Ashwani Jain

Designation:    Professor
Department:    Civil Engg
Qualification:    B.E. (Civil), M.Tech. (Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engg.), Ph.D (Civil)
Address:    BA-5, NIT Campus, National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra-136119
Phone No:    +911744233352
Area of Interest:    

Research Interests: Seismic hazard analysis, ground response analysis, liquefaction susceptibility mapping, strength characteristics of intact rock and rock mass, vibration isolation, behaviour of closely-spaced footings, stabilization of soils, geo-environmental engineering, seismic risk analysis, geosynthetics.

Future Plans:
R & D projects
Conferences and training programmes
Improvement of the analytical skills by the use of Computational Techniques for problem solving/engineering applications
Development of Soil Dynamics Laboratory
Purchase of geotechnical softwares
Activities for Department and Institute Development


Experience :
Teaching – 34 years


Research Publications:
1. Journals:
International 15
National 14
2. Conference/Seminar/Symposia etc.:
International 42
National 86
3. Books/Monographs/Manuals – 9 book chapters
Co-editor, Proceedings of AGIT-2000 (Advances in Ground Improvement Techniques) – National Level Conference, R.E.C. Kurukshetra 2-9-2000

Research projects:
Research Supervisor – AORC Scheme under INSPIRE program, DST, Govt. of India (Oct 2013 – July 2018) – completed
India Research Supervisor – Short-Term Research Internship Newton – Bhabha Programme India (DST) and UK (British Council) (June 2017 – Sept. 2017) at University of Surrey, UK – Completed

Paper titled – ‘Tensile Strength of Sandstone Under Unconfined and Confined Conditions’, 12 (1), Journal of Rock Mechanics and Tunnelling Technology – awarded best paper by ISRMTT under category Rock Testing and Monitoring of Rock Structures during the inaugural function of the INDOROCK – 2011 organized at Roorkee, 13 – 15 October 2011.
Paper titled ‘Preliminary Investigation for Screening of Liquefiable Areas in the State of Haryana, India’ published in Vol. 51, No. 1 – 4, March – Dec. 2014 issue of the ISET Journal given V .H. Joshi Award as the best paper in Soil Dynamics for the block year 2013 – 2016 during the 16th Symposium on Earthquake Engineering (16SEE) at IIT Roorkee on December 21, 2018.
National Scholarship till Graduation
GATE Scholarship in Post-Graduation

Membership of Technical Societies – Life member, ASCE-IS, ISET, ISRMTT, ISTE, IGS, IE(I), VIGYAN BHARTI (Haryana), IMEJ Reader’s Forum.

Ph.D Supervised:
in progress: 01
submitted/awarded: 04

M.Tech Dissertations:
submitted/awarded: 89
in progress: 7


Institute/Department Duties:
Chairman, Canteen Committee – 2023 –
Chairman, Library Committee – 2019 – 2022
Chairman, House Allotment Committee (Teaching) – 2017 – 2019
Specialization Incharge (Geotechnical Engg.) – 2021 –
Faculty I/C (Placement & Internship) – Civil Engg. Deptt. – 2021 – 2023
Faculty I/C (M.Tech. Admission/Scholarship/leave/Attendance etc.) – Civil Engg. Deptt. – 2021 – 2023
Faculty I/C (Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Short Term Courses) – Civil Engg. Deptt. – 2021 – 2023
Coordinator/Faculty I/C (Academic, Exam, Result) – Civil Engg. Deptt. – 2017 – 2021
Coordinator/Faculty I/C (BOS, DAC, DRC meetings) – Civil Engg. Deptt. – 2017 – 2021, 2023 –
Alternate – Coordinator/Faculty I/C (Ph.D Admission, Scholarship, Attendance) – Civil Engg. Deptt. – 2017 – 2021
Alternate Faculty I/C (Curriculum Development and Accreditation of PG Program) – Civil Engg. Deptt. – 2019 – 2021
Faculty Incharge (Curriculum Development and Accreditation) CED – 2021 –
Faculty I/C (Procurement, Stores, DPC) – Civil Engg. Deptt. – 2018 – 2023
Faculty I/C (PG Examination) – Civil Engg. Deptt. – 2019 – 2020
Alternate Coordinator (Deptt. Placement Advisory) – 2017 – 2019
Professor Incharge (Training and Placement) – 2015 – 2017
Deptt. Time Table Incharge – 1997 – 2013
Prof Incharge (Estate & Construction) – 2010 – 2014
Prof. Incharge (Academic & Senate Affairs) – 2008 – 2010
Prof. Incharge/Faculty Incharge, Geotechnical Engg. Laboratory – 2014 – 2017, 2021 –
Alternate – Prof. Incharge/Faculty I/C, Geotechnical Engg. Laboratory – 2008 – 2014, 2019 – 2021
Member, Department Research Committee – 2010 –
Member, BOS, DAC in Civil Engg. – 2011 –
Member, Placement Advisory Committee, 2011 –

Curriculum Development:
Revision of Academic Regulations for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes of the Institute
Involved in modification of B.Tech. Civil Engg. Syllabus
Blowing up and updating of syllabus of M.Tech. Geotechnical Engg.
Co-Ordinator, Revision of B.Tech. curriculum for Civil Engineering w.e.f. 2022-23 as per new National Education Policy (NEP).

Laboratory Development:
Preparation of instruction sheets for B.Tech. & M.Tech. Labs
Modification and review of instruction sheets for students
Member, Deptt. Purchase Committee for Geotechnical Engg., involved in Purchase of Softwares in Geotechnical Engg. (Visual FEA, Geo-5) and Soil Analyser-A German Equipment
Two Computer laboratories with 100 desktop computers with LAN connectivity and networking supported by UPS system with battery bank established in Training & Placement Cell in 2015-16 & 2016-17.

Co-curricular activities:
Co-Chairman, National Level Technical Symposium – Techspardha – 01.03.2012 – 04.03.2012
Member, Organizing Committee, LITERATI, a national level students’ technical symposium
Member, CONFLUENCE an inter-college cultural festival
Member, Organising Committee, Annual Sports Meet of the Institute
Prof. in Charge (Lit. and Deb. Club) 1999, 2002-2006
Prof. Incharge (Cricket) 1999-2000 and 2002-2010, 2011 onwards (Cricket team was Joint Winner in 2008 and Champion in 2009 at PEC Chandigarh, Champion Pune 2009, Runner’s up Nagpur 2010)

Institute Development:
As Prof Incharge (Estate & Construction) involved in various construction and maintenance activities being taken up in the Institute.

Academic activities:
As Prof Incharge (Academic & Senate Affairs) successfully coordinated Annual Convocations 2009, 2010, and various Senate & SCSA meetings
Member, Organizing Committee, Conferences, Workshops and Short term Courses organized in the Institute
Member, Admission Committees for M.Tech., MBA, MCA & B.Tech. admissions
Member, Unfair Means Committee, 2006-2007

Enrichment of Campus Life:
President Staff Club, 1997
Secretary Staff Club 1996
Member, Organizing Committee, Annual Get Together of Alumni Association
Member, Annual Get-together functions and sports activities in Staff Club

Industrial Consultancy:
Acted as Principal Investigator and also associated in a number of consultancy projects under Geotechnical Engg. Division worth lakhs of rupees in the current and preceding financial years.
Provided consultancy for testing of bearing capacity of soil for the construction of additional Girls Hostel (300 capacity) and 12 Nos. Lecture Halls in the institute.

Coordinator/Organizing Secretary:
1st International Online Conference on Sustainable Development in Civil and Electrical Engineering (SDCEE-2021), Dec. 17 – 19, 2021, NIT Kurukshetra
AGIT-2000 (Advances in Ground Improvement Techniques)-National Level Conference, R.E.C. Kurukshetra 2-9-2000
Winter School on Advances in Civil Engg., N I T Kurukshetra, Jan. 21-25, 2008
Workshop on Rationalization of B.Tech. Scheme, N I T Kurukshetra, Jan. 10, 2009
Workshop on Rationalization of B.Tech. Scheme, N I T Kurukshetra, March 2, 2009

Expert Lectures:
On PERT/CPM at HIRMI, Kurukshetra for Government Engineers
On “Foundation Vibration Isolation Methods” in Refresher Course on Advances in Civil Engineering, N I T Kurukshetra, Jan. 21-25, 2008
Expert Lecture on “Foundation Vibration Isolation Methods” delivered on 9th December in Workshop on ‘Earthquake risk management” for field engineers at NIT Kurukshetra from 30th Nov. to 11 Dec 2009
Expert lectures arranged in Refresher Course on Advances in Civil Engineering at N I T Kurukshetra, Jan. 21-25, 2008
Expert lecture “Evaluation of liquefaction potential of soils” in short term course on “Advances in Structural Engineering”, NIT Kurukshetra, 14-19 May 2018.
Expert lecture on “Evaluation of liquefaction susceptibility of soils” in short term course (e-STC) “Advances in Transportation and Environmental Geotechnics (ATEG-2022)”, NIT Hamirpur, April 4-8, 2022.
Expert lecture on “Evaluation of liquefaction susceptibility of soils” in the one-week short term course “Disaster Risk Reduction and Management” during June 12-16, 2023, NIT Kurukshetra.
Expert lecture on “Evaluation of liquefaction susceptibility of soils” in e-STC on “Geotechnics & Soil-Structure Interaction (GSSI-2023)” from 01.09.2023 to 05.09.2023, organized by Department of Civil Engineering, NIT Hamirpur.

Member of the Editorial Board:
Annals of Earth, Environment, and Infrastructure Engineering (AEEIE), An Open Access Journal

National and International Journals in the Geotechnical Engg.

Training Programmes:
Attended a number of summer and winter training programmes on various topics at IIT Kanpur, IIT Roorkee, NIT Jalandhar, NIT Kurukshetra.

Any other:
Chairman, Ragging Prevention Committee during teaching hours, Academic Session 2015-16
Warden Hostel No. 2 from 1997-1999 and 2005-06
Vigilance Officer of the Institute, 2006
Prof Incharge (Results) 2006-08
Member, USER Group, Library, 2007-continuing
Member, Anti-Ragging Squad 2009
Stock Verification Duties in the Institute
Centre Superintendent, Centre No. 1, End Semester Examinations, Nov./Dec. 2010, Nov./Dec. 2023

Topic of M.Tech. Dissertation:
Behaviour of Artificially Cemented Sands

Topic of Ph.D Thesis:
Settlement and Bearing Capacity Characteristics of Closely-Spaced Footings in Cohesionless Soil

Courses taught:
M.Tech.: Foundation Engineering, Soil Dynamics and Machine Foundations, Geotechnical Exploration and Advanced Soil Testing, Clay Mineralogy, Theoretical Soil Mechanics, Engineering Properties of Soils, Earth Pressure & Retaining Structures, Advanced Geotechnical Engg. Lab – I & II, Seminar I & II, Special Assignment, Special Laboratory Assignment
B.Tech.: Soil Mechanics, Foundation Engineering, Rock Engg., Engineering Drawing, Earth Pressure, Construction Techniques and Management, Project Planning and Quality Control, Building Construction Materials & Drawing, Machine Foundations, Geotechnology-I, Soil Mechanics (P), Geotechnology (P), Seminar, Semester Project, Summer Internship, Semester Internship

Innovations/Contribution in Teaching:
Use of power point, Charts, Models, Maps etc. in the classroom for students, Students counseling in career planning, Special attention to weak students, Open discussions and seminars during class, Preparation of resource material including handouts, tutorial sheets, reading materials, Laboratory manuals etc.

B.Tech. Projects/M.Tech. Projects:
Interference Behaviour of Adjacent Strip footings on Sand, Evaluation of Liquefaction Susceptibility using SPT Value A Case Study, Design of Shallow foundations, Triaxial Shear Test, Computational Analysis and Geotechnical Design of Raft Foundations

Currently using following softwares for research:
GeoSuite for liquefaction analysis
DEEPSOIL for ground response analysis
SeismoMatch for scaling of real accelerograms
SeismoArtif for simulation of artificial ground motion
OpenJUMP GIS software
CoPlot/Stat for data analysis
QuickCross/Fence to create cross-sections and fence diagrams (available on link:
RADIUS for seismic risk analysis

Course links:
M.Tech. Geotechnical Engineering Curriculum w.e.f. 2023-24 on the link: Download
M.Tech. MCE2C01 Engineering Properties of Soils Assignments on the link: Download
M.Tech. MCE2C03 Foundation Engineering Assignments on the link: Download
M.Tech. MCE2C02 Soil Dynamics & Machine Foundations Assignment on the link: Download
M.Tech. MCE2C04 Earth Pressure & Retaining Structures Assignments on the link: Download
M.Tech. MCE2O71-72 Machine Foundations Assignment on the link: Download
B.Tech. Civil Curriculum 2019 to 2021 batches on the link: Download
B.Tech. Civil Curriculum 2017 & 2018 batches on the link: Download
B.Tech. CEPC24 Soil Mechanics Assignments on the link: Download
B.Tech. CEPC33 Geotechnology-I Assignments on the link: Download
B.Tech. Civil Curriculum 2022 batch (I & II Semester) on the link: Download
B.Tech. Civil Curriculum 1st year (2023 batch onwards) and 2nd year (2022 batch onwards) on the link: Download
B.Tech. Civil Curriculum for 3rd and 4th years (2022 batch onwards) on the link: Download

Placement & Accreditation Status of M.Tech. Geotechnical Engineering:
Placement Status: Download
Accreditation Status: Download