PG & PhD


Title of Programme Full Time/part-time Duration Sanctioned Strength
Post-graduate Program MCA Full Time 3 yrs        96 (64 Regular,  32 Self Financed)
Research Program Leading to PhD Both



Ph.D Ongoing

Sr.No Year Name Scholar Registration No Full/Part Area/Title of Research Name of Supervieor Co.Supervieor
1 2016 Sonia Mehla 2K16-NITK-Ph.D-6160014- MCA Full Time An Efficient Ontology Based Earthquake Decision Support Dr. Sarika Jain              —–
2 2018 Rishabh Gupta 2K18-NITK-Ph.D-6180047- MCA Full Time Cloud Computing, Information Security, Machine Learning Dr. Ashutosh Kr Singh              —–
3 2018 Sumit Sharma 2K18-NITK-Ph.D-6180087- MCA Full Time Ontology Engineering And Semantic Intelligence Dr. Sarika Jain              —–
4 2018 Deepika Saxena 2K18-NITK-Ph.D-6180096- MCA Full Time Cloud Computing , Machine Learning , Resource Management , Security And Evolutionary Optimization Dr. Ashutosh Kr Singh              —–
5 2018 Sumit Dalal 2K18-NITK-Ph.D-6180101- MCA Full Time NLP , Sentiment Analysis, Semantic Web Dr. Mayank Dave Dr.Sarika Jain
6 2019 Jatinder Kumar 2K19-NITK-Ph.D-61900097- MCA Full Time Security And Privacy, Smart Grid Dr. Ashutosh Kr Singh              —–
7 2019 Abhishek 2K19-NITK-Ph.D-61900048- MCA Full Time Semantic Technologies , Ontology Alignment Dr. Sarika Jain              —–
8 2019 Vivek Prakash Srivartava 2K19-NITK-Ph.D-61900123 MCA Full Time Machine Learning, Universum, Imbalance, Heteroscedastic ases Of SVM Dr. Kapil              —–
9 2020 Smruti Rekha Swain 2K20-NITK-Ph.D-62000063 MCA Full Time Cloud Computing And Edge Computing, Resource Management In Cloud Environment Dr. Ashutosh Kr Singh              —–
10 2021 Monika 2k2021-NIT-Ph.D-62100009 Full Time Quantum Inspired Computing Dr. Sandeep Kumar Sood
11 2021 Pooja Rani 2k2021-NIT-Ph.D-62100010 full time Security And Privacy, Secure And Fault Tolerant Data Aggregation In Smart Grid. Dr. Ashutosh Kr Singh
12 2021 Pooja 2k2021-NIT-Ph.D-62100011 Full Time Quantum Inspired Computing And Machine Learning Dr. Sandeep Kumar Sood
13 2021 Reema lalit 2k2021-NIT-Ph.D-62100012 Part Time Machine Learning Techniques Dr. Kapil
14 2021 Yogveer singh Lamba 2k2021-NIT-Ph.D-62100013 Part Time Knowledge Mapping Of 4D Printing Technologies Dr. Sandeep Kumar Sood Dr.Ashutosh Kr Singh
15 2021 Kriti Bansal 2k2021-NIT-Ph.D-62100014 Part Time Advanced Intelligent Techniques For Various Imaging Applications Dr. Vikas Mittal

Ph.D Awarded

Sr.No Year Name Scholar Registration No Full/Part Area / Title of Research Name of Supervieor Co.Supervieor
1 2010 Vikas Choudhary 2K10-NITK-Ph.D-1314- MCA Part Time Architecture & Application Of Self Organizing Map Dr. R.S.Bhatia Dr. Anil Kr Ahawat
2 2010 Bharti Sharma 2K10-NITK-Ph.D-1285- MCA Part Time Distributed Synchronization In Mobile Computing Dr. R.S.Bhatia Dr. A.K.Singh
3 2010 Shailja 2K10-NITK-Ph.D-1286- MCA Part Time Framework For Semantic Web Service Discovery Dr. J.S.Lather Dr. Mayank Dave
4 2010 Neeraj Garg 2K10-NITK-Ph.D-1336- MCA Part Time Mobile Computing System Dr. J.S.Lather Dr. S.K.Dhurander
5 2010 Arun Kumar 2K10-NITK-Ph.D-1325- MCA Part Time An Optimized Handover Management Protocol For Mobile IPv6 Dr. J.S.Lather Dr. R.Radhakrishan
6 2011 Sahill Saharan 2K11-NITK-Ph.D-1376- MCA Part Time SPARQL Query Optimization Using Heuristic Optimization Algorithms Dr. J.S.Lather Dr. R.Radhakrishan
7 2015 Sonika Malik 2K15-NITK-Ph.D-6150011- MCA Part Time Ontology Based Cost Estimation And Knowledge Infused Text Classification Using Hybrid AI Dr. Sarika Jain              —–
8 2015 Sakshi Chhabra 2K15-NITK-Ph.D-6150051- MCA Full Time Load Balancing Models For Resource Allocation In Cloud Computing Dr. Ashutosh Kr Singh              —–
9 2015 Jitendra Kumar 2K15-NITK-Ph.D-6150054- MCA Full Time Machine Learning Models For Cloud Resource Management Dr. Ashutosh Kr Singh              —–
10 2016 Ishu Gupta 2K16-NITK-Ph.D-6160051- MCA Full Time Data Protection In Cloud Computing Environment Dr. Ashutosh Kr Singh              —–
11 2016 Priti Maratha 2K16-NITK-Ph.D-6160045- MCA Full Time Elongating The Lifetime Of Wireless Sensor Network Using Heuristics And Mathematical Modeling Dr. Kapil              —–
12 2017 Archana Patel 2K17-NITK-Ph.D-6170005- MCA Full Time Effective Ontology Mapping And Personalized Behavior With Comprehensive Knowledge Structure Dr. Sarika Jain              —–
13 2017 Neha Goyal 2K17-NITK-Ph.D-6170008- MCA Full Time Machine Learning Approaches For Plant Identification Using Leaf Images Dr. Kapil Dr. Nitin (NIT Uttrakhand)