(A)Completed Project in Last Three Years
1.Construction of 3 Storey bearer barrack comprising of 2 Blocks to accommodate 96 bearers.
2.Provision for two nos. Institute Main Gates
3.Construction of Boundary Wall (left out stretches) for a length of about 800 mtr. and Gate (near UHBVN office)
4.Installation of Cold Water Tank Supply Pipe line to the solar water heating system installed in the hostel no.1 to 9 boys hostel, Girls hostel no. 1 & 2
5.Replacement of C.I./A.C. water supply lines with Centrifugally Cast (Spun) Iron Pipes Class L.A. in the Residences, Hostels & Instructional Building
6.Provision of re-surfacing and widening of existing roads in residential campus and institutional area
7.Construction of Swimming Pool
8.Construction of 600 Seater Girls Hostel (Multi-Storeyed Framed Structure, Ground Floor+5)
9.Construction of Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)
10.Providing Concertina coil over the Institute boundary for security purpose
11.Provision of Permanent/Temporary Huts for security guards at various locations in the Institute at NIT, Kurukshetra.
12.Providing & Installation of 16/20 meter High Mast lights at Sports Ground and various other location
13.Provision of DG power backup at various locations in the Institute covering instructional buildings and related facilities
14.Provision of DG power backup in boys & girls hostels
15.Replacement of existing LT Panels with MCB’s in the Institute
16.Provision of Aviation Light & Lightening conductor in the Mega Boys Hostel (1000 capacity) at NIT, Kurukshetra.
17.Providing & Installation of electrical Sub-Station HT/LT distribution including street lighting and feeder pillar etc. in non-residential area
(B)On-Going Projects
1.Preparation of Institute Master Plan of NITK.
2.Construction of 300 Seaters Multi-purpose boys hostel including 100 suits for foreign students, research scholars and married PG Students. (Multi-storeyed framed structure). (Ground Floor +5).
3.Replacement of existing Electrical wirings in Instructional building at NIT, Kurukshetra
 (i) Replacement /rewiring of A1 Wiring with copper wiring in Electrical Engineering Department.
 (ii) Replacement/rewiring of A1 Wiring of A1 Wiring with copper wiring in old Adm. Block
 (iii) Replacement/rewiring of A1 Wiring with copper wiring in Examination Cell, Mechanical Engineering Department & Civil engineering Department.
 (iv) Replacement /rewiring of A1 Wiring with copper wiring in Electronics & Communication, CCN Department & Exam Hall
4Providing & Installation of Electrical Sub-station HT/LT Distribution and feeder pillars in residential area
5Providing Kitchen equipment in 600 seater Girls Hostel (multi-storeyed) RCC framed structure (Ground+5)
(C)Future Projects
1.Provision of lifts for persons with disabilities (PwD) at various locations in the Institute
2.Providing audio system in Board Room, Golden Jubilee Administrative Building including Jubilee Hall & Senate Hall
3.Furnishing floor with tiles in the common room, dinning hall, warden office and MMCA office in the old boy’s hostel No. 1to6 and girl’s hostel No.-1
4Provision of construction of Verandah for non-teaching staff club situated in F-type quarters
5.Construction of Indoor Badminton Hall in Sports Complex
6.Construction of shed for covering the sports complex stairs
7.Provision of access to Golden Jubilee Administrative Building by providing a gate & parking shed for two wheelers along the in-side boundary wall towards west
8.Provision of shed for parking only for four wheelers in the existing parking near NIT Market
9.Providing Air-conditioning in Dining Halls of Boy’s & Girls Hostels at NIT, Kurukshetra.
10.Construction of Additional floor over the existing building of Computer Application Department
11.Construction of Labs Complex (G+5)
12.Construction of Additional floor over the existing building of Computer Engineering Department
13.Construction of additional 3 nos. lecture hall on 2nd floor over the  existing building of ECE Department and construction of additional floor over the Electronics & Communication Engineering Department
14.Construction of Additional (6 nos. Lecture Hall) over the existing 12 nos. Lecture Hall Complex
15.Construction of Additional floor over the existing AB Block.
16.Construction of Additional floor over the existing building of Examination Hall
17.Construction of Additional floor over the existing Old MBA Block (New Workshop Building)
18.Construction of extension existing corridor form Old MBA Block to 12 Nos. LHC and MBA/MCA building
19.Construction of Gymnasium Hall
20.Construction of Community Centre/Convention/SAC
21.Providing peripheral road along the external boundary wall of the Institute for security and maintenance purpose
22.Construction of Multi-storeyed building for faculty/officers having 40 apartments
23.Construction of multi-storeyed 20 Nos. Type-II & 20 Nos. Type-III quarters for Non-Teaching Staff
24.Construction, Installation & Commissioning of 33/11KV Sub-Station at NIT, Kurukshetra
25.Replacement of rewiring in All old Boys, Girls Hostels and Residential Area.
26.Construction of State of Arts Centre
27.Construction of Additional Lecture Hall Complex (18 Nos. Lecture Hall)
National Institute of Technology Kurukshetra