Jitander Kumar Kapoor (Head of Department)

Designation:    Associate Professor
Department:    Chemistry
Qualification:    M.Sc. (Gold Medalist), M. Phil (Gold Medalist) and Ph.D (1996)
Email:    jkkapoor11@gmail.com
Phone No:    01744233541
Area of Interest:    

Research Interests

Organic Synthesis and Pharmacetical /Medicinal interest, Development of Potentiometric Sensors Based on Organic Ionophores, Synthesis and Application of Polyelectrolytes in Water Treatment and Recent Publications

Pyrazolylbenzyltriazoles as cyclooxygenase inhibitors: synthesis and biological evaluation as dual anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial agents New Journal of Chemistry 38 (2014) 3662-3672
Spectrophotometric determination of Molybdenum iusing surfactant-mediated liquid-liquid extraction Turkish Journal of Chemistry 38(2) (2014) 328-337.
Design, Synthesis and Antimicrobial Evaluation of Novel 1,3-Oxazolidin-2-one Derivatives, Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry, 13 (2013) 2062-2075.
Metal- and solvent-free synthesis of N-sulfonylformamidines, Green Chemistry, 15 (2013) 2294-2301, Effective use of lime and alum alongwith synthetic polyelectrolyte in treatment of dairy industry waste water, Journal of Pollution Research, 32(1) (2013) 39-44.

Experience :

Teaching 18
R & D Organization / Industry —


Research Publications –

Journals: 25

International 18
National 7
Conference / Seminar / Symposia etc.: 15

International 10
National 05
Books / Monographs / Manuals (including year &publisher): Nil

Awards :

Gold medalist in M.Sc
Gold medalist in M.Phil
Ph.D Supervised :

Completed —–
In progress 04
M.Tech Dissertations :

Completed 05
In progress —
Contribution :

Member, Departmental Research Committee
Member, Board of Studies
Member, Departmental Advisory Committee
Hostel warden
Member, Sports Committee
Prof.-in -Charge, M&D Club
Research Collaborations : Collabrations with National Institute of Pharmaceutical Research and education (NIPER), Mohali, Department of Chemistry, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra

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