic Machines Lab
10 Heat Transfer Lab
11 Industrial Engineering Lab
12 Measurement and Control Lab
13 Mechanical Vibrations Lab
14 Mechanics of Machines Lab
15 Mechatronics Lab
16 Metrology Lab
17 Refrigeration  & Air Conditioning Lab
18 Strength of Materials Lab
19 Thermal Engineering Lab
20 Tribology Lab
21 Advanced Thermal Engineering Lab

Details of the Equipment and/or Facilities available in Laboratories

Advanced Manufacturing Technology Lab

Vikas Kumar (
Joy Prakash Misra (

Details of the equipment:

Rotary Ultrasonic
Machining Set Up

Rotary USM Set Up was procured under TEQIP-II. It is based on non-traditional machining concept, and utilizes both the rotary action of the spindle as well as high frequency ultrasonic vibration to machine very delicate, brittle and non-metallic substances with application of very less cutting force. Four PhD scholars are doing their experimental research work currently on this equipment, while one PhD thesis has been completed already.

CNC Wire Cut EDM

This equipment was procured under TEQIP-I. CNC wire cut EDM is used for machining of electrically conductive metals with the help of a thin wire electrode. It utilizes the high frequency sparking action for machining purpose. About ten PhD scholars have already completed their research work on this equipment. Many M. Tech. Thesis have also been undertaken on this equipment. A large number of research papers have also been published, including SCI and Scopus indexed Journals. B. Tech. students are also given exposure on this equipment in their lab (APT Lab Pr.)

Computer Aided Design Lab
V S Nagendra Reddy B (

CNC Wire Cut EDM

Dell Optiplex 5050 MT Desktop Computers 30 No.s
Dell T7810 Workstations 02 Nos.
Details of the Software

Solidworks 30 users suit
Matlab Campus vide license
Ansys Network license

Metrology Lab
Dr. Lalit Thakur (

Pneumatic Comparators (2 Nos)

It compares the unknown dimensions of a part with some standard or master setting which represents the basic size and dimensional variations from the master setting. Air is supplied at constant pressure through the orifice and the air escapes in the form of jets through a restricted space which exerts a back pressure. The variation in the back pressure is then used to compare the size of a component.

Roundness Tester

High accuracy Roundness / Cylindricity measuring instrument with achieving easy operation.

Monochromatic Light Source Unit with Optical Flats

It is used to measure the flatness of a component by interference. A flat surface is indicated by a pattern of straight, parallel fringes with equal spacing, while other patterns indicate uneven surfaces.

Universal Gear Roll Tester

Useful for checking total composite error, tooth to tooth error of Helical and Spur Gears.

Double Disc Polishing Machine

It is used for polishing of metallic samples. Polished samples are further analyzed under microscope for metallurgical studies.

Digital Toolmakers Microscope

It is used for all precision 2D and 3D measurements.

Semi-Micro Weighing Balance

It is used to measure the weight of the small specimens with an accuracy of 0.01 mg

Optical Profile Projector

The profile projector is a very useful optical instrument that is used in industries for the purpose of analysis of the shapes of the components used in different products. The profile makes it easy to measure the dimensions of the specimen with great accuracy.

Slip Gauges, Vernier Caliper, Screw Gauge, Gear Tooth Vernier Caliper

These are used for precise measurement of linear dimensions.