Research & Consultancy

Department of Physics

Department of Physics is involve in variety of frontline research areas which having vast importance for society, environment and defence. Department is well equipped with sufficient facilities for research purpose.

Some of the key research areas are as follows:

Nanomaterials Materials Simulation
Gas Sensors Optoelectronics
Spectroscopy Radiation Physics
Energy storage devices High Energy Physics
Polymer Physics Energy conversion devices

Research Projects:

Ongoing research projects

S. No FundingAgency Grant(x 105 Rs.) Duration Principal Investigator Title
1 IUAC,UGCNew Delhi  10  2014-17  Dr. R. P. Chauhan Study of Ion Beam Induced Modifications semiconducting Nanostructures
2 SERB,New Delhi  25.76  2014-17  Dr. C.R. Mariappan Silver Nanoparticle embedded bioglasses: Electrical polarization and assessment of their biocompatibility
3 SERB,New Delhi  26.23  2014-2017  Dr. Y. Dwivedi Synthesis of Novel Random Laser Materials for Advance Photonic Applications 
 4 IUACNew Delhi  5.79  2017-20  Dr. J.K. Quamara Dielectric Relaxation Investigations in Swift Heavy Ion Ferroelectric Ceramic/Polymer Nanocomposites
 5 CSIR,New Delhi  20 2016-19 Dr. Anurag Gaur Investigations on Hexaferrites to search strong magnetoelectric compound at Room temperature

Project Completed

Sr. No FundingAgency Grant(x 105 Rs.) Duration(Years) Principal Investigator Title
1 DRDONew Delhi  14.87  3  Dr. J. K. Quamara Low temperature relaxation investigations in energetic Ion irradiated engineering polymers
2 DSTNew Delhi   15.50  3  Dr. Ashavani Kumar Study of high energy ions fragmentation and their applications in hydrotherapy and space radiation.
3 UGCNew Delhi   5.75  3  Dr. R.P.Chauhan Estimation of fertilizersinduced radioactivity in plants.
4 DSTNew Delhi   19.02  3  Dr. Anurag Guar Synthesis and characterization of multiferroic materials with magnetoelectric properties
5 B.R.N.S.Mumbai  30.00  3 Dr. R.P.Chauhan  Study of the factors affecting radon levels in dwellings through measurement and CFD based modeling 
6 SERB,New Delhi  16.61 3 Dr. Ashok Kumar Dye Sensitized Solar Cells : Giant improvement in efficiency using up-conversion

All faculty members have established active collaboration with reputed academic and research institutions for the research activities. The department extends its expertise and facilities to the society and academic institutions through consultancy, training programs, guest lecture, etc.

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Haryana (India)