There are mainly three types of students,

Some make wonders happen, Some watch wonders happen, Some wonders, what happen?

Here at NIT Kurukshetra, The department of Electrical Engineering strives hard in creating the students of the first type and lets the world wonder.

Electroreck, the aggregation of like-minded people connected with each other through the string of electrical engineering working with a common vision and mission. As a society we are proud to conduct the annual techno-cultural fest of the college at the national level named TECHSPARDHA which has a footfall of more than 10,000 people every year. This fest helps in the development of practical knowledge of the students by connecting the real life problems to the theory they have studied in the classrooms. We have various technical activities suited for various minds ranging from paper presentations to presentation of live models, Quizzing to questioning and corporate placement to Government postings. We as technical society are not only involved in technical activities but also have started many social initiatives

As a society, various activities undertaken by us are:


VIDHWAAN: The flagship event of our society exclusively for those who are highly interested in electrical core. It includes concepts like generation, transmission and distribution. Participants design the National Power System that consists of the generating stations, substations and loads with the protection devices.

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VERTIGO: A team event for those who have the passion for solving electrical circuits and fascination for electrical core subjects. An opportunity for all the budding electrical engineers. 

IMPIEGO: ‘Practice makes a man perfect’.

Words written above aptly resonate with us as we strive to provide a platform for students to experience and learn for what is dreaded and feared the most, Placement. There comes Impiego, an event which is based on mock placement procedure.

UPSC: “Realise it’s not just the government’s job to make India better. The answer to India’s problem is a new frame of mind.” And hence we present you our event for all those game changers.

ADVANZA: An event which checks and teaches us to increase the value of our products or ideas by various advertising techniques. A skill which is a prerequisite if we want to excel in our respective professional fields.

THINK INDIA: The name of the event is self-explanatory; here, you need to propose your plans to solve the various deep-rooted social and technical problems in India.

EUREKA: This event is for all the people who are excited about how things work and wants to have practical hands-on electrical circuits. It is based on theoretical as well as practical knowledge of electrical components.

ELECTRICA: Modern demands require modern supplies, right? So, we have an event which is an online quiz based on electrical core knowledge along with some brain work.

Participation of B.Tech student in IEEE Conferences 

B.Tech Students Publications (2017-2019)

International Conference: 04

  1. M. P. Agrawal and A. R. Gupta, “Smart Stick for the Blind and Visually Impaired People,” 2018 Second IEEE International Conference on Inventive Communication and Computational Technologies (ICICCT), Coimbatore, 2018, pp. 542-545. doi: 10.1109/ICICCT.2018.8473344
  2. P. K. Pathak and A. R. Gupta, “Battery Energy Storage System,” 2018 4th IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence & Communication Technology (CICT), Ghaziabad, 2018, pp. 1-9. doi: 10.1109/CIACT.2018.8480377
  3. D. Rana, G. Kumar and A. R. Gupta, “Increasing the Output Power and Efficiency of Solar Panel by Using Concentrator Photovoltaic (CPV) and Low Cost Solar Tracker,” 2018 4th IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence & Communication Technology (CICT), Ghaziabad, 2018, pp. 1-5. doi: 10.1109/CIACT.2018.8480199
  4. A. Bharagv, R. Kumar, S. Tapan, L. Gupta and A. R. Gupta, “High Voltage and its Applications: A Review,” 2018 IEEE 8th Power India International Conference (PIICON), Kurukshetra, India, 2018, pp. 1-6. doi: 10.1109/POWERI.2018.8704370

Book Chapter from Conferences: 02

  1. Agrawal M.P., Gupta A.R. (2019) TRAX: Smart Mobile Application to Improve the Safety and Security of Automobile Vehicles. In: Bhattacharyya S., Hassanien A., Gupta D., Khanna A., Pan I. (eds) International Conference on Innovative Computing and Communications. Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems, vol 55. Springer, Singapore DOIhttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-981-13-2324-9_19, Print ISBN978-981-13-2323-2  (Received best paper award)
  2. Saloni Tapan, Rajiv Kumar, Abhishek Bhargav, Lavkush Gupta, Atma Ram Gupta, “A study on Generation of Impulse High Voltage,. McGraw-Hill 2019 [in press]. 

Social Activities: Under the roof of team TechSpardha, team Electroreck has initiated various social activities like tree plantations, SHE campaign etc…

Guest Lectures: A good speaker’s speech is like a comet: Dazzling, eye-opening and over before you know it. Such intellectual and erudite spokesmen are invited to our college to enlighten our students with the present day advancements.

Workshops and Seminars: We conduct timely workshops to nurture our students and upgrade them with the present technologies and new fields of sciences.


Director’s Trophy: After Techspardha is over, an event which is a combo of technical and cultural activities is organized by us; which is only for school going students. Various nearby schools participate and learn from this.

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Director’s Trophy Events:


Here as a society we strive hard to ignite the spark in the minds of the students of our college. Every year we induct fresh and aspiring minds with astute knowledge, and competence into our society thereby increasing our expertise and resourcefulness in the management and handling of the fest and other activities.

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Student Representatives:

  1. President – Harsh Tank (Roll No.11610272)
  2. Vice-President – Vishal Dixit (Roll No.11610249)
  3. Secretary – Monika Sonkeria (Roll No.11610275)
  4. Additional Secretary – Saurabh Kumar (Roll No.11610285)
  5. Joint-Secretary – Shipra Gautam (Roll No.11610271)
  6. M.Tech Representative – Jaswant Singh Bhati (Roll No. 31804203)

Professor In-charge (Electroreck): Dr. Atma Ram Gupta

Head of the department: Prof. L. M. Saini

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