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Department of Mathematics at NIT Kurukshetra was born on 1966 with Professor P.D.S. Verma (D.Sc.) as the founder Chairman, is a well-known centre for education and research in Mathematics. It has undergraduate programs with opportunities for specialization in all major areas of Mathematics leading to Doctorate of Philosophy degree. In particular, the department offers excellent courses to the students of B. Tech and M. Tech. programs which are of special interest and are rewarding many students in getting admission abroad for further higher studies. The department is successfully running Ph.D. program with a reasonably high number of scholars registered. Further, we are in the process to start M.Sc. program from the AY 2023-24.


Message from HoD

It is noted in the Vedanga Jyotisha (c. 500 BC) that


Like the crest of the peacock, like the gem on the head of a snake, so is mathematics at the head of all knowledge. It is no wonder that there exists any branch of science which is devoid of Mathematics. That is why Carl Friedrich Gauss rightly said, “Mathematics is the prince of all sciences.

Welcome to the Department of Mathematics at NIT, Kurukshetra. Through this website you will find information on many activities, that Department supports. We invite you to explore our website whether you are considering applying for Ph.D. program or vacant faculty position, or interested in research, or would just like to know more about us.

In this era of emerging technologies & advanced sciences, developed nations are focusing on applied research by using knowledge linkages between scientists, engineers, and researchers. Mathematics & Statistics form the backbone for knowledge development for scientists and engineers. Our focus is to produce engineers equipped with modern mathematics tools with strong understanding towards real world and engineering problems.

All of our faculty members and administrative staff devote their time and energies towards our collective promising mission. I look forward to working together with every colleague in our department to keep a high quality of efforts and accomplishments. This will enable us to deliver the best in teaching, research, and the community services by providing quality education.

Further, I strongly believe that nobody becomes eminent Engineer/Scientist without significant knowledge of Mathematics.