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Preamble: The role of Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) in the country is undisputed in the development of the nation as a developed country. The graduate buddy engineers in the country are contributing directly and indirectly to the development of the nation. Some of them are serving in the top positions in the MultiNational Companies(MNC) and contributing to the world economy. The higher educational Institutions in the country are facing a scarcity of financial resources for the fulfillment of their objectives. Further, the Ministry of Human Resource Development (F.No.33-4/2020-TS-III (Pt.1), dt 5th May 2020), Govt. of India, has directed the CFTIs to create the ‘Endowment fund’ for the purpose of mobilizing donations and contributions from alumni, industry, and Philanthropy.

The National Institute of Technology (NIT) Kurukshetra has created the National Institute of Technology Kurukshetra Alumni  Endowment Fund (NITK-AEF) hereafter known as AEF with a view to cater for the aspirations of the Alumni of the Institute. The NITK-AEF will be managed by the National Institute of Technology Kurukshetra Alumni Endowment Board (NITK-AEB), hereafter known as AEB. The Alumni of the Institute have deep feelings for their attachment to the Institute and they can be an important stakeholders in the development of the Institute in particular and the nation in general. They wish to give back to their alma mater at a certain point of time after the fulfilment of their personal and professional goals. The Institute appeals to its alumni who studied in the Institute either at the time of Regional Engineering College Kurukshetra (RECK) or at the time of the National Institute of Technology Kurukshetra, to donate generously to their alma mater.


Salient Features of AEF

The AEF  structure and AEB  is envisioned on following fundamental principles.

  • To further the mission of NIT Kurukshetra in line with its charter.
  • To have the best-in-class governance structure.
  • To ensure the sustainability of the institute in the long term and
  • To provide maximum tax benefits to the donors and the institute.


Objectives of the AEF

  • To evolve a process for mobilizing resources by encouraging the participation of Alumni, Corporates and Society in the institute’s development.
  • To extend financial support to young talents/poor students to achieve their dreams without any financial constraints during their study period under special conditions.
  • To create the corpus that works over a period of time, as a backbone for institutions’ specific purposes viz., Establishing Centres of Excellence in the specialized field of new technology and system management, providing financial assistance to Fundamental Research in Engineering, Science and Management, develop infrastructure for the growth of research activities.
  • To ensure the smooth sustenance of the institute in continuing the core activities of research, innovation and development during the financial crisis or any Unforeseen contingencies and
  • To provide support to organizations that involve society in their development activities.
  • To offer scholarships to the performing students as per the desire of the donor.


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Prof. Dixit Garg
Dean (Students Welfare)
National Institute of Kurukshetra
Contact details (Mobile no.): (+91) 9355211021
Email: deansw@nitkkr.ac.in