Ph.D. Scholars


List of Ph.D. Students

Sr. No. Registration No. Name Year of Admission Part Time/Full Time Tentative Area of Research Supervisor(s) Contact Details
1. 6140025 Mr. Manish K Ghodki 2013-14 Full  Time Utilization of solar energy Prof. A.Swarup
Prof. Yash Pal
2. 6140089 Mr. Navjot Singh Sandhu 2014-15 Full Time Performance analysis of wind turbines connected to power grid Dr. Saurabh Channa 09416528979
3. 6140090 Ms. Alka Solanki 2014-15 Full Time Design of cooling process steam in co- generation system for industrial application Prof. Yash Pal
Dr. Rajesh Kumar
4. 6140091 Mr. Sahil Bajaj 2014-15 Full Time Economical aspects of wind power generation Prof. K.S. Sandhu 09643331120
5. 6140092 Mr. Vijay Kumar 2014-15 Part Time Wind power forecasting Prof. Yash Pal
Dr. M.M. Triphati
6. 6140093 Mr. Navdeep Singh 2014-15 Full Time Control application to wind energy conversion system Dr. Bhanu Pratap
Prof. A. Swarup
7. 6150021 Mr. Pankaj Negi 2014-15 Part Time Stability Analysis And Control Prof. Yash Pal
Dr. Leena G.
8. 6150039 Ms. Archana Singh 2014-15 Part Time Power quality and voltage control in smart grids Prof. Sathans 09351465287
9. 6150019 Ms. Anuja Shaktawat 2014-15 Part Time Risk – assessment of hydropower plants Dr. Shelly Vadhera 09560609880 
10. 6150022 Mr. Harendra K Yadav 2014-15 Part Time PV power Forecasting  , restructuring market Prof. Yash Pal
Dr. M.M. Triphati
11. 6160025 Mr. Muzzafar Hussain 2016-17 Full Time Sub optimal controller design for LTI systems using soft computing techniques Dr. Anil Kumar Dahiya  09797153838
12. 6160043 Mr. Ravi Chaurasia 2016-17 Part Time Optimal planning of integrated renewable energy systems for Off- grid rural electrification Prof. Yash Pal 09411826365
13. 6160029 Mr. Brijesh Kumar 2016-17 Part Time Performance analysis of doubly fed induction generator (DFIG) with controlling of real and reactive power Dr. Giribabu Dyanamina 08307206119
14. 6170029 Mr. Alok Kumar 2017-18 Part Time Renewable energy conversion system and control Prof. A. Swarup
Dr. Bhanu Pratap
15. 6170037 Mr. Piyush Chandra Ojha 2017-18 Part Time Performance Evaluation of Renewable Energy System With FACTS Devices Dr. Anil Kumar Dahiya 09811815481
National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra - 136119,
Haryana (India)