Foreign Students

Note: NIT Surathkal is considering the DASA Admission for the year 2010-11 and 2010-12. Please contact at their website


 A) Payable at the time of first enrolment only

  B.Tech. (Rs.) M.Tech (Rs.)
Institute Caution money (Refundable) 4000/- 5000/-
Hostel Caution money (Refundable) 1500/- 1500/-
Hostel Watch and Ward Expenses
(Non Refundable)
2000/- 2000/-
Mess Advance (Adjustable) 5000/- 5000/-
 Total 12500/- 13500/-

B) Annual Charges

  B.Tech. (Rs.) M.Tech (Rs.)
Tuition Fee (In two installments) 12000/- 15000/-
Contribution towards Corpus Fund
(At the time of Ist yr admission only)
16000/- 8000/-
Student Related Activity Fee
(In two installments)
5900/- PA 5900/- PA
Alumni Association Contribution
(In two installments)
500/- 500/-
   B.Tech.(Rs.) M.Tech (Rs.)
DASA* Tuition Fee US $ 7000 PA**
SAARC* Tuition Fee US $ 2000 PA**
*Fee structure as approved by the Govt. of India.
**Other funds as applicable to the other students.
Hostel Rent including furniture fan rent and water charges (in two installments)
For a Single-seated room :
Hostel Rent
6000/- PA 6000/- PA
For a Double-seated room  :
Hostel rent
4000/- PA 4000/- PA
For a Triple seated room
Hostel rent
2000/- PA 2000/- PA