M. P. R. Prasad

Designation:    Assistant Professor
Department:    Electrical Engg
Qualification:    Ph.D. from NIT Kurukshetra, M.Tech from NIT Calicut, B.Tech from NBKRIST, Sri Venkateswara University


Email:    mprprasad@nitkkr.ac.in
Phone No:    01744233172
Area of Interest:    

Control Applications to Marine Robotic Vehicles, Industrial Automation, Process Control, Instrumentation, Model Predictive Control

Experience :
Working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering, NIT Kurukshetra since 16/05/2013
Worked as an Sr. Assistant Professor in Embedded Systems Division, School of Electronics, VIT University Vellore from 11/05/2009 to 13/05/2013


Research Publications:


Journals listed in TR-SCI

Prasad M P R, and Swarup A “Position and velocity control of remotely operated underwater vehicle using model predictive control”, Indian Journal of Geo Marine Sciences, vol no 44(12), Dec 2015 pp. 1920-1927 (SCI, NISCAIR publishers, also available online)
Prasad M P R, and Swarup A, “Sliding mode based predictive controller of a spheroidal underwater vehicle”, International Journal of Maritime Engineering, RINA transactions UK (Vol. 159, June 2017 issue, listed in SCI) DOI 10.3940/rina.ijme.2017.a2.418
Prasad M P R, and Swarup A, “Model Predictive Control of an AUV using Decoupled Approach “International Journal of Maritime Engineering, RINA transactions UK (Trans RINA, Vol 160, Part A1, Intl J Maritime Eng, Jan-Mar 2018) DOI 10.3940/rina.ijme.2018.a1.459
Prasad M P R, and Swarup A, “Control of Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle using MPC” Published in IJME, RINA, 2019
Prasad M P R,” Set point trajectory control of ROV using MPC published in IJME, RINA, 2020




Scopus Indexed:

Kumaril Buts, Lillie Dewan, M.P.R. Prasad, “PI-based hybrid control for load-stress management of a fuel cell-based hybrid power system” International Journal of Modelling, Identification and Control, Dec 2022
Buts, K., Dewan, L. & Prasad, M. (2023). Development of renewable energy-based power system for the irrigation support: case studies. Energy Harvesting and Systems Journal. https://doi.org/10.1515/ehs-2022-0123

International/National Conferences

  1. Yaswanth Sai M P R PRASAD. “High Speed Sixty Four Bit Vedic Multiplier”. 2021 5th Conference on Information and Communication Technology (CICT), IIITDM Kurnool (Fully Funded by Central Government). vol.5, no.2, PP.4,Dec 2021,, https://doi.org/10.1109/CICT53865.2020.9672441
  2. 2. Nikhil Kumar & M P R Prasad. “A Comparative Analysis Of Different Topologies Of On-board Charger (OBC) With An Approach Of Interfacing It With MCB”. 2021 6th International Conference for Convergence in Technology (I2CT), IEEE Bombay Section. vol.6, no.2, PP.6,Apr 2021,, https://doi.org/10.1109/I2CT51068.2021.9417956
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  22. M.P.R.Prasad & Arvind Kumar Singh,”Application of Model Predictive Control to Underwater Vehicle Surge Motion Control”. IEEE Sympol 2023, CUSAT, Kochi, 13-15, Dec. 2023.

M.Tech Dissertations Guided:

Sr.No Title of Dissertation Name of the Student/Regd. No Year of Award
1 Control of water level in Nuclear U-tube steam reactor using Model Predictive Control Ajendra Singh/3131522 June  2015
2 Development of Fuzzy Logic Controller for Scienific and Engineering Applications Kumari Sulekh/3141508 June 2016
3 Control of Electric Power Assisted Steering System using Model Predictive Control Anshul Khinchi/3149505    June 2018
4 Development of Controller for current and speed control of interior permanent magnet synchronous motor Robin/31504127 June 2017
5 Development of Controller for Fish Robot A M Aminur Rahman Barbhuiya/31604119 June 2018
6 Performance Improvement of Rolling Mill system using Control Techniques B Hemakumar/31604101 June 2018
7 Control Applications to High Speed Train Preeti Singh/31704113 June 2019
8 Modelling and Control of a Coral Reef Monitoring Robot (C-Bot) Pentakota Sai Kiran/31804107 Sept 2020
9 Design and Analysis of MCB Compliant Onboard Charger on the basis of Topologies, efficiency, losses, and automation Nikhil Kumar/31804111 June 2020
10 Multi-directional vectored thrusting of Quadrotor in Aerial and Aquatic modes Suram Rahul/31904318 June 2021
11 Implementation of Intelligent Control for pH Neutralization Process Amit Kumar Patel/31904118 June 2021
12 Control Applications of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Hridyesh Nigam/32014109 July 2022
13 Autosar Compliant Multi-core Partitioning  for Power train Applications Daisy Ranawat/31711101 June  2019
14 FPGA based object Parameter Detection for Embedded Vision Application Aman Saxena/31811110 June 2020
15 Design of a start-up and analysis of Ring Oscillator VCO’s Bhavanigari Venkata Harish Babu/31911209 June 2021
16 Time Division Multiplexing for Multi Core Scan test Thanneru Chandrasekhar/31911109 June 2021
17 Verification IP for AMBA AXI 4 Protocol using UVM Gudavalli Rajesh Gowd/31911122 June 2021
18 Latency and Power improvement of hardware sequences using collapse and evolve approach: Nature Inspired methodology Ratnala Vinay/31911118 June 2021
19 Enhancement of STA constraints for complete application in DFT pattern generation tools T S V S Vijayakumar /31911104 June 2021
20 Analyze and Enhance power states IP validation of next generation Intel SoC Yaswanth Sai Daida,/ 32018123 June 2022
21 System-on-Chip (SoC) Verification and Silicon Bring up Infrastructure Vindhyali Sood/ 32018122 June 2022
22 DFT Circuitry’s Performance Analysis With and Without EDT(Embedded Deterministic Test) Architecture Ritesh Kumar Yadav/ 32018113 June 2022

B Tech Projects Guided

Sr.No Title of Dissertation Name of the Students/Regd. No Year of Award
1 RFID Based Memory less Prepaid Energy Meter with tariff indicator Ms.Aarzoo Adlakha (110664), Mr Mukul Bansal (110046), Mr. Arpit (110652) May 2014
2 Control Techniques on Buck DC-DC Converter Gaurav Gupta (111566), Nayan Simer(111569), Kunal Sahi(111817), Chinoy Bajaj(111818) May 2015
3 Speed and Position Control of Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Saurabh(1120651)

Sunil Kumar (1120658)

Kartik Sharma(1120762)


May 2016
4 Design and Control of Two Wheel Self Balancing Robot Kanan Gupta (1130218)

Suchita Mishra(1130542)


Sukhvir Singh(1130875)

April 2017
5 Development of Controller for 3-DOF Helicopter Neeraj Kumar Meena (1140607)

Arvind Singh Rathore(1140608)

Manish Dahiya( 1140616)

Ashok Dvivedi(1140656)

May 2018
6 Energy Audit for NIT Kurukshetra Mimansha(11510235)

E.Hema Madhavi(11510321)

M.Yaswanth Ram(11510322)

K.Nithish Reddy(11510327)

May 2019
7 Implementation and Analysis of Three Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) techniques using MATLAB and Simulink Rachakonda Sriharsha(11710349)

Mohammad Omid(11730006)

Mateullah Ahmadzai(11730008)

Rahul Meena(11710362)

May 2021
8 @plsfactcheck: An Automated Tool to Fight Against the Misinformation Pandemic on Twitter Sameer Gupta(11710336)

Adarsh Chaube(11710334)

Ishara Mahapatra(11710284)

Kaushlendra Kumar Giri(11710238)

May 2021
9 Electric Vehicle Infrastructure and the

study of different Energy Storage Devices

Jitender (11814088)

Sashyat Singh (11814089)

Chandan Satapathy (11814090)

Faizan-E-Roza (11814125)

Jagriti Kumari (11814141)

April 2022

STC/FDP/Workshops Organized:

Title of the Program From To Duration Sponsoring Agency /Self-financed
1. Coordinator in Advanced Embedded Control Systems & Applications (AECSA-2020)| 21-Sep-2020 26-Sep-2020 6 days TEQIP-III NIT KURUKSHETRA
2. Coordinator in Advanced Control Paradigms and Evolving Trends (ACPET-2020) 26-Oct-2020 31-Oct-2020 6 days TEQIP-III NIT KURUKSHETRA
3. Coordinator in Advances in Modelling and Control of Robotics (AMCR-2021) 18-Oct-2021 23-Oct-2021 6 days Institute Sponsored fund, NIT Kurukshetra
4. Coordinator in Advanced Control Systems & Experiments (ACSE-2022) 18-Jul-2022 23-Jul-2022 6 days Institute Sponsored fund, NIT Kurukshetra under Institute Diamond Jubilee Celebrations
5. Coordinator in Advances in Process Control & Instrumentation (APCI-2019) 15-Jul-2019 19-Jul-2019 5 days Self-financed

6. Local Coordinator in System Designing with Controllers from 14/11/2022 to 18/11/2022 5 days NITTTR Chandigarh

7. Local Coordinator in Tools for Engineering Research from 19/09/2022 to 22/09/2022 5 days NITTTR Chandigarh

8. Local Coordinator in Big Data Applications in Electrical Engineering from 20/02/2023 to 24/02/2023, 5 days NITTTR Chandigarh

9. Session Chair in National Conference on Internet of Things & Embedded Systems organized by ECE Department, NIT Kurukshetra during Feb 24-25, 2023.

10. Coordinator in STC on “Effective Communication Skills and Leadership Qualities” organized by Training and Placement Cell, NIT Kurukshetra during June 26-30, 2023 under Institute Diamond Jubilee Celebrations.

11. Coordinator in STC on “Cyber Physical Systems and Industrial Automation” organized by the Department of Electrical Engineering NIT Kurukshetra during 17-22 July 2023.

12. Coordinator in one day webinar on “Unlocking the Future: Mechatronics Technological Innovation” on 07/11/2023 organized by NITTTR Chandigarh

13. Coordinator in STC on “Nurturing and Testing of Employability and Entrepreneurship Skills”, organized by Training and Placement Cell, NIT Kurukshetra during Oct 03-07- 2023.

14. Coordinator in STC on “Attitude, Behaviour and Career Skills for Entrepreneurship and Professional Development(ABCS-2024)” organized by Training and Placement Cell, NIT Kurukshetraduring March 04-08, 2024

Institute Responsibilities:

Faculty In-Charge: Training and Placement Cell w. e. f July 2022

Hostel Warden: H-8 w. e. f July 2021

Worked as a Liaison Officer, OBC Cell during July 2019 to June 2022.

Facilitator, Heartfulness Meditation under Thought Lab w e f July 2022

Departmental Responsibilities:

Member in DRC w e f 2022

Member in BOS w e f 2021

Member in DAC during Feb 2019 to Feb 2021

Prof I/c: MPMC Lab

Prof I/c CAD Lab during 2018-2019

Prof I/c Control Systems Lab during 2017-2019

Department Time Table Coordinator during 2018-19

Subjects Taught for M.Tech students

1. Guidance and Control
2. Computer Based Control Systems
3. Robust Control and Applications
4. Optimal and Robust Control
5. Mechatronics
6. Instrumentation and Control for Energy System

7. Optimal Control and Applications

8. Multivariable Control Systems

Subjects taught for B.Tech students

1. Circuit Theory
2. Network Analysis and Synthesis
3. Measurements & Instrumentation-I
4. Measurements & Instrumentation-II
5. Digital Electronics
6. Signals and Systems
7. Control Systems
8. Power Plant Instrumentation
9. Mechatronics
10. Network Synthesis and Filters

11. Industrial Control

Book Chapters:

1. Latency and Power Improvement of Hardware Sequences using Collapse and Evolve approach: Nature-Inspired Methodology
Authors: Ratnala Vinay & M.P. R. Prasad 2022 Springer
2. Multiwave Effect Estimate of Pandemic on Population: A Prediction model and IoT based Altering
Authors: Ratanla Vinay M P R Prasad T S V S Vijaya Kumar 2022 Springer
3. Design of Naval Hamming Encoding and Decoding Circuits with Double Error Detection

Authors: Thanneru Chandrasekhar, M P R Prasad, Venkata Harish Babu Bhavanigari 2022 Springer
4. Single-Object Detection Hardware Acceleration using XfOpenCV library
Authors: Aman Saxena, M.P. R. Prasad,Prashant SivajiSutar 2021 Springer
5. Development of Controller for Robotic Fish

Authors: M P R PRASAD and A M AMINURR B 2018 Springer Nature

6. Arun and M. P. R. Prasad “Control Applications in Marine Robot
Vehicles” Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering, 2023. ISBN 978-981-97-1306-6 (eBook)

7. Amit Kumar Patel, M P R Prasad, ” Implementation of Intelligent Controller for pH Nuetrilization Process”, Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering, 2023.

Expert Lectures:

1 Delivered Expert Lecture on Embedded Control Applications in Automotive Systems in STC System Designing with Controllers at NITTTR Chandigarh during 14/11/2022 to 18/11/2022 Nov, 2022
2 Delivered Expert Lecture on Digital Controllers: PID and MPC in STC: “System Designing with Controllers” at NITTTR Chandigarh during 14/11/2022 to 18/11/2022 Dec,2022
3 Delivered Expert Lecture on Hands-on session on Control applications, Marine Robotics Vehicles in National Level online Hands on Faculty Development Program on “ Emerging Technologies in Electrical Engineering 28th November – 2nd December, 2022 at PACE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY & SCIENCES Ongole AP during 28/11/2022 to 02/12/2022 Dec,2022
4 Delivered expert lecture on Embedded System Applications to Automotive Industry in AICTE Sponsored Online FDP on ‘Recent Trends in IoT Using Embedded Systems’ conducting from 07 – 19 December 2020 at MGIT Hyderabad Dec 2020
5 Delivered expert lecture on “Control of Marine Renewable Energy Systems” in Advances in Modeling and Control of Renewable Energy Systems at NIT Kurukshetra Dec 2017
6 Delivered expert  lecture on “Marine Robotics” in “Advances in Process Control & Instrumentation (APCI-2019)” during July 15-19, 2019 at NIT Kurukshetra July 2019
7 Delivered expert lecture on “Power Plant Instrumentation” in “Advances in Process Control & Instrumentation (APCI-2019)” during July 15-19, 2019 at NIT Kurukshetra July 2019
8 Delivered expert  lecture on “Marine Robotics and its Applications” in AICTE Sponsored One Week Online Short Term Training Programme (STTP) On “Recent Advances in Industrial Robotics and Applications” on 7 December to 12 December 2020 at SHREE RAMCHANDRA COLLEGE OFENGINEERING Lonikand, Pune – 412216 Dec 2020
9 Delivered expert  lecture on “Guidance and Control of Aero Robots” in Advances in Modeling and Control of Robotics (AMCR-2021) during October 18-23, 2021, National Institute of Technology Kurukshetra Oct 2021
10 Delivered expert  lecture on “Control Applications to Marine Robotic Vehicles” in Advanced Control Paradigms and Evolving Trends during 26/10/2020 to 31/10/2020 at National Institute of Technology Kurukshetra Oct 2020