List of selected candidates for the year 2022-23 (fresh) under the scheme of National Fellowship and Scholarship for Higher Education of ST students

04-04-2023 Final List of Merit Scholarship for Academic Year 2022-23

13-12-2022 RECK-66 Alumni Scholarship

21-09-2021 Notification Regarding SPDC Scholarship Scheme (2021)

15-09-2021 Scholarship Notification of Sh. Dorilal Agrawal National Meritorious Scholarship (2021-22) for the Physically Challenged Students 

                    Application Form in  English 2021-22      

                    Application Form in Hindi (2021-22)

06-09-2021 Notification Regarding L.R. Mundra Memorial Scholarship for the Year 2021-22

27-07-2021 Notification Regarding Nomination of OPJEMS Scholarship (2021)

23-08-2021 Notification Regarding NSP Scholarship for SC Students (A.Y. 2021-22)

19-08-2021 Notice Regarding National Fellowship and Scholarship for Higher Education of ST Students Scheme (A.Y. 2020-21)

27-07-2021 Date extention of Haryana SC BC Scholarship 2020-21

22-07-2021 Notice for MCA Students Under Self Financed Seats

19-07-2021 Sanction Order SC scholarship 2020 Batch Students

19-07-2021 Sanction Order SC scholarship 2018 Batch Students

19-07-2021 Sanction Order SC scholarship 2017 Batch Students

19-07-2021 ONGC Scholarship Notice for the year 2020-21 ( For the students who got admission in 2020-21)

21-06-2021 Scholarship Notice of Rajarshri Shahu Maharaj Scholarship to the Students belonging to the Scheduled Castes for Education in Foreign Countries for Academic Year 2021-22

26-03-2021 Notice Haryana Sc BC scholarship 2020-21

12-03-2021 Tentative list of Merit Scholarship for Academic Year 2020-21

06-01-2021 Siemens Scholarship Program-2020

01-01-2021 Financial aid to the needy students from NIT Kurukshetra Alumni Association (NITKAA)

01-01-2021 RECK-66 Alumni Scholarships

04-11-2020 OPJEMS 2020 result notice

23-09-2020 Notification of PMS haryana SC BC Scholarship for AY 2019-20

11-09-2020 Notification for Students Regarding Verification of Various Scholarships For AY 2020-21

01-09-2020 Revised Notification OPJEMS 2020 Scholarship nominations of NIT KKR

01-09-2020 Notification Regarding Re-activation of NSP 2.0 ( for fresh & Renewal ) for ST Students 2020

24-07-2020 Revised list of B.Tech 3rd Year (Merit Scholarship 2019_20)

23-07-2020 Final List of Merit Scholarship 2019-20

13-07-2020 Central Sector Scholarship Scheme of National Fellowship and scholarship for Higher Education for ST Students for the year 2019-20

06-02-2020 OPJEMS 2019 Prize Distribution Ceremony

01-01-2020 Haryana SC Scholarship

05-12-2019 Tamil Nadu State Scholarship for students belonging to BC-MBC-DNC Communities


25-11-2019  Scholarship Programme for Diaspora Children (SPDC)_2019_20

16-10-2019 Notice for RECK-66 Alumni Scholarships (from Academic Session 2019-20)   RECK-66 Alumni Scholarship Form 

26-09-2019 Haryana State Merit Scholarship Scheme 2019-20

20-09-2019 BR Ambedkar (2019-20) National Merit Award Scheme for meritorious SC students of Sr. Secondary Sch Exam

20-09-2019 OPJEMS revised List of Shortlisted candidates for Year 2019-20

18-08-2019 ONGC Scholarship for SC & ST Students for Year 2019 20

07-08-2019 NOTICE For_NSP SC_Students for Year_2019-20

31-07-2019 NSP ST Scholarship NOTICE 2019-20

27-07-2019 Sanction letter of NSP ST Scholarship of AZMEERA KRANTI and INDERPAL MEENA for 2018-19

11-07-2019 Swami Dayanand Education Foundation (SDEF) Scholarship_2019-20

07-05-2019 DWO Patna Post_Matric SC-BC Scholarship 2016-17

05-04-2019 Scholarship for Academic Session 2018-2019

02-04-2019 Sanction letter of SC Scholarship 2015-19 Batch Students

11-03-2019 Public_Notice_Korean_Govt_Sch_2019_2000

08-03-2019 New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarship 2019

06-03-2019 Chinese Government Scholarship 2019-20

28-02-2019 Tentative Merit Scholarship lists for B.Tech 2017 2016 & 2015 batch_for the academic year 2018-19

26-02-2019 NSP SC Scholarship Sanction Letter for Year 2017-18 (top class)

08-01-2019 Attendance sheet for PMS Haryana Scholarship 2018-19

03-01-2019 NSP ST SCHOLARSHIP 2018-19 (SANCTION LETTER NO. F.NO.11021-19-2018-SCH)

24-12-2018 Samsung Star Scholar – 2018

22-12-2018 Post Matric Scholarship for Haryana 2018-19

13-12-2018 Chief Minister Fellowship Yojna (CMFY) Jharkhand

13-12-2018 2019 Commonwealth Scholarship in The United Kingdom


21-11-2018 Notification for NSP Top Class Scholarship for SC Students 2018

27-10-2018 Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj Merit Scholarship (MAHARASTRA Scholarship For SC Students)

28-09-2018 Nirankari Rajmata Scholarship 2018-19


17-09-2018 OPJEMS Online Test Result

13-09-2018 NSP Scholarship NOTICE for ST students

06-09-2018 Engineers India Limited (EIL) Scholarship 2018-19 for SC-ST Students

01-09-2018 OPJEMS Online Test Schedule

21-08-2018 Final Merit List for OPGEMS Scholarship 2018-19

17-08-2018 Pending Applications on NSP Portal 2018

09-08-2018 Student Registration Form for Verification of  All Scholarships 2018-19

04-09-2017 Notice for OPJEMS Scholarship 2017-18

04-09-2017 Notice for NHFDC Scholarship

21-08-2017 Swami Dayanand Edu. Foundation

21-08-2017 CSSS of Top call Edu. SC Students 3rd year

21-08-2017 CSSS of Top call Edu. SC Students 4th year

16-05-17 Scholarship 2011 Batch

04-05-17 Notice of Scholarship for the students of Patna state

02-05-17 Scholarship for Higher Education for ST students

26-04-17 FAEA Scholarship

26-04-17 Central Scholarship for SC students received of 2011 batch

Students Nominated for NTPC Scholarships 2014-15

24-01-15 : MHRD/UGC Letter for Govt of India Scholarship (Direct Benefit Scheme) through PFMS Website   Public Finance Management System Website (Click Here)

22-01-15 : Notification for Ph.D. Scholars getting Scholarship from GOI ( Revision of Emoluments and Service Conditions)


26 Merit Scholarship and 52 Merit-cum-Means Scholarships are awarded by the Institute (as per conditions laid down) for each year of B.Tech Degree courses. In addition to these, National Scholarships, Post-metric Scholarship and many other stipends are awarded by various Government institutions and other agencies as per details given in the chart.

Any students receiving a Merit Scholarship or Merit-cum-Means Scholarship or stipend will not be permitted to receive any other scholarship/stipend. In case he/ she is in receipt of any other Scholarship or stipend it must be surrendered and amounts received refunded before a Merit Scholarship or Merit-cum-Means Scholarship can be claimed. Loans or a single cash Prize however will not debar a student from eligibility, for the Merit Scholarship or Merit-cum-means Scholarship. A Scholarship which falls vacant due to any reason will be awarded to the next eligible candidate in order of merit.

Subject to availability, a small number of Merit-cum-Means Scholarship may be awarded to students in higher classes also on the aggregate of two semester examination in the previous year provided the students have secured 60% or more marks in one attempt in each of the two semester examinations in the previous year and they fulfill the eligibility conditions for the Merit-cum-Means Scholarship. For Merit-cum-Means Scholarship in the first year, the last date for applications is 30th September for the year of admission. Application forms are available in the office of the Deputy Registrar (Academic).

The number of Scholarship is decided by the Sanctioning Authority from time to time. The period for these scholarships and loans is four years subject to fulfillment of conditions laid down by the Sanctioning Authority.

For Engineering Education Loan, Haryana, the applications are to be submitted to the Director, National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra, by 15th October. In all other cases, the last date will be decided by the Sanctioning Authority.


The NITK Alumni Association awards 5 scholarships (one each in the disciplines of Civil, Computer, Electronics Electrical and Mechanical Engineering) of the value of the Rs. 2400/- per annum which is open to all regular B. Tech. students of the Institute.


(i)   The Guardians/ Parents/ Financial Supporters of the claimants are unable to support him/ her.

(ii)   All previous papers (both Theory & Practical) are clear.


The student is not receiving any other Scholarship (Loan, prize not included). An application for the grant of the scholarship should comprise:


The duration of the Scholarship is one year.


Payment of the Scholarship will be in two installments. The first installment will be of half of the total amount starting from the month of August of the current year. The second installment will be released after the student furnishes his odd semester examination result.


Alumni Association has instituted a medal for Best All round Student of the year of the Institute. The best All Round Student will be same as selected by the duly constituted board of the Institute for the purpose.

The selected candidate will be required to execute a bond agreeing to abide by the terms and the conditions stated above and to repay the scholarship amount already drawn if a case of gross indiscipline is instituted against him/her.

In all matters, the decision of the President, NITK Alumni shall be final.


A student must abide by all rules and regulations of the Institute. Any misconduct on his/her part may result in cancellation of the Scholarship, in part or in whole, temporarily or permanently.

For unauthorised absence from classes for 3 days or more, a student shall be debarred for the whole semester from the benefits or Scholarships and/or other pecuniary advantages including loans.

In addition to the above Scholarships and loans, other Scholarships/stipends and financial assistance may also be available form time to time. For details, consult the Deputy Registrar (Academic).