Academic Programmes

BTech Programs

Courses of Study: The Institute offers courses of study leading to B.Tech., M.Tech. degree and research facilities leading to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. The medium of instructions and examination is English. The Institute has assumed the status of deemed University. The courses include study at the Institute, visits to work sites and practical training. In the Institute Workshops and in approved Engineering works. There is NIT (A Deemed University) Examination at the end of each semester. Courses of study are offered in the following disciplines:

Discipline No. of Seats
Civil Engineering 140
Computer Engineering 210
Information Technology 140
Electrical Engineering 140
Electronics & Communication Engineering 140
Mechanical Engineering 140
Production & Industrial Engineering 60
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning 60
Industrial Internet of Things 60
Mathematics & Computing 57

Note:- The duration of courses for B. Tech. is four academic years.


MTech Programs

Courses of Study: Teaching in each academic year is divided into two semesters. The duration of the course is four semesters for regular students and six semesters for part-time students (for NIT, Kurukshetra employees only). All the admitted candidates would be governed by the Academic Regulations for Post-Graduate Programmes, as laid down by the National Institute of Technology (Institution of National Importance), Kurukshetra. The M.Tech seats are first filled by GATE-qualified candidates, then by industry-sponsored candidates and if seats remain vacant, by other candidates. The non-GATE candidates are not eligible for scholarships.

The duration of an M. Tech. the course is four semesters for regular students. Courses of study are offered in the following disciplines and specializations:

Department/Schools Specialization
Civil Engineering (I)  Environmental Engg. (II) Geotechnical Engg. (III) Structural Engg. (IV) Transportation Engg. (V) Water Resources Engg.
Computer Engineering (I) Computer Engg. (II) Cyber Security
Electrical Engineering (I) Control Systems (II) Power System (III) Power Electronics & Drives
Electronics & Communication Engineering (I) Communication Systems
Mechanical Engineering (I) Machine Design (II) Production & Industrial Engg. (III) Thermal Engg.
Physics (I) Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology
School of VLSI Design & Embedded System (I) Embedded System Design (II) VLSI Design
School of Renewable Energy & Efficiency (I) Renewable Energy Systems
  • M.Tech courses are offered in the following disciplines and specializations:
Deptt./ Schools Specialization No. of Seats
Civil Engg. Environmental Engg. (EV) 26+5*
Geotechnical Engineering (GE) 23+5*
Structural Engg. (SU) 24+5*
Transportation Engg. (TE) 23+5*
Water Resources Engg. (WR) 21+5*
Computer Engg. Computer Engg. (XE) 31+5*
Computer Engg. Cyber Security (BR) 25+5*
Electrical Engg. Control Systems (CP) 25+5*
Power Electronics & Drives (PD) 25+5*
Power System (TJ) 25+5*
Electronics & Communication Engg. Communication Systems (CY) 30+5*
Mechanical Engg. Machine Design (MD) 25+5*
Production & Industrial Engg. (IP) 25+5*
  Thermal Engineering (TI) 30+5*
Physics Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology (C9) 25+5*
School of VLSI Design & Embedded System Embedded System Design (VF) 25+5*
VLSI Design (VN) 40+5*
School of Renewable Energy & Efficiency Renewable Energy Systems 25+5*
 * Sponsored Category


MCA Program

Courses of Study:  <To be entered >



MBA Program

Courses of Study: Responding to an increasing demand for management professionals in the country and keeping in line with its stated goal of regularly adding new courses   as a part of its 20- year growth plan, NITK has started an MBA programme, effective 2006-07. With the introduction of the programme, the Institute extends its long years of expertise into the field of Business Administration, thus fulfilling its commitment to the business world and the society at large of developing professional managers with varied competencies and ethical values.

In a short span, the MBA program has made a mark for itself. It has all the ingredients of a successful program: a strong curriculum, comparable with the very best; well qualified and dedicated faculty, a batch of talented and enthusiastic students; emphasis on case-based interactive study, supported by all modern teaching aids; liaison with industry; active participation in inter- & intra-institution competitions, etc.

Training & Placement:

(i) The first batch enjoys the unique opportunity of receiving Summer Training from reputed Universities/B-Schools and industries in three European countries – Switzerland, Germany & Holland. This exceptional experience would help the students widen their horizon 3 and provide them much valued international exposure. A similar opportunity will be available to the subsequent batches as well.

(ii) As a result of the Institute’s legacy of over 40 years as a premier centre of technical education, it has enjoyed the reputation of placing 100% of its graduating students, many in more than one organization. We expect to carry this legacy forward in our MBA programme as well.



MSc. Programs

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PhD Program

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