UG Programs 

The department is running three B. Tech Programs, i) Computer Engineering ii) Information Technology iii) Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AI & ML)

  • Scheme and Syllabi of Computer Engineering (prior to 2017 batch) is attached in Annexure I.
  • Scheme and Syllabi of Information Technology (prior to 2017 batch) is attached in Annexure II.
  • Scheme and Syllabi of Computer Engineering (2017 batch onward) is attached in Annexure III.
  • Scheme and Syllabi of Information Technology (2017 batch onward) is attached in Annexure IV.
  • About B. Tech. in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AI & ML) Annexure V


PG Programs 

The department is running two M.Tech Programs, one in Computer Engineering with an intake of 25 students and other in Cyber Security with an intake of 20 Students.

  • Scheme and Syllabi of M.Tech Computer Engineering (Prior to 2019 batch) is attached in Annexure V.
  • Scheme and Syllabi of M.Tech Cyber Security (Prior to 2019 batch) is attached in Annexure VI.
  • Scheme and Syllabi of M.Tech Computer Engineering (2019 batch onwards) is attached in Annexure VII.
  • Scheme and Syllabi of M.Tech Cyber Security (2019 batch onwards) is attached in Annexure VIII.


PhD Program

List of PhD scholars who have completed PhD from the Department of Computer Engineering

S. No Name Supervisor Type Regn. No. Thesis title Date of Joining Date of completion
1. Amita Dr. M. Dave Part-Time 1038/4 Load balanced routing in mobile Ad Hoc networks 11.10.2004 09.03.2010
2. Abhishek Dr. A.K.Singh Part-Time 1055/5 Efficient group mutual exclusion protocols for message passing distributed computing system 28.07.2005 03.03.2011
3. Varun Gupta Dr. J K Chhabra  Part-Time 1129/6 Object oriented static and dynamic software metrics for design and complexity 27.11.2006 07.12.2010
4. Sanjeev Kr. Gupta Dr. M. Dave Part-Time 1152/7 Routing and data dissemination in wireless sensor networks 04.04.2007 29.03.2012
5. Umesh Ghanekar Dr. A.K.Singh Dr. Rajoo Pandey Part-Time 1054/5 Spatial domain filtering technique for impulse noise removal from digital images 28.07.2005 18.04.2013
6. Poonam Saini Dr. A.K.Singh Part-Time 1193/8 Fault tolerant Distributed computing 30.04.2008 08.08.2013
7 Sh. Rajesh Kr. Aggrawal Dr. M. Dave Part- Time 1142/7 Improving Hindi speech recognition using filer bank optimization and acoustic model refinement 01.04.2007 09.07.2014
8 Sh. Shashi Bhushan Dr. M. Dave Part- Time 1095/6 Real time information dissemination and management in peer-to-peer networks 04.05.2006 05.02.2015
9 Sh. Rakesh Kumar Dr. M.Dave Part-Time 1271/9 Data aggregation in vehicular networks 27.10.2009 19.03.2015
10 Mr Vijay Kumar Dr. J. K. Chhabra Dr. Dinesh  Chautani, GJU Univ. Hisar Part-Time 1362/11 Development of efficient data clustering techniques Metheuristics 24.02.2011 11.06.2015
11 Mr. Amit Kr. Singh Prof. M.Dave Prof. Anand Mohan, Director, NIT KKR Part-Time 1425/12 Some new techniques of improved wavelet domain watermarking for medical images 21.02.2012 07.12.2015
12 Ms Ritu Garg Dr. A. K. Singh Part-Time 1267/9 Multi-objective workflow scheduling in grid environment 25.10.2009 25.02.2016
13 Sh Virender Ranga Dr. M. Dave Prof. Anil K. Verma, Thapar Univ. Patiala Part-Time 1403/11 Network partition recovery in wireless sensor and actor networks 19.09.2011  25.02.2016
14 Ms Parmeet Kaur Jaggi Dr. A. K. Singh Part-Time 1367/11 Efficient check pointing and recovery in mobile AD HOC networks 22.02.2011 05.07.2016
15 Ms Chhavi Dr. S. K. Jain Part-Time 1268/9 An evolutionary clustering algorithm for handling dynamics of user profiles in recommender systems 27.10.2009 24.04.2017
16 Mr. Ashish Khanna Dr.  A.K.Singh Dr. Abhishek Swaroop, Galgotias Univ., Noida Part-Time 1309/10 Local Mutual Exclusion and its Variants in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks 05.10.2010 24.02.2017
17 Mr. Anshu Prasher Dr. J. K. Chhabra Part-Time 1275/10 Measurement of Quality of Object Oriented Software using Mining of Software Repositories 10.03.2010 24.04.2017
18 Mr. Mohd Sadiq Dr. S. K. Jain Part-Time 1369/11 Fuzzy Logic Driven Goal Oriented Requirements Elicitation Process 22.02.2011 24.04.2017
19 Mr. Shashank Gupta  Dr. B.B. Gupta Full-Time 6140001 Design and Development of Defensive Solutions for Web Applications Against Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Attacks 27.01.2014 07.10.2017
20 Mr. Amarjeet Dr. J. K. Chhabra Full-Time 1483/13 lmproved Software Remodularization through Search BasedTechniques 26.02.2013 21.10.2017
21 Mr. Nitin Goyal Prof. M.Dave Prof. Anil K. Verma, Thapar Univ. Patiala Part-Time 1444/12 Data Aggregation in Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks 04.04.2012 27.06.2018
22 Mr. Mohit Dua Dr. R.K. Agarwal Dr. Mantosh Biswas Part- Time 6140054 Feature Optimization for Noise Robust Hindi Speech Recognition System 01.08.2014 29.10.2018
23 Mr. Ankit Kumar Jain Dr. B.B. Gupta Part-Time 6140012 Detection and Protection against Phishing Attacks 30.01.2014 24.10.2018
24 Ms. Priyanka Ahlawat Dr. M.Dave Part-Time 6130073 Key Management in Wireless Sensor Network Security 12.08.2013 22.10.2018
25 Mr. Kriti Bhushan Dr. B.B. Gupta Part-Time -6140026 Protecting Cloud Computing Environment from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks 03.02.2014 22.10.2018
26 Mr. Mahendra Kumar Murmu Dr. A. K. Singh Part-Time 6130072 Leader Election in Cognitive Radio Networks 13.08.2013 05.10.2018
27 Mr. Amit Mishra Dr. S. K. Jain Part-Time 1352/10 Computing Sentiment Polarity  of Opinion Why Type Questions asked on Product Review Sites 16.11.2010 17.09.2018
28 Mr Mrityunjay Singh Dr. S. K. Jain Full-Time 1290/10 Triplet DS: A Prototype of a Dataspace System Based on Triple Data Model 03.05.2010 05.11.2018
29 Mr. Surjit Singh Dr. R.K. Agarwal Part-Time 6140061 Improved Load Balanced Clustering for Wireless Sensor Networks 04.08.2014 17.01.2019
30 Mr. Santosh Kumar Dr. A. K. Singh Part-Time 6140062 Efficient Routing and Backbone Formation in Cognitive Radio Networks 06.08.2014 16.02.2019
31 Ms. Aakanksha Tiwari Dr. B.B. Gupta Full-time 6150053 Security & Privacy in IoT and its Applications 12.10.2015 11.10.2019
32 Mr. Jagan Nath Dr. R.K. Aggarwal Dr. Yudhvir Singh, MDU, Rohtak Part – time 6140055 Optimized and Secured Vertical Handover Mechanism for Mobile Adhoc Network 01.08.2014 01.02.2019
33 Mr. Vijay Verma Dr. R.K. Agarwal Part-Time 6140020 Study of Similarity Measures in Collaborative Recommendations 31.01.2014 01.07.2019
35 Mr. Anoop Kr. Patel Dr. S. K. Jain Part-Time 6140018 Risk Analysis of Atherosclerosis Disease using carotid Ultrasound 31.01.2014 05.07.2019
36 Ms. Bharati Sinha Dr. A. K. Singh Dr. Poonam Saini, PEC Chandigarh Part-Time 6140060 Detection and Recovery of Internal Failure in Multi-Cloud 05.08.2014 11.07.2019
37 Mr. Vikram Singh Dr. M.Dave Part-Time 1630071  Context Aware Iterative Intent Estimation for Exploratory Search 14.08.2013 07.08.2019
38 Mr. Vishal Dr. R.K. Agarwal Part-Time 6140057 Hybrid Convolution Acoustic Models for Hindi Speech Recognition 01.08.2014 08.08.2019
39 Ms. Kavita Sharma  Dr. B.B. Gupta Full-time 6140084  Defense Mechanisms Against Various Attacks in Mobile Devices 12.08.2014 20.08.2019
40 Ms. Mamta Dr. S. K. Jain Part-Time 1301/10  Incremental Data management Using an Effective Document Retrieval Framework Based on Monarch Butterfly-Firely Optimization Based Neural Network Classifier 06.10.2010 25.09.2019
41 Mr. Amit Rathee Dr. J. K. Chhabra Part-Time 6160030  Extraction and Evaluation of Software Components from Object-Oriented Artifacts 03.02.2016 09.06.2020
42 Ms. Mamta  Dr. B.B. Gupta Full-time 6150052  Secure and Efficient Searchable Encryption Using Public Key Cryptographic Primitives 12.10.2015 05.10.2020
43 Mr. Somya Ranjan Sahoo Dr. B.B. Gupta Full-time 6170042 Defense Mechanisms Against Various Attacks in Online Social Networks 19.01.17 27.10.2020
44 Mr. Abhishek Verma Dr. Virender Ranga Full-time 6170034 Design and   Development of   Instrusion Detection  Systems for Internet  of Things    18.1.17 17.12.2020

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