Rupanshi Batra

Designation:    Associate Professor
Department:    Electrical Engg
Qualification:    M.Tech(Electrical)(1989),R.E.C.,Kurukshetra
Phone No:    9729063031
Area of Interest:    

Current Areas of Interest – Reliability, Measurement and Instrumentation, Digital Electronics, Network Analysis and Synthesis and Control Systems

 Research Activities
Paper presentation and guidance of UG/PG projects and dissertations
Future plan of Academic and research Activities
To involve myself in some more subject areas. Main objective is to be a good teacher, work in team spirit, and improve always to achieve my targets which I have been successfully doing. I always update my course material and teaching methods & will be doing in future also.
Planning to publish more research papers & to guide the student projects & dissertations in latest areas using latest techniques.

Experience :

Total experience (in years):
Teaching : 28+ years

Sr. No Details of teaching experience
Post Place From To
1 Lecturer REC Kurukshetra 7/8/1991 8/10/1998
2 Lecturer Senior Scale REC Kurukshetra 9/10/1998 30/6/2004
3 Lecturer Selection Grade NIT Kurukshetra 1/7/2004 30/6/2007
4 Associate Professor NIT Kurukshetra 1/7/2007 22/1/2018

Research Publications :

1. Journals :

Sr.NoTitle of the paperName of Journal. Volume (No.), pg, year1Tuning of PI Speed Controllers in DTC of Induction Motor based on Sliding Mode and Fuzzy Sliding Mode ControllersInternational Journal of Computer Networks and Wireless Communications(IRACST) Vol. 4, No. 2, April 20142Direct Torque Control Of Induction Motor Using Fuzzy Sliding Mode ControlInternational Journal of Advanced Technology in Engineering and Science ISSN (online): 2348 – 7550 Volume No.03, Special Issue No. 02, February 20152. Conference/Seminar/symposia etc:

Sr. No. Title of the paper Proceedings details
Name of Conference pg, year
1 Increasing availability through RAM National conference 1991 held at REC, Kurukshetra Pg D41 to D45
2 A search method for reliability optimization National Conference held at Sir Chhotu Ram College of Engg, Murthal 20 to21 Feb 2003 Pg 411 to 415
3 Design and modelling of an inverted pendulum using MATLAB International conference on BIOMEDICAL ENGG. and assistive technologies held at Dr. B.R. Ambedkar NIT Jalandhar on 17 to 19 Dec,2010 Paper ID101 Pg  33
4 Availability and reliability analysis of uninterrptible power supply system configuration National conference on Nanomaterials & Instrumentation held at NIT Kurukshetra on March 9 to 10, 2014 PP37, Pg 120121
5 Reliability Estimation of uninterrupted power supply system by probability tree method National conference on Nanomaterials & Instrumentation held at NIT Kurukshetra on March 9 to 10, 2014 OP15, Pg 2526
6 Availability & Reliability analysis of UPS system configuration using Bayesian network method National conference on recent advances in Power system (RAPS 2014) PEC University of technology, Chandigarh 28 June 2014
7 Reliability using Hardware redundancy of Train control system International conference on Emerging Paradigms and practices in Global Technology Management n business Dec 22 to 24, 2014 Pg 36
8 Reliability Analysis of grid connected photovoltaic system 3rd National conference on Nanoscience and Instrumentation technology NCNIT  2015 held at NIT Kurukshetra on June 0607,2015 PP62
9 Three dimensional plot for root locus including gain International conference on production & industrial Engg. 2016 Pg 15


3. Books/Monographs/Manuals (including year & publisher)  : NIL

M.Tech Dissertations :  

Sr. No. Title of Dissertation Name of Student/Regd. No Year of Award
1 Reliability Optimization of Coherent Systems Kakarla Hussanaiah (201748) 2002
2 Artificial Intelligence Methods in Control Systems Kakarla Hussanaiah (201748) 2003
3 Development of Mamdani’s Inference System for Control of an Autonomous vehicle Ashish Sharma (2K2751) 2004
4 Fuzzy Controller for a car like vehicle with specific view on obstacle avoidance Ashish Sharma (2K2751) 2004
5 Evaluation of Relaiability Indices for Combined Cycle Power Plant Rakesh Kumar (299749) 2005
6 Protection of Generator against Asymmetrical fault using digital relay Balvinder Singh (207214) 2009
7 Study and Simulation of Current-Sourced Inverter Mahavir (207212) 2009
8 Tuning of PID Controller Using Fuzzy Logic Durgesh Kumar (207249) 2009
9 Design and Modeling of An Inverted Pendulum Using MATLAB Reena Rani (208257) 2010
10 Reliability Comparison of Boost PFC Converter In DCM And CCM Operating Modes Rajesh Kumar (208259) 2010
11 Analysis of Performance of DC Drive by using PFC Boost Converter Kedri Janardhana (208253) 2010
12 Estimation and Evaluation of Common Cause Failure Analysis of Systems Using Implicit Methods Vijay Kumar (209241) 2011
13 Tuning of PI Speed Controller in DTC of IM Based on Genetic Algorithm and fuzzy Sliding Mode Nagubandi Mahesh (209205) 2011
14 Voltage Source Converter Controller Design based on Multivariable Dynamic Model Sirasala Seetharamudu (210115) 2012
15 Modeling and Control of Variable Speed Wind Turbine Using Intelligent Control Technique Jitender Kumar (211609) 2013
16 Reliability Analysis with Common Cause Failure Bayesian Networks Himanshu Kohli (3121521) 2014
17 Reliability And Availability Analysis of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) System Configurations Deepak Sharma (312516) 2014
18 Reliability optimization using Different Redundancy Techniques Vivek Singh (3131517) 2015


UG Projects : 

Sr. No. Title of Project
1 Reliability Analysis Under Common Cause Failures
2 C.C.N. Reliability Analysis
3 Design and study of 11 KV substation
4 Study and design of charge controller
5 Website Development
6 Electrocardiogram Instrumentation Study and Interfacing of ADC with Microprocessor 8085
7 Area-Automatic Vehicle
8 Micrologix 1000 Programmable Logic Crontroller
9 Steganography
10 Improvement of Transient stability using TCSC
11 Design of Prepaid energymeter
12 Redundancy Optimization-An approximate analysis
13 Public Garden Monitoring System
14 Microcontroller Based Central Irrigation System
15 Automatic Sun Seeker



Sr.No Assignment /Designation
1 Mentor for 1st year induction program for the year 2018 and 2019
2 Member BOG NITk
3 Member DAC
4 Prof Incharge Computer and Signal and System Lab
5 Incharge information,management and RTI
6 Member BOS
7 I/C Measurement & Basic Lab
8 I/C Educational Tours
9 I/C Academics & Exam Affair
10 I/C Qutetion Opening Committee meetings
11 I/C Practical Training
12 I/C Central Library
13 I/C Departmental Library
14 I/C Obsolescence Furniture
15 I/C Basic Electrical & Measurement Lab
16 I/C Library (Departmental & Central)
17 I/C Information Management
18 Member Departmenta Affair Committee
19 I/C Equipment & Furniture obsolescence
20 I/C Registration & Attendance
21 I/C Analog & Digital Electronics Lab
22 I/C Academic, Exam & Result
23 Member for Canteen Committee
24 Member House Allotment Committee
25 Member BOS assigned by Vice – Chancellor, Kurukshetra University
26 Deputy Superintendent in Centre-2
27 Annual Stock Verification Officer Civil Deptt
28 Flying Squad at Exam Centres
29 Centre Superintendent in Centre-1