Courses offered by the Department

B. Tech. 1st Year Audit Courses:

HSAU 11 Human Values & Social Responsibility

HSAU 12 Sanskrit Language Skills

HSAU 13 Hindi Language Skills

HSAU 14 Telugu Language Skills

HSAU 15 Constitution of India

HSAU 16 Indian Knowledge System

HSAU 17 Teachings of Gita

HSAU 18 French

HSAU 19 German

HSAU 20 Japanese Language Skills

HSAU 21 Thought Lab

B. Tech. 1st Year Institute Core Courses:

HSIC11 Communication Skills in English

HSIC12 Economics for Engineers

B. Tech. 4th Year Institute Core Courses:

Professional Ethics and IPR (HSIR-13)

Business Management (HSIR-14)

National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra - 136119,
Haryana (India)