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Department Profile

The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, one of the thirteen teaching Departments of the Institute, equips students with the knowledge and social skills that help them successfully manage people and technology. The Department is continuously involved in expanding the teaching-learning process to integrate humanistic values and social concerns with technical education. The Department also provides doctoral (Ph.D.) facilities in the areas of English, Economics, Psychology, Management and Intellectual Property Rights. Apart from teaching and research, the Department has been actively involved in organizing various programs like seminars, conferences, workshops, summer schools, etc.


Vision and Mission of Department

Vision of the Department

To be a role model in imparting education and research in the fields of social sciences, responsive to global challenges.

Mission of the Department

To impart quality education in social sciences that develops innovative and competent engineers and socially responsive citizens and to undertake research that generates prime knowledge recourses for the growth of industry and society and futuristic knowledge, focusing  on the socio-economic needs.


Message from HoD

The entry of aspired school students into higher education is very challenging for both the stakeholders- students and institute. The new environment of greater freedom, self-decision making, new teaching learning experiences, etc. marks the new challenging spheres of life with which students come across in the course of four years program of the institute. Students have new zeal, courage and enthusiasm to ponder over dynamic conditions of society and nation, and very eager to respond to the social, economic, political and technical challenges before the global community. The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences offers a friendly and welcoming environment for its students to excel into the fields of Communication Skills, Economics, Management, Psychology and Professional Ethics and Intellectual Property Rights.  The Department has major thrust to cater to the holistic development of students.

The students are encouraged to participate in class room teaching, deliver seminars and group discussions to nurture their potentials. The department is equipped with competent faculty members who have vast exposure of research and teaching. An enabling environment of active engagement during class room activities adds on the creative thinking of the students and enhances their problem solving and analytical skills. Needless to say, department contributes significantly to the institute’s academic program by delivering the productive environment of learning. The Department has also the strength of guiding research into areas of Economics, English literature, Management and Psychology. Being an active player of institutional, academic environment, Department invites attention from all stakeholders to contribute in carrying forward the academic journey of new frontiers of learning based centre.


National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra - 136119,
Haryana (India)