Mahesh Pal

Designation:    Professor
Department:    Civil Engg
Qualification:    PhD
Address:    N.I.T. Campus, N I T Kurukshetra, 136119,Haryana
Phone No:    01744 233356
Area of Interest:    

Classification and Feature selection with hyperspectral data, Deep learning for remote sensing image classification, Kernel based classification, Image Fusion, cloud detection. Application of soft computing/Deep Learning techniques in civil engineering and GIS applications in Civil Engineering

Experience :
Teaching ~30 years

Research Funding:

  1. Co-investigator in a DST project (DST-206/SP-2), Study of Ground water along Bhakra Main line- Hansi and Butana Branch using isotopic studies.
  2. Developed GIS facilities in the department of civil engineering under DST FIST program (Rs. 17.5 Lacs). (SR/FST/ETI-092/2003, 17-08-2004 to 17-08-2009)
  3. Development of research Facilities through DST FIST funding of 165 Lacs for Department of Civil Engineering (SR/FST/ETI-392, 18-11-2015, Completed in January 2022)
  4. Classification and feature selection of AVIRIS-NG airborne hyperspectral data for crop cover mapping/urban mapping, Rs 20.2 Lacs, Space Application Centre (ISRO) Ahmedabad,19/12/2017 (Completed)
  5. Fusion of Optical and Multi-frequency Multi-polarimetric SAR data for Enhanced Land cover Mapping, 17.44 lacs, Space Application Centre (ISRO) Ahmedabad (Completed)



Commonwealth Scholarship (1999-2002): University of Nottingham (UK)
Commonwealth Fellowship (2008-09): University of Nottingham (UK)
Fulbright-Nehru Senior Research Fellowship (2012-2013): West Virginia University, Morgantown, West Virginia, USA


PhD Supervision:

Completed:                     06

Under Progress:              04



Journals:                        ~90

Conferences:                 ~42

Book Chapters:               06


Editorial board Member:      Remote Sensing Letters

Associate Editor:            International Journal of Remote Sensing


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