Ratna Dahiya

Designation:    Professor
Qualification:     P.hD
Email:    ratna_dahiya@yahoo.co.in
Phone No:    01744-233378
Area of Interest:   

Power Electronics, Facts, Power System Stability and Dynamics , Micro-grid

 Gaurav Verma

Designation:    Assistant Professor
Qualification:    P.hD Completed
Email:    gaurav@nitkkr.ac.in
Phone No:    01755235910
Area of Interest:   

Students who would like to purse Ph.D. or any research-oriented work under me, are always welcome.
Wireless Communications, Cognitive Radio Networks, Wireless Sensor Networks, Semiconductor Devices, VLSI Design, Embedded System Design, MIMO Systems, Digital Signal Processing, Image Processing, Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing, Cryptography and Security, LTE, OFDM, etc.

 Shelly Vadhera

Designation:    Associate Professor
Qualification:    Ph.D., M.Tech.
Email:    shelly_vadhera@nitkkr.ac.in
Phone No:    01744233402
Area of Interest:   

Renewable Energy Power Systems Artificial Intelligence Machines

 Avadhesh Yadav

Designation:    Assistant Professor
Qualification:    Ph.D.
Email:    avadheshyadava@nitkkr.ac.in
Phone No:    9896103634
Area of Interest:   

Desiccant air-conditioning system, Phase change materials, Solar concentrator, Solar cooking, ow and high temperature applications of solar energy

 Pradeep Kumar

Designation:    Assistant Professor
Qualification:    M.Tech, Ph.D (MNNIT Allahabad)
Email:    pk@nitkkr.ac.in
Phone No:    
Area of Interest:   

Artifical Intelligence Application in Power Systems, Smart Grid, Substation Design especially, Earthing and Bonding based on IEEE-80 2000 (with ETAP), Direct Stroke Lightning Protection using IEEE 998 and Insulation coordination. Transmission Line Design and Planning, Power Quality

 Rahul Sharma

Designation:    Assistant Professor
Qualification:    Ph.D. , M.Tech (Power Electronics and ASIC Design)
Email:    rahul0303@nitkkr.ac.in
Phone No:    
Area of Interest:   

Power electronics converters topology and control, Renewable energy systems, Electrical Machines, Power electronics applications in Power systems, Distributed energy systems, Microgrid Electric Vehicles

 Rajesh Kumar

Designation:    Assistant Professor
Qualification:    PhD, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi
Email:    rajeshkr@nitkkr.ac.in
Phone No:    01744 233109
Area of Interest:   

Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, CFD, Turbulence modelling, LES, Personal Website: https://sites.google.com/site/rajeshkunwarmech/


Designation:    Assistant Professor-I
Qualification:    Ph.D. , M.Tech (Power Electronics & Drives)
Email:    shivam@nitkkr.ac.in
Phone No:    
Area of Interest:   

Power Quality issues in DC and AC Microgrid with Renewable Energy Sources.

 Chandrashekara M

Designation:    Assistant Professor
Qualification:    Ph.D in Solar Energy and Master of Engineering (Thermal)
Email:    chandru3rvce@gmail.com
Phone No:    
Area of Interest:   





Efficiently Harnessing Solar Energy: Power Generation to  Process Heat Using Solar Collectors and Photovoltaic Panels.

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