Purchase Rules & Notifications

  1. Comprehensive Stores and Purchase Rules 2008 
  2. Negotiation Committee( Propritery Items) 
  3. Purchase Finalization Committee Constitution and Members 
  4. Purchase Finalization Committee(PFC) Proforma
  5. Office Order and Notification of DR(Stores I/c)
  6. Institute Furniture Procurement Committee(Faculty) 
  7. Installation and maintenance of RO System/water Coolers(Policy Decision applicable from 03.09.16) 
  8. Institute Furniture Purchase Notification(Purchase by Estate Section/ Repair & Maintenance by Workshop)-25.10.16   /  Partial Modification fo this Notification Dated 18.01.2017 
  9. Work Distribution office order of Stores Section w.e.f 14.09.2016  



National Institute of Technology Kurukshetra