Scheme & Syllabi

B.Tech. I & II Semester (Scheme Common to All)

Civil Engineering
B.Tech. Scheme Civil UG -New Scheme. Civil UG -1 New Syllabus  M.Tech. Scheme
Computer Engineering
B.Tech. Scheme Computer UG – New Scheme. Computer UG – New Syllabus. M.Tech. Scheme
Electrical Engineering
B.Tech. Scheme Electrical UG – New Scheme M.Tech. Scheme
Electronics Engineering
B.Tech. Scheme M.Tech. Scheme
Mechanical Engineering
B.Tech Scheme (till the AY 2016-17) B.Tech Scheme (effective from AY 2017-18) M.Tech Scheme (till the AY 2018-19) M.Tech Scheme (effective from AY 2019-20
Information Technology
B.Tech. Scheme IT UG – New Scheme IT UG – New Syllabus
Industrial Engineering and Management
B.Tech Scheme (till the AY 2012-13)
Open Electives for 7th Semester
Scheme for Open Electives
Physics, Chemistry, Humanities and Social Sciences
Physics UG – New Scheme & Syllabus Chemistry UG – New Scheme & Syllabus Humanities & Social Sciences UG – New Scheme & Syllabus M.Tech. Scheme
MBA. Scheme
MCA. Scheme
Production & Industrial Engineering
B.Tech Scheme (till the AY 2016-17) B.Tech Scheme (from the AY 2017-18)