Message from Chairman / H.O.D

Welcome to the Department of Mathematics at NIT, Kurukshetra. Through this website you will find information on many activities, that Department supports. We invite you to explore our website whether you are considering to apply for Ph.D program or vacant faculty position, or interested in research, or would just like to know more about us.

In assuming the responsibility as Head of the Department on May 7, 2010, I want to emphasize our ongoing commitment to excellence in teaching and research and take a moment to introduce you to all of our faculty members and administrative staff who devote their time and energies towards our collective promising mission. I look forward to working together with every colleague in our Department to keep a high quality of efforts and accomplishments. This will enable us to deliver the best in teaching, research, and community services by providing high-quality mathematics education to: Mathematics, Science & Engineering.

The Department puts on record its deep sense of gratitude to the Director of the Institute for his timely help and encouragement in all the activities essential for overall growth of the department.

If you have any questions about our programs, please feel free to come to my office at A- Block (Main Building, First Floor), or send email at In the meantime, please enjoy visiting the rest of our webpage.

Academic Programs

Undergraduate Courses (B. Tech.):
Mathematics-I: (All Branches)         :     MAT-103.      (Syllabus)
Mathematics-II: (All Branches)         :     MAT-104.      (Syllabus)
Mathematics-III(All Branches except IT)    :     MAT-201/202 (Syllabus)
Mathematics-III (IT)                :     MAT-206.      (Syllabus)
Advanced Mathematics-I (Open Elective)    :     MAT-467.      (Syllabus)

Postgraduate Courses (M. Tech.):
Advanced Computational Methods and Optimization (Civil): CET-754. (Syllabus)            
Ph.D. Program
a) List of students who have been award Ph. D’s 
b) List of students  pursuing Ph. D’s 

Department / Section History

Department of Mathematics at NIT Kurukshetra was born on 1966 with Professor P.D.S.Verma (D.Sc.) as the founder Chairman, is a well-known center for education and research in Mathematics. It has undergraduate programs with opportunities for specialization in all major areas of Mathematics leading to Doctorate of Philosophy degree. In particular, the department offers excellent courses to the students of B. Tech and M. Tech. programs which are of special interest and are rewarding to many students in getting admission abroad for further higher studies.


To provide quality education and value added services to the students and other stakeholders through formal and informal means of addressing and resolving their needs and undertake innovative research which fulfills the futuristic socio-economic requirements.


To produce world class engineers, creative technocrats and professionals with outstanding mathematical background to meet the global requirements.

Aims and Objectives of Mathematics Department

We are committed in fostering success to our students. As apart of that commitment, the Department of Mathematics offers a number of services & facilities to its students for their routine curriculum. Students seeking improvements in their basic mathematical skills find meaningful activities in the Mathematics programs. The main objective of the mathematics Department is to produce engineering graduates performing excellently in Mathematics. The primary focus of the Mathematics Department is to be excellent in teaching of Mathematics.

Our specific aims are:

a) To assist students of all majors in mastering basic mathematical skills, maximizing their problem solving skills & acquiring an appreciation for the critical role of quantitative thinking in modern society.

b) To aid students in developing the mathematical & computational skills necessary for use in various quantitative field such as natural sciences, business & economics.

c) To help students in developing the necessary background for further study.


The Department of Mathematics has developed infrastructure of high quality to fulfill mathematical needs of various engineering mainstreams.


Books Published by Faculty Members

1) Engineering Mathematics Through Applications : Dr. Paras Ram

CBS Publications, New Delhi
ISBN: 978-81-239-1977-5 

2) Engineering Mathematics Dr. Kuldeep Kumar

Bharat Publication, Yamunanagar

Research Facilities

The Department has research facilities in following thrust areas:

1. Fluid Mechanics: 
Ferrohydrodynamics and
Computer-Aided fluid flow problems

2. Elasticity: 
Electro-elastic of Mechanics
Nonlinear Elasticity
Elastic Waves
Coupled Stress Theory
Magneto-thermo-elasticity and
Granular Media

3. Operation Research & Reliability Analysis
Optimization Theory
Probability and Stochastic Modeling
Game Theory
Time Series Analysis and Forecasting

Student Advisory Committee (SAC)

The Department has constituted a Student Advisory Committee to take feedbacks from the students for improvements in curriculum and quality of education in Mathematics. The committee consists of the students from undergraduate, postgraduate classes and the Research Scholars of the Department.

List of SAC members

Future Plans

a) To facilitate the students, the department is planning to establish well organized computer laboratory equipped with latest computational software like MATLAB, MATHMATICA, PDE SOLVER, MAPPLE, MATHCAD, SYSTAT etc. for programming of numerical Techniques.

b) Revision / updation of the curriculum to make it more relevant as per the changing needs of industry.

c) Planning to organize short term training programs (STTP) for skill upgradation of faculty members and research scholars.

d) Getting research & development (R&D) projects of social / industrial relevance in the thrust areas of mathematics.

e) Department is planning to formulate Maths Society and under the ages of that we wish to organize Maths Fest during 2013. We will invite ideas from the students to make the event grander. All interested students shall be allowed to be a part of Maths Society.

Sports Fest & Trip: Maths Society will plan to move ahead in yet another dimension as Sports Fest & Trip during 2013. Any suggestions regarding the event shall be invited.

National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra - 136119,
Haryana (India)